Draw Something updated to make it more stable?

Draw Something, Zynga's social doodling phenomenon, has been updated to version 1.0.13. This latest patch comes without a change log, but based on recent grumbling and poor reviews on its download page, it's likely that it resolves stability issues with the popular game. There's been a slew of reports of the game freezing and being over all buggy.

If you have the free, ad-supported version of Draw Something offered to Nokia Lumia owners, then this update is not for you. Only the pay-to-play version found in the Windows Phone Store is affected.

Windows Phone users and critics alike waited a long time for Draw Something, along with Zynga's other wildly popular game Words With Friends, to come to Windows Phone, and many used them as a measure of just how successful Microsoft's mobile OS was at any given time. Having finally arrived, it was disappointing to see Draw Something be so buggy. Hopefully, with this latest update, the stability woes draw to an end.

You can get Draw Something here for $2.99.

QR: Draw Something

Thanks for the tip, Ismael!

  • Might download it now... Waiting to see these comments.
  • No fix for free version. Bummer.
  • Zynga is not making a good product on WP platform... Words with Friends is garbage compared to Spell It. The only reason spell it isn't worth playing is the lack of cross platform capability. If I could play my friends and family on spell it, words with friends would be uninstalled. I'm not happy with Zyngas performance on the WP platform so far. They to stop porting and write it from scratch.
  • I really hope it helps. Also waiting for the free version update.
    Enjoy this game, if they iron out bugs and problems it'll be great to try and play again
  • I have the paid version. The biggest problem I had was when I erased with an iOS player it filled with black ink for them. So basically, they couldn't figure out half of my drawings.
  • It sucks anyways.
  • Agree
  • I have a couple dead games playing on the Nokia release but I am not sure if its worth picking up this commercial version. Does it fix the errors?  zynga's been really great about responding and saying to be patient. 
  • It's much better now, the Facebook integration actually works without just crashing for me. I'm playing some games to see if it functions any better overall but just the not crashing immediately is a huge plus.
  • I have a problem trying to play with my gf. We both get an error message "the other player is not accepting invites right now" or something along those lines.
  • oops double post
  • Congrats to the buyers, maybe I need to bite and just buy it
  • Sad that this is good news to report, but on my device it now launches games without crashing, previously it would crash immediately after launching anything other than game settings. So I guess that's progress, from completely nonfunctional to functional
  • Finally!!! I had three games that were unplayable before and now I can play these games as if it never happened. It's also faster and smoother too. Hopefully it won't give me trouble anymore.
  • This game is buggy on every platform. I've had games on my android tablet close everytime you enter the last letter of your answer. My gf has had the same thing happen on her iPod. I also get messages saying players aren't accepting games even when I know they are. I like the game but it's buggy no matter what device your using.
  • The bug on which the game freezes when's the opponent is trying to guess the drawing is fixed, so yeah its playable now
  • Um... I'm not seeing Any of the Angry Birds games in the Nokia collection... Just the Roost app which makes me try or buy the games. None are free.  -L920
  • I don't think there was ever supposed to be a free angry birds, but the Star Wars and perhaps even Space were exclusive to Lumias, to buy.
  • You can buy them on any WP8 device, not just Lumias. I have both on my 8X.
  • Still buggy. The ios version is silky smooth. This is very poor. At least it has freed up my long standing game of 180
  • people still play that game?
  • I'm not being offered the option to update. I already bought it and have it installed.
  • Slow loading time, but fixed the bug that would cause the game to freeze while watching opponent guess if your opponent guessed wrong
  • This issue just got itself fixed with the update. At least with what I have observed with mine. It was really annoying since the bug only happened with my real-life friends.
  • My stuck games are finally working again!
  • The big issue i had was that my friend was guessing my words normally but when looking it back it showed all kinds of weird letters and the game wouldn't continue as it wasn't guessed correctly (but it actually was). So i hope i can continue these games again.
    Another issue is that te game loads pretty slow on my Omnia 7, so it is best to just leave it on if your buddy is also online
  • This seems to be a common trend. Pay to play versions are seeing updates sooner. Aren't they the same thing, just with ad support in one of them? What, technically, if anything, is the cause of the trend?
  • Omg I was thanked for the tip :D :D :D I love wpcentral!
  • Update has been pulled
  • absolute rubbish that just because it is free, we should have to suffer with no updates when it is the same frickin code base.
  • Too little too late.
  • Really don't see the major appeal.  It's ok at first but it's really clunky feeling.  I also had the erase=black while playing with an iOS user.  I'd say it's "OK" but nothing special.  Free version is worth getting but I wouldn't pay for it.