Do Surface Headphones 2 work with iPhone and iPad?

Surface Headphones
Surface Headphones

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Do Surface Headphones 2 work with iPhone and iPad?

Best answer: Don't be put off by the Surface in the name; these headphones will work just fine with an iPhone or an iPad.Multi-platform: Surface Headphones 2 ($250 at Microsoft)

Surface Headphones are Bluetooth

The Surface Headphones 2 are fancy, but when it comes down to it, the wireless connection that helps you listen to your music is plain old Bluetooth.

That means beyond just an iPhone or iPad, the Surface Headphones can connect to any other mobile device or computer with Bluetooth that you want to listen to music from.

For the latest model, Microsoft did add Bluetooth 5 and aptX support, so you're getting the latest tech and the best quality wireless connection to give you great-sounding music.

The original Surface Headphones are also Bluetooth and enjoy just the same support on the iPhone and iPad.

Companion app available for iOS

Surface Audio App Android

Source: Matt Brown / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown / Windows Central)

Microsoft has also published an app called Surface Audio to the iOS App Store, allowing you to interact with your Surface Headphones or Surface Headphones 2. It's only designed for iPhone, so on iPad, you'll have to make do with a scaled-up phone app, but the features are there.

You're able to adjust several settings on your headphones, set an equalizer, give them a name, customize the built-in controls on the headphones, and ensure the latest firmware is installed.

The app is also available for Windows 10 and Android so you're able to keep your Surface Headphones in the best shape whichever device you're using.

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