Dragon Age 4 lives on in new sizzle reel and concept art

Dragon Age 4 Concept Art
Dragon Age 4 Concept Art (Image credit: Electronic Arts (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • BioWare showed off a sizzle reel with new concept art for Dragon Age 4.
  • We did not see any real gameplay other than work-in-progress shots as the game is still in early development.
  • The studio did not reveal a release date or release platforms.

BioWare took part in Opening Night Live for Gamescom and brought some new concept art to tease Dragon Age 4. It may not have satisfied some people who were eager for more substantial information or gameplay clips, but something is better than nothing.

It's a 4-minute video, but much of the time is dedicated to the developers talking about the Dragon Age universe and its legacy, with sweeping shots of geography and concept art from the upcoming game. At one point we even see Solas' voice actor record a line.

Much of Dragon Age 4's plot is still a mystery, with BioWare keeping its cards close to its chest. Judging from some earlier previews, it appears that red lyrium may play a key role in Dragon Age 4, much like it did in Inquisition. It's also nearly certain that Solas will play a large role as the Dread Wolf, the Elven god of betrayal.

Sadly, we still don't have a release date. BioWare says that the game is still in early development. Given this phrasing, we'll likely see it come to Xbox Series X and PS5 in the coming years.

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