DiRT 5 set to launch on October 9 on Xbox One and PC

DiRT 5
DiRT 5 (Image credit: Codemasters)

What you need to know

  • Codemasters next entry in the DiRT series now has a launch date.
  • Will hit Xbox One, PC and PS4 on October 9.
  • Upgraded versions for Xbox Series X and PS5 have already been announced.

DiRT 5, Codemasters' next off-road racer now has its first launch date: October 9 2020. This applies to the Xbox One, PC and PS4 versions of the game, with Xbox Series X, PS5 and Google Stadia to come at a later date.

DiRT 5 takes a very different approach to rally games than its stablemate, DiRT Rally 2.0, with a more casual style and wider scope of gameplay. The launch date has been revealed alongside a new career mode trailer which you can check out below.

Along with a trailer, we get some interesting nuggets of information about the career mode at the center of the game.

DIRT 5's Career mode focuses on the highly successful 'DIRT Series': a global racing event across various disciplines, featuring the world's greatest off-road racers. The player starts their fledgling career going up against an established field. The line-up includes superstar and fan favourite, Alex 'AJ' Janiček and Bruno Durand, a veteran who quickly becomes the game's antagonist. The rivalry between AJ and Bruno creates the opportunity for a new up-and-coming driver to make their mark and build their legacy in the sport.Career mode is divided into five chapters, offering multiple paths allowing players to choose the events they wish to play. The higher the finish, the more Stamps the player earns, which are needed to unlock the Main Event. The highly competitive final challenge is all that's standing in the player's way to proceed to the next chapter. Also dotted throughout are one-off Throwdown challenges. Once unlocked, players face the ultimate one-on-one challenge against a fierce competitor from the world circuit.

Big things have been promised for DiRT 5, bringing together the best in off-road racing, real-world brands and personalities, and the roadmap to launch promises monthly reveals of new information. The big pre-launch reveal looks set for August, so the DiRT 5 journey is only just beginning.

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