Surface Pro 6

Best answer: If you already have a Surface Pro Type Cover then you'll be able to reuse it on the Surface Pro 6. If you have to get a type cover, we recommend the Surface Type Cover with a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Microsoft has confirmed compatibility

Besides a new color choice, all other changes to the Surface Pro 6 from its predecessor have taken place inside. On the outside, everything is the same size and location, as Microsoft has confirmed:

As there are no changes to the exterior of Surface Pro 6 compared to last year all cases, adapters, accessories, skins, and more all work without issue.

Bundle and save if buying new

If you need a Type Cover (and, honestly, to get the most from the Surface Pro 6, you need one) then one way to save a little is by building a bundle when you buy from Microsoft.

Currently, Microsoft has a bundle running to add a Type Cover to a Surface Pro 6 for $799, which is certainly worth springing for if you need to buy both.

Add fingerprint ID for extra security

If you're looking for a little added security on your Surface Pro 6, don't forget the Type Cover with built-in fingerprint scanner. It's available in black and costs a little more, but it's the most elegant way to use fingerprint-based security on your Surface Pro 6.

Our pick

Surface Pro 6

Reuse all your favorite accessories.

All the changes to the Surface Pro 6 were made under the hood which means you can reuse your Type Cover with the new one.

Typing life

Surface Type Cover with Fingerprint ID

Making the Surface Pro even better.

The Surface Pro is a full PC inside a slim tablet but to get the very best from it you'll be wanting the Type Cover, and this one adds Fingerprint ID.

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