Do existing Surface Pro Type Covers work with Surface Pro 6?

Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Do existing Surface Pro Type Covers work with Surface Pro 6?

Best answer: If you already have a Surface Pro Type Cover then you'll be able to reuse it on the Surface Pro 6. If you have to get a type cover, we recommend the Surface Type Cover with a built-in fingerprint scanner.Latest Surface: Surface Pro 6 (From $699 at Microsoft)Typing away: Surface Type Cover with Fingerprint ID ($123 at Amazon)

Microsoft has confirmed compatibility

Besides a new color choice, all other changes to the Surface Pro 6 from its predecessor have taken place inside. On the outside, everything is the same size and location, as Microsoft has confirmed:

As there are no changes to the exterior of Surface Pro 6 compared to last year all cases, adapters, accessories, skins, and more all work without issue.

Bundle and save if buying new

If you need a Type Cover (and, honestly, to get the most from the Surface Pro 6, you need one) then one way to save a little is by building a bundle when you buy from Microsoft.

Currently, Microsoft has a bundle running to add a Type Cover to a Surface Pro 6 for $799, which is certainly worth springing for if you need to buy both.

Add fingerprint ID for extra security

If you're looking for a little added security on your Surface Pro 6, don't forget the Type Cover with built-in fingerprint scanner. It's available in black and costs a little more, but it's the most elegant way to use fingerprint-based security on your Surface Pro 6.

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