Disney updates Where's My Water 2? to remove controversial energy system

When Where's My Water? 2 launched late last year, it was met with criticism from not only ourselves, but consumers too. This was due to the energy system implemented, which almost acted as a deterrent to play the game itself. Just like popular free online games available that make use of said system, players were forced to pick up in-app purchases to continue playing (or wait until their energy replenished). This sucked.

Luckily, Disney has been listening to consumer feedback and has released an update to the Windows Phone version of the game, removing the energy system altogether. 

Should you be an avid fan of the Where's My Water? games from Disney, you're now able to play through levels in the second instalment as many times as humanly possible. That's not all that was included in as the development team has also added two new locations to visit: Bayou and Winter Woods.

You can download Where's My Water 2? from the Windows Phone Store, as well as the Windows Store while you're on a download spree.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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