Dontnod moves to self-publishing, currently developing six games

Tell Me Why Tyler from behind
Tell Me Why Tyler from behind (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Dontnod is a studio known for working on interactive dramas.
  • Dontnod recently announced the opening of a new studio in Montreal.
  • Moving forward, the company is aiming to self-publish more games.
  • Dontnod is currently developing six different games, four of which are being self-published.

As part of an interview with, storytelling studio Dontnod, known for its interactive dramas like Life is Strange and Tell Me Why, talked about why the studio is moving to self-publishing more games. This begins with Twin Mirror, the studio's first self-published game.

"For us, it's not about Life is Strange or Tell Me Why or Vampyr or Remember Me, even if we are very proud of all those games," CEO Oskar Guilbert says. "What is important for us is the Dontnod brand. That's what we want to push in the future." Dontnod is currently working on six games, one of which is a partnership with Focus Home Interactive and another that is a partnership with an unknown publisher. The remaining four titles are all being self-published.

Dontnod is opening a new studio in Montreal, which is part of the company's aim to grow slowly and steadily to support multiple projects. These upcoming games may be standalone titles or they may consist of different episodes, depending on what approach Dontnod feels is best.

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