Do you really need an Xbox controller stand?

Do you really need an Xbox controller stand?

Best answer: Controller stands offer plenty of benefits that make them more than worth their price. While they're not necessarily needed, they're also quite affordable and they serve what can be an important purpose.Display your controller: Xbox One Controller Gear Stand v2.0 ($15 at Amazon)Charge your controllers: Xbox One Controller Charging Stand ($40 at Amazon)

Why controller stands are good

While at a glance controller stands might just seem like big hunks of plastic that clutter up a surface, in reality, they're useful for several purposes. A good controller stand can help keep your controllers organized so that you don't lose them, and will also prevent your controllers from scratching (or getting scratched by) other surfaces.

In addition, they look great and let you stylishly display your gaming gear, and some of them will even charge your controller if you use rechargeable batteries.

What makes the Controller Gear Stand 2.0 stand out?

In an era where bulky and/or flimsy accessories are more common then they should be, the Controller Gear Stand 2.0 is both small and durable. Built with the same official material that Microsoft uses to build the outer casing for Xbox One controllers, this stand can take a decent beating if you accidentally drop it onto something hard. It's also compact, which means that it won't obnoxiously take up a large amount of room on your entertainment center like other controller stands.

The Controller Gear Stand 2.0's aesthetic simplicity also ends up working in its favor. Both the black and the white versions look great with any controller skin and blend well with most interior decoration styles. If you want something fancier, Controller Gear sells specialized stands with unique designs on the website. Lastly, each stand comes with rubberized grips that prevent it from sliding on whatever surface you decide to place it on.

Defining 'cost-effective'

When it comes to pricing, the Controller Gear Stand 2.0 is the definition of cost-effective. For only $15, you get a controller stand that's durable, conveniently sized, looks great, and doesn't slide around on surfaces. Most stands at a similar price are flimsier and less reliable overall.

Charging stand option

If you happen to use rechargeable batteries, then you'll want to invest in a Controller Gear Charging Stand. This stand offers everything that the standard 2.0 stand does, but with an additional charging functionality that is highly competitive in the accessories market. Compared to most other stands, Controller Gear's will charge your controller back up to full power quicker, and those charges will last longer. It's a bit pricey at $40, but it won't let you down.

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