Best answer: Not at launch. BioWare hasn't closed the door on cross-play possibility somewhere down the line, but it will not be supported when Anthem launches.

Why won't it support cross-play at launch?

BioWare hasn't stated exactly why Anthem won't support cross-play at launch, but it likely comes down to time and resources. The studio probably felt it was best to put their efforts elsewhere for the game's release. This being a shared-world online experience, BioWare needed to ensure that the game could run well between players on the same systems first.

When will it get cross-play support?

There's currently no time table for when cross-play may come to Anthem. The developer hasn't even confirmed that it will for sure, but statements made in the past seem to indicate that it's on their radar, with Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah specifically mentioning that cross-play would not be supported at launch.

Which platforms will support it when/if it's available?

Again, there's no firm answer here. Going by past games from other developers, cross-play between Xbox One and PC would be the most likely outcome. PlayStation hasn't historically played ball when it comes to enabled cross-play with other systems, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of PS4/PC cross-play in the future. As for Xbox One/PS4 cross-play, that may take even longer to see come to fruition.

Bottom line

If you're looking to group up with your friends in Anthem, it's still best to get it on the same system. Though cross-play may come to Anthem at some point in the future, it is unclear which platforms would be supported.

Our pick

Anthem Standard Edition

A whole new world

BioWare's newest game is a big departure from Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but it's looking to create a bigger and better universe for players to spend time in for years to come. Much like Destiny, it will evolve and grow with frequent content updates.

Our pick

Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition

In-game bonuses

Upgrading to the Legion of Dawn Edition will snag players a few in-game bonuses like exclusive armor packs, a legendary weapon, a legendary gear piece for your Ranger, and Anthem's digital soundtrack.

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