The Division's free Conflict update now available with new Incursion and missions

Ubisoft has released the latest free update for its action game Tom Clancy's The Division on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The update, Conflict, adds a new Incursion into the Columbus Circle part of New York City, along with new Search and Destroy missions and more.

The game's official website has the full breakdown (opens in new tab) of what's included in the 1.2 Conflict update for The Division. Here are the highlights:

  • New Incursion - Clear Sky: This new incursion takes players to the Columbus Circle area, where they face an overwhelming force of Rikers who are now in full control of the Manhattan airspace. Players need to team up to take back the area and secure the supply route.
  • Search and Destroy Missions: Once all side missions and encounters have been completed in a named zone, Search and Destroy missions lead players to a group of enemies located in the open world.
  • High Value Targets: After completing Search and Destroy missions, players are granted with valuable intel to hunt down new enemy leaders who have appeared all over Manhattan. Hijack Extractions: Players now have the ability to interrupt an extraction by cutting the rope and attempt to acquire the fallen loot bags. This is not without risk, however, as this action will instantly mark them as Rogue.
  • Sealed Caches: Sealed Caches can now be dropped by named enemies in the Dark Zone. The content of these caches remains mysterious until they are extracted and can include gear, Division Tech, and Dark Zone funds.
  • Player Stashes: Player stashes are now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint.
  • ISAC Assignments: These weekly assignments are now included in the map overview. Also with this update, weekly exclusive rewards will be introduced as well as free vanity items.

In addition, there are a number of new Gear Sets for the game in the update, along with a long list of gameplay changes, loot balancing and bug fixes.

  • Played it for couple of hours, looks good, step in a right direction but many bugs remain. 
  • Everything looks good with the exception of two things.  Sentry's Call is getting nerfed, and cutting the extraction rope is a BS move by Ubisoft.  Lone wolves have a hard enough time extracting gear but now you have to protect your load until the chopper lifts off???  And the real kicker is that the ***holes only go rogue AFTER the rope is cut.  It should have been made where you have to be rogue in order to be able to cut it.
  • That's a good idea. Being rogue should be the only way to cut the rope. At least give us some warning. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Exactly!!! Why make an already challenging enough situation even more difficult, just for the hell of it! We shouldn't have to be bothered with waiting for the damn chopper to take off before we try to make our escape. BS indeed.
  • Why are you spreading lies? You are rogue immediately when you start the cutting.
  • Group with random from safe house and head to the dark zone. A group of 4 never gets attacked even with low level in. Crying about the rope this is just unjustified. Also I assume not tested that extraction will still leave when 4 slots are taken.
  • Everything looks good in this update,apart from that stupid rope cutting thing.absolutely joke.
  • Rope cutting ensures I will never step foot in the Dark Zone again. Thanks, Ubisoft.
  • All of you guys ******** about it are bunch of ignorants who didnt read about it or watched video or simply just played it. I spend couple of hours in dark zone since new patch and no-one attempted to cut my rope. Because its dangerous, it takes like 8 seconds to cut it and while you are cutting you are immediately rogue, you cant pop signature and cut it because it will significantly decrease the timer on your sig. The rope is fine, the only possible way to do it is to first kill you then cut it. And what is keeping you from hanging your items on rope 10 seconds before heli goes off? Jeez.
  • They nerfed more then the gear and then increased NPC. I'm I wrong? Could even get through DZ3.
  • Yeah I'm trading this game soon as I can. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or 5x)
  • Played last night. I like the search and destroy missions, and the kill list. They nerfed the dps, on my guns. Bullet sponges are now extra spongey... I refuse to go in the Dark Zone, and since I don't cheat, and mostly Lone Wolf, the Incursions, and Challenging mode missions, are off limits, for me too. I love the game concept, and most of the game. I know they want to encourage team play, but randoms quit during missions, and leave you high and dry (only a problem on Challenging, Dark Zone, and Incursions, as I said above. I can beat anything else by myself.), and that means it's an incomplete game, for me. I don't like playing with crybaby quitters, who can't stand being outnumbered and outgunned, and quit. I always wonder what entitled 12 year old, I've teamed up with, whose fragile ego can't stand not breezing through missions. Just wish the game allowed for fuller single player fun. And what about that extra $40 I shelled out for season pass? Can you give up some level 30 gear, at the Rewards Vendor, or give us some new content please? I didn't know it was a donation to the widows and orphans fund, at Ubisoft, or I wouldn't have purchased it.