Draw Something updated to make it more stable?

Draw Something, Zynga's social doodling phenomenon, has been updated to version 1.0.13. This latest patch comes without a change log, but based on recent grumbling and poor reviews on its download page, it's likely that it resolves stability issues with the popular game. There's been a slew of reports of the game freezing and being over all buggy.

If you have the free, ad-supported version of Draw Something offered to Nokia Lumia owners, then this update is not for you. Only the pay-to-play version found in the Windows Phone Store is affected.

Windows Phone users and critics alike waited a long time for Draw Something, along with Zynga's other wildly popular game Words With Friends, to come to Windows Phone, and many used them as a measure of just how successful Microsoft's mobile OS was at any given time. Having finally arrived, it was disappointing to see Draw Something be so buggy. Hopefully, with this latest update, the stability woes draw to an end.

You can get Draw Something here for $2.99.

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Thanks for the tip, Ismael!

Seth Brodeur