DOOM reboot will let you battle demonic forces on PC and Xbox One on May 13

The upcoming reboot of the DOOM franchise will arrive on May 13, 2016. The first-person shooter will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

From developer id Software on Twitter:

We're ready! #FightLikeHell on May 13th!

Xbox UK also posted some new footage to go along with the announcement.

DOOM is the fourth official game in the main DOOM series, and the first since 2008's DOOM 3. The latest entry in the series was originally revealed during publisher Bethesda Softworks' E3 showcase back in June 2013. You once again take up the role of a space marine battling demonic forces on a distant world. You'll find an arsenal of weapons at your disposal which will aid you in your efforts to survive the onslaught.

You can also watch the brand new campaign trailer for the game below. Note that the violence depicted in the trailer may be too graphic for some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: id Software, Xbox UK

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Joseph Keller
  • Spent many hours back in the day playing the original! If this version comes near to the first one it should make for a cracking game Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed KA game back in the day.. If only wing commander were rebooted with modern graphics... Moan.....
  • I'd be in line for a Wing Commander reboot. Was so mad when they didn't continue the story line after Prophecy.
  • The closest you are going to get to a reboot of Wing Commander for awhile is Squadron 42, the single player compaign of Star Citizen.  That's Chris Roberts focus right now.
  • True about Star Citizen and all, but Wing Commander will long be my favorite of all time. Would love to see a proper modern graphics reboot of Wing Commander: Privateer with a larger open universe. That would be "stellar."
  • Yeah it was a good game an fairly good story. I was ACE pilot :-)
  • Commander Keen would have been more on topic. Wing Commander isn't that dated and Mark Hamil ruined the franchise in the 3rd one lol.
  • Ahhh which wing commander are you referring to? The movie? Because wing commander is quite dated.. So dated it runs at superspeed on anything like a modern cpu/gpu, if you can get it to run at all. Availability for it and the secret missions packs on 3.5 floppy disks only should tell you the story.. You know released like 1990
  • Posted via my HTC One M7
  • @Dradzk
    Yeah I aware of todays digital dl, I was referring to availability on release date 1990
  • I couldn't agree more. I'm really hoping against hope that Star Citizen won't dissapoint. But who knows if that's gonna even hit it's 2016 intended release.
  • Doom was the dawn of multiplayer gaming for me. Can still remember yelling "Don't pickup the phone!!". What were the modem speeds back then, 9600, 1400?
  • Less than 96 haha
  • I think I had a 9600 in 95. I was on a local BBS called Aftershock when the sysop added a new module to the BBS simply called Game Connection. First time I experienced 4-player Doom over a modem. It was hell. Haha good times.
  • We had a 4800 baud modem initially, then bumped it up to a 9600. That being said as a kid I always ran Doom in a LAN.
  • Finally a real FPS game where people can't see through walls or ceilings or Arial shots of enemies coming at you.
  • This takes an old man right back to his childhood. Insta buy just because... powered by nostalgia. The games could suck and blow an old man will still love it :-)
  • Im thinking I may finally have to buy that new PC I've been holding off on. Anyone have any recommendations in build specs?
  • The recommended specs for the game are a good starting point (not the minimum). It also depends on brand preference, budget, and desired power/features for the PC. A Skylake i5 (6600-K) and something in the vein of an AMD R9 270-series or Nvidia GTX 700-series card should be enough.
  • I'm beyond excited and ready. I hope the XB1 multiplayer community is strong, so I can stop playing the joke that Halo 5 Arena has become. This isn't too violent, either. It's the exact, right amount. It looks so amazing, and the Quake-style multiplayer experience has my dad intrigued as well. Here's hoping an old-school arena shooter can rise again. Between this and the alpha of Unreal Tournament, it could finally be happening again.
  • "so I can stop playing the joke that Halo 5 Arena has become." What don't you like about Halo 5 Arena? The gameplay mechanics there are superb--the best of any FPS I've ever played. They need to fix the player dropouts problem, but the core gameplay is nearly perfect.
  • I've just gotten sick of how bad all of the other stuff is. The frag grenades are disastrously overpowered, the fuse is too long, and they can bounce off too many walls. The maps are embarrassingly bad and have no room to breathe--everything is my getting a guy about dead, only for another guy to have gotten halfway across the map to save his teammate. Orion was one of the few I kind of liked. They pulled it due to balance, but let that home known as Fathom still exist. What's more, Riptide is ever WORSE for being endlessly jumped off of spawns. Consider Halo 4 and Complex. That map was legitimately twice the size of any Halo 5 map. I felt Haven was tiny, but maps like Regret, Truth, and Fathom make it feel enormous. Honestly, I feel like Complex was close to a small Warzone map in size, I loved it. Everything is Halo 5 starts to feel like the worst of CoD. Constantly getting jumped off the spawn and **** in the back. Deaths from totally random grenades all game. Yesterday was unbearable. It legitimately broke my will to play Halo, to the point I'm not intending to play anymore until maybe next week. It's a hugely frustrating mess.
  • +1 Keith.. I may have to advance the timeframe on that build you and I were chatting bout couple days ago. You know what that means (GULP)!
  • It means party time, that's what, haha. I'm debating if I want to get it on PC as well, but that means a new graphics card myself. If you want to wait on Zen, just a new GPU should carry you for this release, depending on your current build.
  • @keith.. Been moving around alot past 3yrs and sold the desktop for convenience and using a Asus laptop. Why I'm looking at a total build from the ground up lol.. So yep have to make a decision quick cuz I'm not missing doom reboot.. Guess it will be a intel build too, wanted to wait and see what Zen offered first though.
  • Well, you do kind of have two other options, depending on what your goal is here: 1. If you have a console, you could get the game on that platform. It's probably blasphemy to older people, given DOOM's roots (and arena shooters in general). However, there's no thinking about system requirements there. 2. You could go high-end on most parts, low-end on the CPU, and plan to upgrade the CPU again for Zen. That is, if you can find a good price on the 8350 or a Haswell i5, I suppose. I'm still not sure if I'll go PC, XB1, or both for this. I still don't have a good setup for PC gaming, meaning I need a desk, a new GPU, and maybe a monitor (I use a TV right now).
  • Unreal tournament?!?!?!? A new one coming?
  • Technically, it's been out for a while. It's an open alpha and it's free to play on PC. Built with DX12, and the community can help support it. I can't get the URL now, I'm not home, but it's probably accessible at
  • Just to follow up: Free download of the alpha is there fur the new UT.
  • Doom 3 was released in 2004 (for PC and the OG XBox), not 2008, please fix it :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daumn.. I might have to pre-order this one...
  • Will it be cross platform multiplayer between Xbox One and PC? There was nothing better than firing the BFG for the first time in the original Doom back in the day.
  • I remember first seeing the Cyberdemon at the end of Episode 3 ... he scared me to death .. And you knew the rockets were coming right behind you as you ran away.
  • i love doom/quake, i can't wait for this... there's no better feeling than being a badass character killing off tons of sick looking enemies and nonstop action.  i can only hope the multiplayer can be as successful as q1/q2/q3 days but i have a feeling gamers have mostly moved on from this genre.
  • *2004's Doom 3
  • Duke Nukem 3D needs rebooting with high definition strip clubs oh and space stations!
  • Yeah, they did that. It was terrible.
  • Played the Alpha, let me say it had Quad Damage power up. It was a blast. Super excited and ready for something besides Halo. I miss Unreal, Quake and the such.
  • PC for me!
  • If only my wife will allow me to play this