Disney's classic 'Castle of Illusion' jumps from Sega to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

Disney and Microsoft have been rolling out the hits lately, introducing three new games in the last few days, including Lost Light, Jelly Car 3 and Disney Solitaire. This morning, the classic Mickey Mouse game ‘Castle Of Illusion’ arrives on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, making it quite the combo.

Castle of Illusion came out for iOS and Android late last year, so while the game is not brand new, it’s not that old either. Clearly Microsoft and Disney have a partnership going where they’re bringing all new (and older) titles over to the Windows ecosystem, something that should sit well for those with children.

What can you expect from Castle of Illusion? Over at Microsoft’s Fire Hose, they describe the game thusly:

“The evil witch Mizrabel has kidnapped Minnie Mouse and taken her to the castle, where Mickey must seek her out. Mickey must travel through enchanted forests, take on armies of rebellious toys and navigate mazes of living books – all in search of his captive sweetheart. There are five magical worlds filled with Mizrabel’s powerful minions, twists and turns, and hidden challenges to uncover and master.”

It sure sounds like a wild ride, especially for fans of the classic game now re-imagined for tablets, PCs and your phone.  Check out the trailer for the game to get an idea of what to expect.

Castle of Illusion

That’s the good news; the bad news is both pricing and the lack of trial. For the Windows version, you’re looking at a $14.99 price tag, while Windows Phone is still a super expensive $9.99, (and no, these are not even Xbox Live titles). Throw in the fact that there is no trial for either version, and we’re not sure how many of you will blindly jump at this offer.

In anticipation of your complaints, we’ll be working on a demo video of both games in the next day, so sit tight, and we’ll give you our initial thoughts and impressions.

Castle of Illusion

  • Download Castle of Illusion for Windows 8.1 ($14.99) – 470 MB
  • Download Castle of Illusion for Windows Phone 8 ($9.99) – 467 MB; Needs 1 GB of RAM or more!

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