The Division 2 Recalibration Score Cap bug fix rolling out

What you need to know

  • Recalibration Score Cap has been incorrect since the arrival of TU6.
  • Maintenance also delivering a round of server fixes.
  • Sizeable list of known issues still being worked on.

Whenever an update the size of the Episode 2 TU6 release hits a game like The Division 2, no matter how much testing there's been there are, sadly, still bugs that need to be squashed. To nail a couple of them, an unscheduled maintenance period is taking place today but after the downtime there should be a couple of pretty important fixes.

The first is the Recalibration Score Cap, which is supposed to be 150 but has been topping out much lower than this since TU6 pushed out. Todays work should see that reach its correct level.

Perhaps even more troublesome, many have been seeing server disconnects while playing The Division 2, and for an always online game that's means no happy fun time sorting out the messy streets of Washington D.C. The maintenance should also see the servers become more stable. Here's hoping at least.

This is only a small maintenance period to fix a couple of high-tier issues, there is still a pretty sizeable list of bugs that the developer needs to work through. Fortunately, there's a complete list in the Ubisoft forums, including what has been fixed to this point.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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