Disney releases two new Windows Phone 8 games, Lost Light and JellyCar 3

Disney seems to be on a roll lately releasing several Windows Phone 8 games over the past week. We've seen Maleficent Free Fall and Disney Solitaire already hit Store shelves and today we are seeing the Disney gaming titles Lost Light and JellyCar 3 arrive in the Windows Phone Store.

JellyCar 3 and Lost Light have been available for a while over on iOS and Android platforms and it is nice to see Disney giving the Windows Phone platform more attention. Both games look interesting and if you prefer your gaming from a larger screen, both have Windows 8 versions available as well.

Lost Light

Lost Light

Lost Light is a puzzle adventure where you journey to the heart of the Enchanted Forest and help restore the light hidden away by the wicked Beasties. Game play is a matching game with a numbers twist.

The game has 225 levels of play, 9 unique puzzle challenges and 3 power-ups that will help you survive the puzzle challenges.

Lost Light lacks a trial version with the Windows Phone 8 version currently running $1.99. The Windows 8 version of Lost Light also lacks a trial version and will cost you $4.99.

QR: Lost Light

JellyCar 3

JellyCar 3 is a racing game where you are behind the wheel of a squishy car trying to navigate through squishy worlds. You race through the fifty levels of game play trying to make it from the starting line to the finishing line.

JellyCar 3

Platform obstacles move, rotate and trigger special effects that you will have to navigate around, soar over with the Balloon ability, and climb over with sticky tires. You can even tap the care to make it grow.

 JellyCar 3 also has car customizations where you can give your JellyCar a custom color, style and sound effects.

As with Lost Light, JellyCar 3 lacks a trial version with the Windows Phone 8 version currently running $1.99. The Windows 8 version of JellyCar 3 also lacks a trial version and is currently running $4.99.

QR: JellyCar 3

Thanks, Saksham, for the tips!

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  • Non Is free *sad*
  • Disney is the best!!
  • U got the games in Brazil?
  • Yes, all of them! :)
  • At last!
  • God I remember Jelly Car... Many physics failed that day...
  • Lost light, its good!
  • Damn you Disney. You have Star Wars already, still trying to release non-free stuff?
  • I saw these two days ago, but I didn't tip you because i didn't think you would care.
  • I would jmp in if the games were universal and I only needed to buy one to get both platforms.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking. I wonder if it's going to be years of waiting before this starts happening as standard? I plan to release all my apps as universal apps now, I wish everyone else would do the same. :-)
  • Disney giving Windows Phone yet more support! I like it!
  • Excellent Disney! You just need to start the universal apps thing! Because paying twice for the same application in Windows/Windows Phone is now not so good.  Now that is kind of obsolete
  • Lost light reminds me of Path of Kara. But since its Disney the graphics is beautiful, despite being minimalistic. One problem though it heats up my L920...I guess the graphic-rich games normally do that.
  • temple run 2 is now available for lumia 520....
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  • how long you were sleeping??? ummm 2 weeks :P
  • 3 back to back games. Seems Disney is in hurry that's why forgot to provide trial versions of the games.
  • This was a nice game, lost light, when i played it on my bro's tab. Sadly, its paid and quite expensive too by indian standards.