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An iPhone is a better Windows Phone replacement than you think

Windows phone and iPhone
Windows phone and iPhone (Image credit: Windows Central)

Over the past year, Microsoft has heavily withdrawn its mobile efforts, leaving Android and iOS as sole alternatives for converts. Many regard Android as the best platform for those making the switch, with a strong offering of Android devices serving as worthy replacements. However, don't be so quick to dismiss iOS as your Windows Phone replacement.

While we previously crowned the OnePlus 5T as the ideal device for those tied invested in Microsoft's ecosystem, I recently switched to Apple's rival iOS operating system (OS) as my daily driver. Android may pack a feature set welcomed by Windows Phone users but that's not to say the iPhone doesn't do the same. Here's what I've come to love since making the jump.

Polish where it matters

Easily one of the most evident disparities after a shift to iOS was the overall consistency of the OS itself. Apple is a company built on premium experiences, with tight control over every pixel of its products. This means that standards for design, functionality and the general user experience are all tailored to company standards, without input of third-party teams. It simply feels great to use.

This is a stark contrast to the current state of Android, where manufacturers offer their own "flavor" over the underlying operating system. While this sometimes allows for tighter integration of external services, these different versions are often weighed down as a result. Especially in comparison to my most recent Android experience with Samsung, a company known for bloating phones with surplus features, this is a welcome change to see.

Apple's tighter control over iOS has its benefits, but you'll lose flexibility in the exchange. In terms of raw functionality though, the gap between the two platforms has narrowed significantly in recent years. Once-missing features and quality of life improvements are now baked in, making iOS a much more compelling platform, even for mobile enthusiasts. You might be jumping through odd hoops for complex tasks, but for the essentials (and even a little more), Apple has you covered.

Top-tier app experiences

This was something I suspected before making the move and has only been reinforced in my time since – on average, apps are significantly better on iOS. For many developers, the iPhone is treated as the primary development mobile platform and this quickly shows through app quality.

In comparison to Android equivalents, even the most popular services frequently offer more refined and feature-packed apps. While sometimes it's simply the case of more intuitive navigation, for others it can mean entirely exclusive features. Even my bank embraces Apple Pay but failed to offer support for Android services.

Microsoft may not have many iOS-exclusive apps, though the standard for quality is still set much higher. General polish leaves the Office suite, Microsoft Edge, and other Microsoft services naturally tied into iOS, with few shortcomings tied to the platform itself. There are anomalies, but on average iOS is unbeaten for consistency and functionality.

An unmatched hardware ecosystem

One of the underrated strengths of iOS today is its ecosystem of wireless accessories – an area Apple has gradually scaled in recent years. After ditching the headphone jack and adopting wireless charging, its recent products only double down on its commitment to premium wireless hardware.

I've previously praised AirPods for their simplicity (even for Android users), though they shine best when paired with iOS. The two earpieces come with their own dedicated charging case, with a seamless hand-off once removed. And by hooking into iOS, you'll get some welcome benefits, including customizable touch gestures, on-screen battery data, easy Siri access, and more.

The same also goes for the company's in-house smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Although an independent device with its own cellular capabilities, an iPhone still pushes the most out of the device. The duo once again offers an unmatched level of consistency.

This ecosystem is only expected to expand going forward, with the upcoming "HomePod" speaker. Other devices will still connect to this, though its almost certain Apple's own devices will see tighter integration.

Timely updates for all

After setting up a new iPhone, you'll soon be prompted to download the latest update, with new features, bug fixes, and other various tweaks. Apple's tightly controlled platform means only one version of iOS is released, with a simultaneous rollout on supported devices. On Android, this just isn't the case.

Android has gained a reputation for its slow-to-nonexistent updates, with the release of new Android versions often delayed between devices. With countless variants of Android served by manufacturers, updates are managed by third parties, leaving a majority of Android users with delayed rollouts (if ever) to their devices.

The latest case of these delays affects the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, and many manufacturers have still yet to adopt this version after its August 2017 debut, even in newly announced devices. Although limiting your options to Google-made hardware can avoid this, Apple ensures all devices remain relevant for years to come.

Your thoughts on iOS

Both Android and iOS have their benefits, though for many, the choice comes down the personal preference. While Android offers raw functionality, there's a thriving charm and polish to iOS that's unbeaten by competition. Make sure to hop into the comments below with your thoughts on the iPhone for those invested in Microsoft services.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Games Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • I would rather switch to iOS than to Android but otherwise even used iPhones are way too expensive. And I like the Microsoft Launcher on my test Android. I just hope my 950 will last long enough.
  • I switched from Windows phone to iPhone and it was a mistake. iPhone 7+, at that. Six months later i switched to Android on an LG G6, and you couldn't pay me to go to an iPhone again. Junk.
  • You know what goes great with an iPhone? A MacBook. This is a slippery slope for Microsoft.
  • You know what iPhone and MacBooks are good for? They make wonderful door stops and that is all i would have either for.
  • You think your view of Apple is the norm for consumers? Does Microsoft want to make that bet?
  • Actually I do.  Most people aren't willing to pay the premium for a macbook.  It's one thing to spend $800-1000 on a phone.  People justify it because they use it everyday all day long.  Most personal computers are not used nearly as much, so it really gets to be tough to swallow that premium price.  There are 10 iPhone users in my extended family, and only two of them own a Mac for that very reason.  The two that own one also happen to be the most financially well off as well.
  • Exactly. People aren't using Windows as much. Microsoft cannot afford to give them yet another path off Windows.
  • Where did you get that?  I never said that or even implied it.  In my own personal experience, that's 80% Windows and 20% Mac.  As long as Apple continues to charge a 30% premium for the same hardware, I think Microsoft is fine.
  • I preffer paying more for a mac and receive a stable OS, not a half baked junk tested by insiders, a mature ecosystem with services not being killed off by a mad CEO.
  • @Snapperlicious, once in awhile Bleached makes some coherrent arguments and then falls straight back into their bubble lol, he/she will only see what they want to see.
  • what 30% premium?  have you seen prices of signature series Surfacebooks?  they are the same or MORE expensive than a mac.   30% more than a cheap, plastic, dell with Malware and tons of Junkware preinstalled maybe...  iPhone 8 (same internals as iPhone X) is $699. MS 950XL was right around that price at release as well.  Stop spreading FUD people that dismiss macs as door stops have never owned a mac, never used a mac, or is too stupid to know how to actually USE a mac. MacOS is superior to windows if you know what your are doing. 
  • Mayconvert,  the new resident koolaid drinker.  I am NOT stupid...and MacOS is ***** compared to windows.   Windows is vastly superior in its ease of use and functionality compared to MacOS. 
  • Don't always agree with bleached....You can be a cynic at times buddy :-) But I totally get what you are saying here - The argument that Macbooks are useless is not the opinion of the general market at all, plus the statement is a false one. The other thing to consider is more and more people don't need a full Computer for home use, the iPad and iPad Pro are pretty well priced and most people will be perfectly happy with one over a full PC. It's very possible people will be looking to replace their old laptop and decide they just need an iPad with better battery life, all the apps they are used to on their phone and they can even FaceTime and iMessage just like they can on their phone. I'm not saying everybody is this way, I am not at all - It's unlikely an iPad will ever do what I need because I do development every single day and I need the productivity of a full computer (PC for me) at both work and home - Most people only need that at work these days
  • While macbooks are expensive, The competing surface devices are more so.
  • No, MacBooks have great use. Here is how you use a MacBook: Step 1: Buy a MacBook Step 2: Buy Windows 10 Step 3: Install Windows 10.   You now have a great computer that is useful and can actually get things done. It may not be as pretty as a Surface Laptop, it may not have all the functionality of a Surface Laptop (no touch screen, for example), it may not have all the latest CPUs. But it is a machine that if you like 5 year old tech, then you will feel right at home.
  • You then have a PC you paid too much for and lacks all the modern innovations of post-2013 PC's. Bad advice.
  • All those "modern innovations" that have not increased Windows sales or markets?
  • Are you talking about Microsoft or Apple?  Haven't seen anything innovative from Apple since before Jobs died.
  • Wait what, did you say 😅? Windows 10 is the only tablet OS thats gaining any market share and year over year growth. So there is that😀... And on desktop/laptops Windows has around a 90% percent marketshare. You know that the only way from the top is down right🤓?! But even there Windows 10 shows healthy growth rate😉, by the end of 2018 it will have over taken Windows 7 as most used version of Windows🎉🎊. So, you're completely wrong in your assessment. The only thing where you might have kinda a point? That's on the smartphone side of things, but everyone knows Microsoft isn't even trying that anymore🤔.
    They are with great succes, I might add, focusing on Windows strong points: Desktops, laptops, 2in1's and tablets. And that's where they should be focusing on, it's what pays the bills., you know 😜 Now maybe the mythical Surface Phone/Microsoft Courier device might carve out a nice niche for them in the ultra mobile space🤔... But everyone realizes and accepts that Microsoft lost the smartphone war and is rightly so looking a head searching for the next bent in the curve😎! Get over your self, deal with it and move the heck on😒!!
  • Your stats are way out of date.  Desktop Windows is closer to 82% these days, and dropping.  It has not been in the 90s for about 4 years now.   The reason it is dropping is because Mac OS X is now at 13%.   When Windows was at 90%, OS X was around 5%.  Do the math. Also, Windows on tablets is not growing, in fact it peaked in 2015 and has been dropping since.   Since Windows 10 is a terrible tablet OS, this is not surprising.  8.1 was better on tablets, which explains the peak BEFORE Windows 10 was released. iOS still owns the tablet market with 65%.   Android is second with 34%.   Windows is a distant third, with about .3% and going nowhere.  
  • Microsoft is not going for the table t market. they just created a new two in ones which people are loving and enjoying.. tablet is just old school
  • Whereas desktops and laptops are “new school”, right?
  • I guess you're using data that's from the United States? Because you're figure is globally Windows holds 88. 87% of the desktop market as of December 2017.
  • Nope, these are global stats.   Broken down by country, if you want it.  Net market share does not do that, so I question their results.   
  • Would be nice if you'd share some sources of you're claims? Last I checked sales figures of the tablet markt showed Windows 10, as the only platform, growth year over year in a otherwise shrinking market (a special feat on its own, especially as the first under dog) And again, US only data is irrelevant in the grander scheme of things...
  • Statcounter is based on 10 billion page views each month, spread over 2 million web sites.   Net market share is based on 100 million views each month, spread across “thousands of websites”.   Which do you think is more accurate?
  • Tablet OS :))))) LOL, when was the last time you've checked the Tablet Touch UI on Windows 10? Tablet mode is a complete joke. Windows, in its form right now, is the worst UI for a tablet. For a tablet you need a touch optrimized UI and APPS which Win10 does not have.
  • Then why is Windows 10 doing so much better in tablet hardware sales then Windows 8 ever did?! You're personal preferences are not perse the opinion of the majority of people!
  • Windows tablets peaked in 2015, during Windows 8.1.
  • Since having my iPhone I've definitely taken less of an interesting in Windows 10 Mobile, but I'm still keeping myself up to date with Windows 10 news. I think Mac OS is as capable as Windows is, so it'd be hard sell to get me to switch, even though I'd get better integration. I've put processes in place that mean that having cross-device communication is something I can live without.
  • Nah bleached.. Macbooks SUCK.   If you buy a dell computer, use ms services and dell mobile have the same interconnected services.  Works great.   Thats' what I am doing and I love it  
  • You don't even have to do that as long as your on Android.  Plenty of apps exist to seamlessly integrate your Android experience with Windows such as OneDrive, Pulse SMS, Pushbullet, etc.
  • Why use third party when it's all from great first party applicaitons.  Then,  again,  there's support.  Meaning your lucky to get one OS update on android devices,  where with IOS you get 5 years support.  Plus apps being more polished on IOS.  
  • Because 3rd party apps offer me flexibility.  BTW, you may want to rethink your statement, because Dell's app is also 3rd party, unless you are using Dell's OS on your phone and PC.  If that's the case, then you may want to share the details of that new OS, that no one else seems to know about, with the rest of us. The fact that you think iOS apps are more polished is cute.  Unfortunately it's not true, some apps work better on Android, some work better on iOS.  Such is life.
  • I am on a dell computer,  they (dell) offer the software.  1st party.  Simple.  I know that IOS apps are more polished.   I own android, IOS, windows, linux etc.   I know what apps are polished and what are not.
  • Just because it's a Dell computer doesn't make it a first party app. The app is running on an OS that wasn't written by them. Hardware has nothing to do with it.
  • Since you don't like 3rd party software, good luck running your "1st party" app on that Dell computer running a 3rd party OS. 😁
  • Google offers your at least 5 years of Google Play support. Google still directly updates devices newer than Gingerbread! Apps remain compatible and even new features and APIs are added to ancient phones. Android updates don't really matter, especially if you have a skinned device.
  • google only directly updates google devices. Which make up a small fraction of android sales.   Your samsung and LG and HTC are at the mercy of their respective manufacturers for updates.
  • No, Google directly updates every Android phone newer than Gingerbread through Play Services. This adds new features and APIs so apps stay compatible even with devices that are several years old. Google has been making every new Android version less reliant on Android version updates so they hardly even matter anymore. You hardly see a difference especially with skinned devices.
  • You can seamlessly transfer calls between your phone and laptop? Text messages are going to be easily accessible on either? The same account is going to log you into both? Nope. iPhone integrates heavily with Mac. You can't get the same experience with Windows.
  • Yes I can.  Yes they are.  Yes, they do.  You are so blinded by your Apple fanaticism that you are clueless about what exists for the other platforms.  I can use any email account to login to my Windows PC including my Google account.  Pushbullet allows me to take calls and send SMS messages from my PC.  Pulse SMS has a client for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Web.  The best part, I didn't have to pay a 30% premium on my computer, and 100% premium on accessories to make it work.
  • Isn't that precious, touting the old premium myth.  I sold my 5 year old imac for half of what I paid for, and my 3 year old mac book can easily fetch a little more than half its cost if I sell it, name one pc that holds that much value after even 2 years. I don't have to jump through hoops looking for 3rd party solutions to do what a Mac does just by signing in with my Apple id on each device.  
  • Yep..recently sold my Macbook Pro 13.3" Mid.2010 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD with 400 EUR. No PC can keep it's value this high to sell it at this price after 7 years. Oh, Not to mention, the battery on it, after 7 years and 690 cycles was still able to hold 1H and a half charge...My mom's HP notebook's battery died completely after 2 years.
  • Jump through hoops? Like install an app? OMG, how lazy are you? How is it a myth? It's a fact that everything apple is more expensive including accessories. Any person that knows how to use Google can see that. Regarding resale, I guess there are suckers everywhere. Only an apple fan would pay that kind of money for 7 year old tech. I guess apple users must not be the smartest bunch. So you think there is something magical about apple batteries? One experience is hardly a trend. Batteries are mostly the same if they are made from the same chemistry which most laptop batteries from the last few years are. My Mac battery from 4 years ago too a shot and wouldn't hold a charge and had to get replaced. It goes both ways.
  • so much this.    I sold my 2 year old macbook pro for 70% of what i paid for it. Even though there were new models available.   My 8 month old fully loaded surface book performance base sold for 1600 bucks. Because the surface book 2 came out. 
  • There is no 30% premium. Go to MS web site. click Surfacebook and make it i5, 8GB and its $1299. literally the exact same price of a macbook pro when not on sale at best buy.  and all that yes i can, yes they are etc crap is 3rd party frankenstein options.  If you actually had any clue about apple, macs, and iPhones and actually REALLY used the ecosystem, you would see how much BETTER iOS and MacOS talk to each other vs WP and W10 or W10 and Android.  it's not even close. Apples ecosystem is 10X better. and this is coming from someone using Windows 10 and Android right now. I also have a Mac and iPhone as well. 
  • I don't use any Apple products. Your answer isn't native and isn't seamless. Your cannot switch between multiple devices on the fly. It is basically a kludge. Personally, I use Google voice to get this feature on Windows. I still can't switch back and forth, but at least I can make/answer calls and texts.
  • Exactly.
  • You know, it is is funny that the trolls such as yourself proclaim that Microsoft is not keepig up with user's needs, that they don't care for their customers. And yet, Apple has been falling further and further behind, and dont' seem to care but here you are telling people that they need to switch to those very devices they don't care about. They currently ship a machine with a 4 generation old CPU, with a 1366x768 screen resolution. They told us that they released a horribly designed Mac Pro that does not meet the customer's needs, and that device was designed 11 years ago. If they pknow it is badly designed, why let it stay in that design for 11 years? Aside from a small spec bump 4 years ago (which is still horribly behind in hardware), they have not done anything with it at all. They recently released a new iMac Pro, and other than changing the color they did nothing to change the design. Their Mac Mini is now using a 4th gen CPU (we are on 8th gen), and they have said nothing about updating it. Half their computers require dongles to just plug in that shiny new iPhone that you think is so great. ANd then there is the MacBook Pro, which was last upgraded back in 2016 but before that version was introduced, the last MacBook Pro upgrade was back in 2013.  So you want people to throw out their current Windows computers and switch to Mac, which has been languising with no hope of when they may be upgraded? There have been persistent rumors for years that Apple is switching all their devices to ARM (you know, the same CPU that ran WinRT that you love to hate?) which wil render all their current devices even more useless than they are today, and much, much slower.  But we know how you work, troll, troll, and troll again to create FUD and scare people into your favorite company, Apple - even if it is Apple doing the very things you are accusing Microsoft of doing.
  • Oh, and BTW, that last message and this one is being sent from my MBP. My 16 core, 64GB Win10 machine is off compiling right now, getting real work done, my Mac Pro is broken again, and my MBP is sitting there, doing noting.
  • You don't like the MacBook Air? Apple replaced it years ago. It is old and there are other Apple options. I don't use any Apple products although the iPhone X does look awesome, but it is a flop I hear. I agree Apple is falling behind but they have a successful modern platform. Microsoft fell behind years ago and still has nothing for the future. They need to step it up now. Apple falling behind doesn't make that ok.
  • Apple has a modern platform? 😶. So what Examples can you give of their "modern" platform?
  • Take your head out of your rear. iOS outsells all Windows devices on its own. It is modern, full touch with a superior modern ecosystem. Windows has a superior legacy ecosystem, sure, but it is only a matter of time before that ecosystem is irrelevent for everyone but certain niche professionals. Even they will slowly be devoured at some point.
  • I always hated Apple products, but with the current state of Windows 10, I'm beginning like OS X operating system more every day. Windows feels so amateur and cheap now. With that said, I still hate iPhone and iOS. I prefer Android.
  • OSX is nowhere near Windows in functionality.
  • Agreed editguy.  OSX feel like amatuer hour.   They have done nothing to it since the first release of OSX.  still the boring dock at the bottom, no touch, Mental finger gymnastics to even do simple tasks.   NOPE.   I enjoy IOS.  But OSX is designed by a 3 year old at this point. 
  • Because it doesn't need to do anymore. Once you are in Photoshop or whatever professional program you use, nothing else really matters. There is no growth it innovation to be had on desktop. It has been perfected now after 30 years of work. Apple knows this, so they innovated with a new modern platform. They didn't anchor themselves to their old legacy platform. Microsoft wonders why they are so far behind while dragging the old Windows ball and chain.
  • A phone no longer receiving updates is a trash can item for me.  iPhone gives 4-5 years, so cost divided by lifespan = net annual price.  Android just doesn't cut it - update delays are atrocious and even the "in house" devices only guarantee 2 years of updates.  So not a huge fan of IOS (miss my win 10 mobile) but it was the only next choice imo.
  • These are the reasons that, when I switched, it wouldn't be to an Android device. I had been waiting for a good deal for some time and finally when it came around I pounced on it.
  • Same for me. iPhone is just a necessary evil at this point.
  • You are correct, lots of updates. Then more updates to fix that broken update, and on and on. A bad update is worse than no update at all.
  • Really 4 to 5 years? So I'm guessing there is nothing to this scandal with Apple slowing down phones that are only one year old. iPhone is also the mist breakable phone on the market. The new iPhone X is almost unfixable because of it's design.
  • Every phone is basically unfixable these days. You really have to know what you are doing and be good with glue to fix modern phones.
  • True Windows Phone/Mobile users know that It's not true! We shall wait for new category device!
  • Yeah
  • My iPod touch is a good companion to my L950 for now...
  • Dear Windows Central authors almost every time I glance at your site/app I see offers that can be replaced by xxxx phones with wp. The brand/os/model always changing like you are conflicting each other with every article. That makes me think don't you guys talk to each other about platform discussing what is the best for your fans..
  • I reckon the use cases are somewhat more nuanced. I would have bet money that Matt would have gone for the iPhone, and Jez the Android. Actually nice to see a little variety. The WC users are going to be equally different in their needs and disposable incomes. I would imagine Dan has both. I liked Jez's piece recently on Squarehome 2. The most leftfield one for me was probably the S9 coverage recently. But, I can also see the reason for it. For me, iPhone is off the table. Anecdotally, the appear too fragile and the battery life seems poor. Disappointingly, the LG G7 is not coming any time soon.
  • I still long for the Live Tiles, so Android and Luncher 10 for me. Live tiles, albiet imited, and swipe left to get the alphabetical app list just still works great. A grid of icons and multiple pages of apps on iOS is horrible. 
  • I do miss live tiles, and I tried a few launchers that tried to imitate them when I got an S7 edge.  Often it felt more like a **** painted to look nice than anything remotely resemblinig live tiles.  I gave up and switched to Nova Launcher, and configured the app drawer to be in an alphabetical list with a swipe to open it.  It's not as nice as WP, but it works well enough to keep me happy.  Anyhow, has your experience with Launcher 10 been different?
  • No, just no. To me Apple is like the anti-Microsoft, I have no desire to use anything they build or that provides them revenue.
  • Agreed 150%
  • None can replace wp. It's unique. Without file management, half baked Bluetooth and NFC, iPhone is out.
  • Bought another Elite x3 to hold me over another year. Waiting for Andromeda. If apps were that important for me, i would have switched years ago. Andromeda will likely be my next mobile device. Surface team has been releasing excellent products the last several yrs, and they never had a mobile device (Lumia weren't designed by them). I bet it will be amazing.
  • The three Surfaces I had fail says otherwise.  The company I work for gives us all a choice on what we use.  There are about 4 models to choose from with one being a Surface.  I hear far more complaints from the Surface users than I do from anyone else.  The Surface is beautiful and is great in theory, but the failure rate on the devices is high for any brand.  While a Surface phone would probaby look beautiful, not sure I would trust one enough to buy one myself until they can prove it's reliable.  That goes for the OS too.  I had a better experience with WP8.1 than I did with WP10.  I hope it's gotten better, because they broke a lot of stuff trying to impement universal apps.
  • Can we stop those articles please?
  • Someone is forcing you to read them? 
  • No, but it's annoying. How many articles about switching to iPhone a Windows Phone user needs?
  • Until that user stops being a delusional fanboy and accepts the reality: WP is DEAD and MS gives no damn about it or you as a user.
  • @Adrian Frej. Annoying? Self entitlement much? Just ignore these articles as they are clearly not for you. There are more important things in life than articles about switching to the iphone. Such as deforestation.
  • I left android switched to my old Lumia 950 as my daily driver
    Even with 4GB or 8GB of ram android sucks
    I'll stick to Lumia 950 unless MS releases another mobile device.
  • Well then I guess you are doing it wrong.  I've used all three platforms extensively, and to say any of them suck just goes to show you are either biased or never actually used the other platforms for an extended period of time.
  • I prefer Android the common back button ala Windows phone and if you want a vanilla Android experience go for the Pixel 2... No bloatware... Personally I went for a Blackberry and have the benefit of both MS apps and the quality Blackberry ones... The ability to change default apps is a boon too... The only Google app I use is You Tube so all good...
  • So much of what is said here just isn't what I experience.  For instance, it is often said that apps for iOS are more polished.  Yet, when I see bad reviews of an app on Android, I always go look at the Apple equivalent and many times the ratings are even worse.  A sh*tty app is a sh*tty app.  Take Outlook as an example.  That app sucks on Android and iOS.  It's just poorly designed which is why so many rely on other apps like Nine which is very well done and is regarded as one of the best email apps for either platform.  On the app store it's rated as a 3/5, on android 4.5/5.  Yes, there are other apps that go the other way too.  Hearthstone as an example is faster and more fluid on iOS than it is on Android.  To make such blanket statements about the quality of apps is ridiculous though because it goes both ways.  It's such an old and tired argument that far too many people regurgitate. The variation from brand to brand on Android is also a tired answer.  With Apple you have one choice.  You will have the same consistency if you limit yourself to one brand on Android too.  If you don't like the added features that some refer to as bloat, then stick with Google. The whole, "it just works" when referring to Apple is also so cliche.  It's like people are saying you will never have an issue if you use Apple products which is such BS.  If that weren't true then there wouldn't be the same constant patching and bug fixing that exists for any software brand.  The funny thing here is I always knew when Apple released a patch, because I would hear my wife complaining about how they broke this or that. Apple just isn't the same without Jobs.  Take the iPhone X as an example.  Jobs would have never stood for that notch.  He would be doing or would have already done what Samsung is in the process of doing now.  That is to integrate the camera into the screen, so there is no notch.  The man demanded perfection from his employees and he often got it.  Cook is barely more than accountant.  Without Jobs, Apple is a shell of what it was with him, and their users are suffering for it.  Anyone that doesn't admit that is in denial.
  • to bottom
  • My first smartphone was an Iphone.  I liked IOS.  I would consider an Iphone again if A) they still included a headphone jack and B) The 5" version had better battery life.
  • Do you mean the normal screen 4.7"  if so,  the battery life since the 6s has been fantanstic.  I get more than a full day out of a charge. 
  • *proven planned obsolesence
    *blame users when there is a defect
    *astronomical profit margins
    *years behind with things like wireless charging, NFC, etc.
    *Apple Pay < Samsung Pay
    *required iTunes infestation
    *latest "innovations" = removing headphone jack and adding animated poop emoji iPhone? Nah, I'm good
  • I love Samsung Pay.  In the 2 years I've been using it, I've gotten over $200 in gift cards as rewards for using it, and I don't even use it religiously.  What do Apple Pay users get, a false sense of being hip and cool for using their phone to pay for something. Why is the iTunes infestation never mentioned in articles like this?  Forcing people to use an app to integrate their phone to their desktop is so 2007.  Why is this still a thing considering how much technology has evolved?  Admittedly Apple has reduced the dependancy on said app, but the fact that it is required for any task is crazy.
  • Windows Phone 📱 is the best phone.because u can do everything in one place .And the best part of it is 'Cortana ' and no other operating system have built like that.instead of buying pc u can use phones.And the great record of Microsoft is Lumia 1020 the world's largest camera 📷 phone 41 mega pixel pure view was manufactured in 2013 but till today 25/01/2018 no other os have reached till that level Therefore Microsoft is the
    best among operating systems.
  • Sorry Ranjan, but you may want to actually try another phone before calling it the best.  The camera on the Lumia 1020 is so slow that I missed a lot of shots because of it.  What good do all those pixels do if you don't actually capture what you want with them?  More isn't always better which is also the case with the 1020.  My Lumia 1520, Samsung S7 Edge, and Note 8 all have cameras that take as good or a better picture than the 1020. Cortana has lost a lot of ground.  It was good in 2014 when it was released, but Google Assistant has surpassed what Cortana can do.
  • Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are both bad. Closed off proprietary implementations. They may work good but they are not interoperable and supporting many intercummincation standards quickly becomes a huge mess for everyone that has to do that (banks and merchants in this case). We need something standardised that anyone can implement once and then just maintain. This is the approach that irks me with Apple the most.
  • Samsung Pay works in most POS card readers, even ones that don't take digital wallet payments. Banks and merchants are good to go.
  • 😶. Sure, if you like using almost 5 decade old icons then why not😉.
  • Matt Sounds like you found your home. Apple has done a great job with perceived device value that ties into a closed ecosystem with tremendous developer support. Stuff just works. They have marketed well and continue to make strides into current and future technologies. I have a windows phone, Iphone and android and use all of them daily. I much prefer the windows UI but appreciate the app support from Apple and the rich configurability of Android. There are others making a play in mobile, like Razer, Red (Hydrogen), and Essential that have peaked my interest but I have not pulled the trigger on any yet. My main phone will continue to be my windows phone until support completely ends. Unfortunately none of the big 3 (MS, Google, Apple)  have quite hit the spot by developing a true mobile computing device, capable of telephony, computing and useful productivity just yet. MS may get close with the Andromedia product but they may fall short on mass implementation...definately their achilles heal.  I look forward to this years mobile and computing play as it will be a crucial year for every major player going forward, because of the 5G, IOT, AI and all the "Realities" that the ground work is being laid now. Enjoy your Apple home and thanks for you view.  :)  
  • Yeah I can agree with this. I use Android and iOS and I like things about each. It seems like using Microsoft services feels like slightly less work on iOS.
  • The fanboy meltdowns articles like this induce are priceless, hope we get a movie one day.....
  • No thanks! 
  • iPhone is a terrible replacement, at least Android you can still use a PC and get all your notifications through Cortana right in be able to do that with a Mac you have to drink the koolaid and buy everything apple. I'll take the customizability of my One plus 3 any day
  • Why on earth would you use that junk Cortana over Google Assistant?? Unless you're a desperate fanboy
  • except cortana on android is only available in china and US right now. The rest of the world cant integrate their android into windows.
  • I had to dump my Lumia 950XL - so ended buying a second hand iPhone 6S plus - great phone and only cost me a small amount more than I managed to sell my Lumia for on ebay. I do miss some of the features of Windows 10 mobile - but time to move on - to a suprising capable phone.
  • Well, first and foremost, I have absolutely zero reasons to leave my Windows phones.  Second, I hate Apple, without a doubt.  So, there's no case you can make to convince me to use their products.
  • Nope... IOS doesn't support PPTP VPN connections. I need an "Enterprise Class" device... IPhone is not an "Enterprise Class device".
  • If you think PPTP VPN is “enterprise class”, you are mistaken.   It was dropped for a reason.   It is not secure.   iOS supports IKEv2, L2TP and IPSec natively.   This is what you should be using.  If you are still using PPTP in 2018, then you are not secure.   Period.  I work for a very large corporation, in the Fortune 250.   Over 50,000 employees worldwide.   I would call THAT an “enterprise”.     We use iPhones, iPads and Android Phones.  PPTP is not needed, nor is it wanted.  
  • NordVPN on Iphone (or Android) is great. They actually have to drop to lower security on Windows 10 Mobile as it doesn't support the latest OpenVPN standards.
  • Of course.   There are dozens of VPN apps available, including OpenVPN.    I merely listed the iOS built-in protocols.   But the claim that an obsolete, insecure protocol is not available and thus iOS is not “enterprise class”, is possibly the  most absurd claim I have seen here. And as you can imagine, that’s up against some pretty stiff competition.  
  • I had the iPhone 8 plus for about a month and switched to a Galaxy s8+. IOS just totally didn't do it for me. Couldn't get myself to like it at all.
  • Last Sunday, I switch to an iPhone X.  The polish Microsoft apps have are shocking when compared to my Lumia 950. 
  • Shobiz,  have you been using apple pay with the X?  is it terrible having to hold the camera to your face every time you pay for something or want to unlock?
  • Or you can use the apple watch and not even touch your phone to do apple pay. Or you can disable attention awareness and it will unlock whenever your face is somewhere in front of your phone. Dont even have ot look at it.
  • I don't wear my watch when I am working.  It would get destroyed.   So,  there is a setting that reduces the need to have the phone in front of your face to unlock?
  • It's not.  Just got one and I hate it.  Reminders that you can't snooze, red notification dots that never go away, drives me insane, the notification "center" sucks.  I could go on and on...  I thought it would be better than allowing google to track where I go, but now I don't know.  I also hate Google much more than Apple, but Apple is changing that.  I had a problem with my Apple ID.  Somehow it was connected to a business purchase account (I must have screwed up an email at work once).  So I called Apple and we work on getting it fixed which was create a new Apple ID account.  While on the phone they tell me I should do something more secure than security questions, I agree and am using MFA one the phone got set up.  What also gets me is, they want me to be secure, but there is NO WAY to delete my old Apple ID account.  How is that secure having accounts floating around because you don't have a way to delete them!!!!
  • Welcome to Apple where nearly everything is a compromise.  If only they took some of those billions of dollars in cash and actually used them to fix things like you describe.  They won't though, because spending money on things like that doesn't result in tangible revenue.
  • I've switched out of iOS & OSX platform few years ago for better productivity in my corporate environment. As a happy user of windows 10 and a lumia 950 & 950xl, I don't wish to switch back to iOS. Once is do get that iOS device, it will be apple SIRI and iCloud services presented in my face. As it worked so well natively, I don't see the need to install third party alternatives to add complexity. And it will be more apple services I get suckered into for simpler functionality and integration. Feels that Microsoft themselves are encouraging us to leave the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Yes, they are. Microsoft are saying - leave the platform - we will not develop for it anymore!
  • Came from it to begin with and windows phone although at the time with a need of polishing was better. Going back to iOS? I won't make that mistake twice.
  • What exactly is this “walled garden”?   I don’t understand this reference. I tried Android.  It is about as polished as Windows 95, and as quirky.   So I got a used iPhone 6s Plus.  It works fine.   Then I got a couple of iPads, and finally a new 8 plus phone.   All work fine, the apps are great, and they all have way less annoying ads than Android. The 6s plus runs better - on way less hardware - than my S7 Edge.  The 6s plus is dual core and 2gb ram.  The s7 edge is 4 core and 4gb ram.  To me, that means the OS has issues.   Android also takes up about 10gb of storage, just for the OS.   iOS takes about 2.5gb.  To me, small, light and fast wins the mobile race.  
  • Agree with you... I think what people are saying is that Apple supports their products only on Apple devices - so Music, Video, etc is only available on AppleTV - you can't export it for use on something else. Frankly - I see the same for all the Microsoft movies i've bought. I can only use them on Xbox (which I don't own) or a Windows device. The sneaky platform is Amazon. Available on Android and Apple, low cost 'big TV' integration via their devices, or built in to other devices - watch out for Amazon is my tip of the day.
  • That's a good compliment.  Windows 95 actually worked pretty well for the time and was hugely successful. The fact that you don't what he is referring to with the term "walled garden" makes me realize you probably have little interest in using 3rd party apps from companies that may make software better than Apple.  Often companies can make software better than Apple, Google, and MS because all they do is focus on that one app or a small group of apps.  The problem is that Apple likes to control everything, so the APIs available to the developers don't allow them to tie their app into different aspects of the OS.  Take Android Wear watches as an example.  You can't send a message from your Android Wear watch if you have an iPhone because Apple won't allow it.  That's just one example, but there are 1,000s of other developers and companies facing the same issues. Yes, small, light, and lacking functionality does not win the mobile race.  Apple is losing if you haven't noticed by a significant margin if you look at worldwide mobile phone use.
  • Dream on.  Apple is not losing anything.   iOS  is well ahead in many countries, and well behind in others. Apple owns the tablet market world wide.  They are a close second to Samsung for mobile device sales worldwide.  Apple also has a huge pile of cash. If that is losing, then I will take stock in the loser every time. 
  • Close 2nd? You might want to check those numbers again. They aren't close at all, and according to this article were passed by Huawei Yes it is losing. What is your definition? Based on the dictionary definition if you are not first you are losing.
  • Market share means jack **** if every android manufacturer is hemmorhaging money aside from samsung. You also need to consider that apple holds somwhere between 10-20% of the smartphone market with maybe 10 different devices. Android may have 80+% of the market, but they achieve that with thousands of different devices made by any random company that decides they want to build a ****** phone. The overwealming majority of android devices are <$200 budget phones sold in india and developing countries that are barely capable of running android OS, let alone any modern apps.
  • Actually Huawei and Xiaomi hold a significant percentage of those budget phones, and they are pretty darn good for the money.  It would be better if they ran stock Android, but they are hardly the "****** phone" you say they are.  I would take that over a 4 year old iPhone for the same money. 
  • The "walled garden" refers to practise where Apple devices only work with Apple devices. It's not completely true (iTunes is available and perfectly usable on Windows too) but the best interoperability and user experience is with Apple devices. My wife has an iPhone and a borrowed iPad right now. Somebody called her and the iPad rang as well. If she had a Mac it would ring as well. Its a neat feature and it work smoothly - but only on Apple devices. Same with AirDrop - it's a wireless file sharing but again, only between Apple devices. As mentioned AirPods' auto connect on lid open function - only with Apple devices (I am 100% sure it would be possible to implement it on Android and Windows too). AirPlay is the same thing although Apple was the one who came up with wireless screen casting/mirroring so I'll give them that. Another aspect of the walled garden in iOS is that the OS deliberately hides many aspect of it from you. Pretty much Apple only wants you to do things their way - you can only use apps we say are okay, only use them in a way we approve, only move data in the way we tell you to. An example - an app cannot store a file on iOS device in such a way that other app can read it, at least not any file, only those which Apple approves. It's both a security measure and a big pain sometimes. E.g. on Android you can download free maps from OSM onto your device once and then make several other apps use them. You can't really do this on iOS, such apps would have to each download their own maps in their own isolated storages multiplying occupied space. So yeah while this walled garden approach makes for a more unified experience and better security it also makes you locked down to Apple and their ways. If you find something you can't do with Apple device (and believe me there are many things) you're out of luck.
  • Windows central has to post the articles that are useful to WIndows or Windows mobile ecosystem related .  Every one knows how to move on if mobile is dead . Are you getting any money from iOS or Android to post this article here ? Its so dippressing to see this kind of articles on Windowscentral . If you dont have any news on Windows mobile then leave it .   
  • I do agree. Would love to hear more about Cortana, Hollow Lens, Win 10, Azure and Office.  However they are trying to compete with the relevant platforms and usually get the most comments on these kind of articles.
  • Use what you like. I wouldn't trade my iPhone X for one of every new Android phone in existence.
  • I am with you on the Iphone X!
  • Nothing said in any of these articles has convinced me to give up my 950. I still get regular updates, it last a long time on a charge (plus wireless charging helps), the camera is still in the upper 25%, apps aren't an issue for me, and I use continuum... I can hold on to Android.
  • I still miss my 950 XL but my U11 is a great replacement not perfect and not rubbish like the overpriced IPhones. Square home 2 with live tiles does resemble windows very well.
  • What kind of iPhone do you have?  "What's an iPhone?" As I sit here with my Lumia devices enjoying the heck out of them!
  • If I get an Iphone, what do I need MS services for? Same with Android? What unique app does Microsoft provide?
  • #hotgarbage
  • I agree with you!
  • #dafuq As someone who has owned and supported many mobile devices (including an iPhone 4, iPhone 6), iOS isn't in the running when I think of Windows Phone replacements. It's got its share of features, but it's just so different. :p
  • Still using a 950XL, but I bought some CHUWI tablets that dual boot android/Win10.  My first experience with android. Never touched an iphone yet.
  • this is what i genuinely agree to. after using and iPad for like 10 months, i enjoyed the app quality on iOS, and finally decided to shift to iPhone as my primary phone, still keeping Lumia as my secondary phone. whatever that's told here is just plain truth, and can experience once we switch. i am still a Microsoft lover and use all Microsoft applications, as it just fits my needs everywhere
  • There are some reasons that dismiss the iphone totally - The pricetag - Totally Useless Homescreen like the Windows 95 desktop only with some icons (Same for stock Android) - No USB-C
  • Good article.
  • One thing that persuaded me that I will never want an iOS device is the inability to access files on the device. First of all if you want to copy a document from your device via cable - you're out of luck. I had this happen with my wife's iPhone in a place where mobile network signal was sketchy, her phone could not connect to WiFi (an anomaly but it just happened) and she needed to send a file. After half an hour figuring out how to copy the file from the phone I finally made a WiFi hotspot with my company phone that had good enough reception on one spot and she was able to send the file from the phone. Another thing is music - she ripped a bunch of CDs she had and put them on the phone. All legal stuff. Thing is her computer harddrive went south so she lost her iTunes library. Once you lose the library the music on your phone is doomed. You can still play it on the phone but you're never getting it back from there. Luckily she found an older backup of those ripped CDs on her external harddrive (a wife of an IT guy does backups, I'll tell you that). So considering that iOS is actively trying to conceal my own files from myself I will NEVER even consider buying such a device until they change that behavior.
  • I tend to read such articles but I think the most important thing is switching from WP will hurt, wherever you go. Its good that MS was shaping up its applications for the other two platforms but that is it. I mean IN MY OPINION (just preparing for opinion trolls) both OS s*cks big-big time. After using Symbian, Maemo, Android, iOS, a little Meego and now WP my experience is that WP is far the best in functionality (not now but 1.5 years ago), and way the best using HW resources (still). The integration we have at our hand for business applications and the overall experience with the phone is gorgeuos and would stay if MS won't abandon another of its great creations. And yes you probably figured out: I am not a MS fan either... I like functionality, I like speed, I like smart layouts and rich tweaking features. Apple is everything but that, and yes it has apps like sh*t, but if I can survive with my 950XL day-by-day then at the end I don't really need those apps, right? Still being a social media *****... :D The second thing and this is really personal, when the creatures of hell has come to the surface of the earth and the only excuse from being tortured to death would be to by something from that company, then I would remain in the firing pits. Why would I buy something that is so overpriced as f*ck, having half-done engineered products, tricky software  that actually forces you to buy the new one and by the way Apple seeing, hearing and having everything about my personal information. No way mister I rather use this thing until it can switch on and I don't have to charge it every hour rather then buying an iphone. Thank you for taking the time reading through this pointless raging over Apple. Have a pleasent day! :)
    Oh and if you are an iphone fan or Apple fan its your thing neither I care, nor I judge you. ;)
  • Perfect, could have written this myself
  • I don't really care what phone anybody else uses, but I've used many Apple products and the whole "It just works" thing is a myth and people repeating it are just drinking the Apple Kool Aid. Yes, pick a product that does what you need (iPhone is a great choice for many) but let's not make out it has no issues and "just works", that's marketing pure and simple
  • Agree 100 percent.  they Don't JUST WORK.   However,  at this point in time.  They JUST WORK BETTER than the competition.  I agree 100 percent with the apple koolaid drinkers comment.  It's so funny apple does something bad,  and they figure out how to spin it and say,  it's a good thing.  Its fun.
  • No OS is perfect but iOS has been much more polished.  From a Pure Android perspective, the swiping keyboard and voice translation are better than iOS.  Google Assistant is better than Siri.  From an Apps/Experience perspective iOS wins hands down.  Kids are making entire albums and bands on the default Garage Band app.  Movies.  Facetime and iMessage have always been smoother and just work compared to the Google offerings which change every 2 years.
  • I think the argument of the apps being "significantly" better on iOS shouldn't be a huge factor....Anything is better than what W10M had in terms of first party support for apps. If that was the most important thing to W10M users then people would have switched ages ago. Also don't agree 100% with the argument and no examples are sighted except for the authors bank who don't support Android Pay (Pretty much all major UK banks do though, so maybe it's a building society they are talking about?) iOS does seem quite polished to new comers, but you'll find many long term fans aren't happy with how consistency is getting worse overall in Apple products. The phones getting updates more reliably is one thing to definitely consider - But IMO mainly from a security patch perspective. In terms of new features Android Oreo 8 is pretty much as exciting as the W10M "FCU" update has new emoji, the other features aren't anything that interesting. OnePlus did add "Parallel Apps" to their flavour of Android though, which as far as I can tell is pretty unique and something UWP apps should get for PC IMO
  • Never Apple...
  • iPhones hardware are pretty decent.  iOS is garbage though.  stay away
  • Agree 100%. Went with iPhone and everything works. Have my MS apps and all the other apps that we couldn't get with Windows Phone. Was a long-time Android user before Windows Phone and experienced the delayed update and other issues described in the article. And the battery life is much better.
  • How about Iphone SE for time being?
  • My 950 kept rebooting, would get struck ringing when I call was trying to come through and would not show missed calls.  I recently purchased an Iphone X has my first iphone (why not go all in).  I always said you can have the broken window, the rusty droid or the rotten apple.  MIcrosoft has failed us...well I should place the all the blame on them.  Developers will only focus on Apple and Android.  Between those two...Apple is more polished!  I have had the iphone almost a month and it does not fail.  I still own a 1020 and will go to that first when it comes to photos ans videos...42 megapixels!  Facetime was the deal breaker...most of friends and family members have Iphones so its a better way to communicate with them.  Why the Iphone X?  Just like I was with Microsoft's Lumias, I wanted to be different!  Being an IT guy, I just wanted to get a phone that was state of the art! 
  • iOS is just awful, the only saving grace are the apps.
  • I moved from Windows Phone to Android on a Nexus, then to an iPhone.  I'll never go back for all the reasons you described above.  MS really missed the boat on Mobile and full ecosystem integration.  The resources they are burning to try and integrate messaging, cortana, and launchers into Android will be all for naught.   As a software company they need to make the office 365 apps for all 3 platforms, but more importantly to be relevant you need to make the best experience on your own platform.
  • Geez, iOS is the fruit of a parallel dimension where windows 3.1 UI lives on forever and gets into smartphone with better graphics. It is still icon-based stupid and will stay that way. I am definitely not staying backwards. Apple's propaganda of the easy transitions between iOS iterations is truly their greatest acknowledgement that their user base is both stupid and backwards.
  • One major problem I have with Apple is that their camera in the iPhone 8 is just horrible, compared to my Lumia 950XL. Shoot my Lumia 928, Lumia 640, Lumia 855 was better than the iPhone 8's camera. I just hate grainy pictures.
  • I prefer using nokia 3310 than an iPhone 😀
  • No way, unless there was no other phone left!