The Division 2 gameplay debuts at E3 2018

It may well have leaked out before the show begins, but The Division 2 has now officially debuted at the Xbox E3 press conference and the first big question has been answered.

The action is moving to Washington D.C.

The timeline is a mere six months later on from the first game, but even so, the devastation in Washington looks pretty epic. The early gameplay shown off is set around a crashed Air Force One, and shows off some new weapons that will be available in the game.

It looks a little more post-apocalyptic than the first game, and we see such things as anti-personnel foam, modular armor and new abilities.

Oh, and drones. Something that noticeably missing from the first Division.

We also got a launch date, and we're set to hit the streets on March 15, 2019. Beta signups are now live over on the Ubisoft website (opens in new tab).

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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