Discussions for next Deus Ex game already underway

Alleged industry insiders even went as far as to say that the franchise wouldn't see a sequel. However, in an interview between GamesIndustry and Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, new details were revealed. Matsuda said the following when discussing the Deus Ex franchise.

We have never said anything about discontinuing that title but for some reason that's the rumor out on the market… What I can say is Eidos Montreal has always developed Deus Ex, and the issue is we do not have limitless resources. We have several big titles that we work with and that's partly a factor in what our lineup looks like. Of course, it would be ideal if we could work on all of them all of the time, but the fact of the matter is some titles have to wait their turn. The reason there isn't a Deus Ex right now is just a product of our development lineup because there are other titles we are working on.

Matsuda finished by saying that Deus Ex was a very important franchise and discussions are already taking place regarding what the company wants to do with the next game. This is great news for fans of the franchise and should put contrary rumors to rest.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an outstanding stealth-action experience despite slightly clunky controls and missteps in the plot. If you want to give the game a shot, it can frequently be found at a discount from its $59.99 price tag at Amazon, Microsoft, and other retailers.

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  • I have to say I was unaware of the Brilliance that Dues Ex was, especially as the first couple of Iterations were PC only, but a friend of mine recommended it to me and I have loved the franchise ever since, I would love if they made this into a film, there is a fan made one, but I'm sure Hollywood could do it justice if they got the right directors and producers, fingers crossed for the Gears of War movie!!!! But I'm glad they haven't decided to cancel the franchise, as new to the franchise as I am, I love the game, and how the game tried to make you think about the decisions we will have in the future or even now; the debate were having about AI for example. So I'm glad they are going to carry on their steam punk thought provoking franchise and I'm excited to see what next they have in store!!!
  • I actually started on the first PC game. Great one that was.
  • The next Deus Ex shoud not have stupid purchasable one time use praxis points , 5 different vesions with different content each  and for ****'s sake no microtransactions whatsoever.
  • I think you should probably expect that to be honest.
  • yep , sad but true
  • I agree the praxis points thing threw me off I completed the game though I really hated that garbage secondary mode.
  • Mankind Divided was ridiculously easy though. Praxis kits just raining everywhere, I didn't even use any of the bonus items I got for pre-ordering. I feel people complaining about this stuff were just doing so out of principle; absolutely nothing in the game made you feel "damn, this is tough, if only I paid for some microtransactions"