Dropbox becomes more competitive with revamped pricing and storage upgrades

Dropbox is cutting the price for 1 TB of their cloud storage the service all the way down to $9.99 a month. The change shows that the company is going after Microsoft's OneDrive and Google Drive's paid cloud storage services.

Before today, Dropbox Pro offered just 100 GB of space for $9.99, with an upper limit of 500 GB for $500. Now Dropbox Pro's prices are more in line with similar services offered by OneDrive and Google Drive and could generate even more competition in the personal cloud storage space.

Along with the price cut, Dropbox Pro will be getting some extra features, including new sharing controls that will offer better security when sending files to others, and a remote wipe feature that will allow users to delete any Dropbox files from a smartphone or tablet if it gets lost or stolen.

What do you think of Dropbox Pro's big decrease in price and will we see even more cloud storage price cuts in the future from Microsoft and Google?

Source: Dropbox

John Callaham
  • Onedrive all the way!!!!
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  • +M8
  • How's that HTC treating you?
  • I'll tell you when it arrives on at&t...
    +1020 (this is more accurate).
  • Hopefully the M8 release is close to my Next upgrade date, otherwise it's full price for me!
  • I'll probably do the "at&t next plan" for myself & 2 year contract for my gf.
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  • +920
  • +520
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  • +930
  • +920
  • +920, +HTC HD7, +Surface, +Xbox 360, +Xbox One on the way :)
  •  nice one mate
  •  nice one mate.
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  • Onedrive
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  • Too late. I'm already gone from Dropbox. Our institution also signed a deal with Box for all of our staff (>3000) to have 50GB free ENCRYPTED storage for EACH user at no cost to the employee. I see Dropbox failing due to pricing pressures and lack of security and encryption. The latter feature has driven me to OneDrive (personal stuff) and Box (work stuff). Bye bye Dropbox.
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  • One Drive is excellent but you are sorely mistaken if you think it beats DropBox. I use both services all day long and I can tell you one thing for sure... until Microsoft start letting people upload files over 2 GB it CANNOT be a true solution. I cannot wait until that day arrives as I have 200 GB on One Drive.
  • 2GB+? ISO movies? Full hard drive backup?
  • Actually 1080p videos from my Lumia 1020 take >3GB... So...
  • True that!
  • I bet you just want it to share your legal movie collection with your friends :) oh... and legal videogames. 2gb is enough for most people... and if you think it doesn't there is this things called split files or compress files, you know that would help you. and actually nobody would notice you are sharing illegal stuff.
    I will understand you when my 3d scenes take 2gb+ or texture files, until that day, I really don't understand how many 2gb+ you can upload if they are not movies or videogames.
    and I am not saying they shouldn't give the option, just DropBox is not better just because it lets you upload larger files, OneDrive has more features than that.
  • Or because IM a software developer and have projects I zip/tar and need to upload them or share them with other people. Obviously you 2 are children and have not yet realized people actually work for a living. But hey.... one day you'll grow up!  ;)
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  • Not until they fix the dreadful performance, remove the 2gb file size limit, etc.
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  • The problem I see with Dropbox is that it isn't tied to a platform like OneDrive and GDrive.
  • Exactly
  • What's the problem exactly? (serious question)
  • simply put, lack strong system-level support and integration.
  • Intergration is the problem, think about it, those of us with office 2013 you can save directly to your OneDrive, then access it accross your WP8.1 device without much hustle, same app on windows 8.1 and it fetches photos and runs pretty well, also add the fact that on office 365 its a value add on top of the 1TB space and the 5devices you can have on the same plan with the same said 1Tb, 
  • OneDrive isn't tied to a platform
  • It is tied to the Windows/Xbox ecosystem.
  • My various devices day otherwise...
  • I think what he means is that you don't need a 3rd party account to access your cloud from any device. That way it is "tied".
  • Exactly.
  • OneDrive is "tied" to Xbox/Windows platforms because a lot of serices used by those platforms are using OneDrive (and Azure) as storage platform. Windows Phone 8.1/Windows 8.1 system backups are stored on OneDrive, Xbox One game saves are stored on OneDrive, and the main file manager for Windows 8.1 Store apps (and in some way Windows Phone 8.1) is OneDrive. Of course, there are OneDrive apps for iOS and Android, but there isn't the same integration with those systems.
  • If you use onedrive, Google drive or dropbox as a standalone service they all work pretty much the same. Personally I like onedrive (ms fan or not) I've tried all services and dropbox I didn't really like. Google drive was good but I like the simplicity of onedrive.
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  • Really?? I see that as a HUUUUUGE plus. It means that your dropbox files are outside the bounds of MS or Google touching them and there are no rights you have to give them to your files. In fatc, if you look at the Dropbox EULA you'll see they basically say that your files are your files... forever. OneDrive is not that safe but for the most part its ok ... but you give up certain rights for advertising. Now Google.... well... whatever you give them... say goodbye lol
  • OneDrive still a better deal because you get Office 365 with.
  • Not to mention the free Skype calls and 1TB of space... I don't see them beating that. OneDrive all the way for me.
  • Better put, If I pay ~$10 per month for 1 TB storage on dropbox, that is $120 per year. Just for argument sake, lets say I need that cloud storage size. Why woud I not get office 365 that I can use on 5 devices plus 1 TB cloud storage for $99. Again based on the "Argument sake" This means I got the 1 TB cloud storage that I need and office 365 for ANY 5 devices free plus $20 in my pocket compared to Dropbox deal or package. Canepro; I think I totally agree with you when you said "I don't see them beating that. OneDrive all the way for me" The skype calls I did not even mention.
  • Exactly. Couldn't agree more.
  • They were bound to do this sooner rather than later. #competition
  • Very attractive price. But still I'll stay with OneDrive. It's very important to have very good alternative though
  • Cool story?
  • Exactly, how the hell is this even remotely related to windows phone ? it's not even MS related !
    They don't even support our platform...
  • Don't like it, don't read it. I thought that would be simple, I guess not.
  • Don't like my comment don't replay "reply", simple eh ? 
    i didn't even read the article if that's what you want :)
  • It's "reply" not replay
  • excuse my english your highness....
  • I was trying to help you out you ungrateful peasant. Next time don't click on the article unless you have something constructive to say.
  • "ungrateful peasant" wow seriously ?
    since when am i a peasant ? and what should i've said ? thanks ? it's clearly a mistyped word..
    it's called "comment" for a reason, no ?
    and your +M8 isn't "constructive" either
  • Anything but call me your highness. I've been corrected before & it's no big deal. The peasant part was more of me being a dick since you want to be an ass about the whole thing.
    +M8 doesn't start waves and the majority of people know that I'm agreeing with the comment. A lot of people do typos and misspell words but yours was another word entirely. Could've just fixed it, said "thanks" "ooops" or not said anything.
  • Ok, fair enough and saying "highness" was my bad..
    i don't want to be an ass lol, but i mentioned that because my first comment was and still right ! but you said it's not constructive.. and thanks for the correction !
  • My bad... It was constructive and I agree about it not being related to microsoft at all but it was just a little rude. Otherwise I would've gave it an +M8 lol And no problem ;)
  • If only all dialogs on this planet could go so well. Cheers for being good men!
  • From a debate to a friendly dialogue. That's what the world needs!
  • Exactly!
  • Windows 8.1 has a dropbox client.
  • So smart..
  • Guess you never read anything on wpcentral? It's not all about WP. Reading about competition is interesting to many... And since OneDrive is a big part of the Windows phone ecosystem this is interesting news.
  • Android L is coming soon ! we need some cover !
  • Think about the lag on that lagdroid... well... let it go then, except if that L update will carry smoothness...........
  • While I can see the value of competition and indeed DropBox moved the needle in this area, now that I am getting 1 TB of space on OneDrive as an Office 365 user, I just don't see the need to spend extra money for DropBox. Maybe I am crazy.
  • Nope, not crazy. I'm in the same boat.
  • Then you two are crazy... With your boat... #JK
  • One problem with OneDrive is the 2 GB file size limit, for Dropbox there is no limit using the apps and a 10 GB limit for using the uploader in the web browser.   Also, many say that there is a 20 000 file limit, not sure if this is there now (I have 18 GB with 16 000 files). If that is true, you will need a average file size of 50 MB to be able to use the 1 TB.
  • OK...   OneDrive for me. :)
  • Drop box sharing featured are much better than onedrive. The folder will appear on finder or windows explorer on all accounts while the shared folder on onedrive only shows up on the person who created the account.  The only way for someone to see a shared folder is by going to the web interface and pulling documents that way. 
  • I love my OneDrive, but being able to version every file I want to, which is a feature of Dropbox is very nice.  I am hoping that these kinds of things work into the OneDrive solution in the future.
  • Sounds like a security flaw to me, no one else should have access to my personal folders automatically just because we share a PC.
  • That's not what rdubmu means; rdubmu means that if someone shares a folder with dropbox (on purpose) with someone else the folder will appear in the file explorer along with the other folders.
  • Not in Windows Phone, you can browse the shared folders using the integrated OneDrive.
  • Hmm.. I guess it is only for people who usually do all their work on the PC and dont use mobile or use their mobile only for calling purposes.
  • I'll stick with OneDrive. Dropbox are so "competitive", they haven't even bothered making a Windows Phone app, despite their deep pockets.
  • This!  So much this!  My money goes to the company that supports the things I support.  OneDrive for the win.
  • +930
  • I'm pretty happy with my one dollar a month OneDrive subscription.
  • I think you mean 100GB and 500GB not MB
  • I though that was odd too.
  • Yeah its strange. 100 Mb for 9.99 dollars and a limit of 500 Mb for 500$.? There are some problems with numbers...
  • +onedrive
  • Why not have them all!?
  • That's my approach. I don't use G-Drive generally, but I actively use Dropbox, Box & (of course) OneDrive. Of the three, I find that Dropbox is the one that I use for collaboration on projects (music) with others. I loved the OneDrive integration with Office 2013, but my company eventually removed that from our corporate Win 8.1 image for various reasons, so OneDrive & Box end up mainly being for personal storage.
  • Forget it dropbox. OneDrive is boss.
  • OneDrive has pitiful upload speeds. & the desktop sync app takes FOREVER to recognise changes. Dropbox sync is much better.
    I still use and prefer OneDrive - but it definitely has some serious shortcomings.
  • Ah yes this is true, the upload speed is very slow..
  • These are drawbacks of OneDrive but not critical for most ppl.
  • They are not critical to most people when they start out. But with the current pricing plans, people will start to think about backing up everything to the cloud.
    When they do, they'll realise OneDrive isn't up to it (I know - I tried syncing my 600 or so GB's of data. I estimated it'd take more than 5 weeks on the upload speed I was getting!!)
  • Yeah. Though Dropbox takes up a lot of RAM compared to OneDrive. At least for me. The best sync client I've used until now is MEGA's.
  • Mega is a very competent competitor. Although as dropbox, the lack of WP support is a deal breaker. And also the system overall of mega are way behind all cloud drives.
  • One Drive forever!
    I take the moment to ask a question to everybody:
    Do you experience, too, the problem (bug or lack) with one drive to be unable to move, rename files or folders of a shared folder even if you got all the permissions? You can create, delete, but not moving or rename your own created files in the folder shared with you. It's only me?
  • No, its not only you.... As much as I use/love OneDrive, there are inconsistencies with how you can move/copy/download/share & etc. from either the WP app, the desktop client in Win 8.1 & Win 7/8, the Metro app in Win 8/8.1 and the web client. I find myself having to use each of these sometimes to attempt a simple task, like copying a folder with many subfolders within my onedrive to a shared public folder of a friend, to which I have all permissions. Needless to say, it is a bit convoluted at times.
  • 100mb ?! No, 100gb !
  • Onedrive here. But I like the the compition is getting good.
  • OneDrive has to improve some issues that dropbox is a lot better, but even though I prefer to use OneDrive. Everything is one place and I have access to all my files from any device!
  • Onedrive is boss for sure I have a dropbox for android tech support.
  • I think it stinks. How many people need 1Tb? Why the hell didn't they offer something in between? Say 100Gb for $3 or $5 a month. Now you have to choose between 2Gb or 1 Tb. Heck with that. There's other fish in the sea and dropbox doesn't seem to care.
  • OneDrive: 1TB for free. I paid O365 only for a month.
  • I use OneDrive on my WP and my Nexus :) currently the best option for me.
  • I use all, but prefer Dropbox.
  • Does dropbox even have a windows phone app???
  • Nap !
  • i can't say one drive is slow because i havent used any other cloud service so i have nothing to compare it to. ...seems slower? *ducks*
  • It seems faster
  • Thanks for the clarification bro, I couldn't make an accurate assessment of what it seemed with such limited intel.
  • While dropbox is good, I'll need an official app with proper baked in OS functionality before I give up my lovely bug free one drive
  • But still no app for windows phone!
  • OneDrive beats Dropbox hands down. But that's probably because I'm well inside Windows ecosystem.
  • Biggest problem with one drive is the max file size limit, its crap when I want to upload videos etc that I may have taken with my gopro, I mean come on max file size of 2gb?? Its why I have started paying to use a gdrive account at the moment
  • onedrive.uservoice.com is your friend. they started actively working on it.
  • Dropbox does have some nice features over OneDrive.... But seeing as it is similar to Google in being reluctant to develop an app for WP.... I'll just stick with OneDrive
  • GDrive for me (including G+ interface for pics/albums and Google Keep for quick notes). OneDrive is back up. I got 50GB free for 2 years in DropBox and its already nearly full and its been over 2 years, so I can't add any more files to it.
  • OneDrive with built in image support without any social G+ nonsense and OneNote for quick notes here.
  • And by the way, Google offers 15GB free, and since i purchased a Moto device, I get an additional 50, so that's 65GB in total. Sweet.
  • For $9.99 per month, I'll stick to my one drive with Office 365 for up to 5 users plus 1 TB per user. All Microsoft has to do is list the things you get for the price and its a no brainer. I don't see anything competing anytime soon. This storage drive competition is over in my opinion. Drop box can't afford to even try to match what Microsoft Offers.
  • some of us use both Dropbox and OneDrive - both are good, neither is perfect. i use CloudSix and FileBox apps for Dropbox, both are useful and get me to my data. but i won't sign up for their new Pro account unless they offer a native WP app, they need to show a commitment to Windows Phone first! i emailed my thoughts to them today, WP users who want a native Dropbox client should go here and ask for one: https://www.dropbox.com/support/login  
  • Done.  Thanks for the suggestion.
  • I am doing it right niw. Thanks!
  • Requested. Cheers.
  • 100mb for $9.99 and 500mb for $500!? Typo mistake?
  • So $120 a year gives you 1TB of drop box, nice. But $100 a year gives you Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access for 5pc's Word, PowerPoint, Excel for 5tablets oh and between 1-5TB of storage depending on how many users are in your home?!
    Hmmm oh yeah competitive there drop box, really competitive. ;)
  • well I don't think many people see that, they just say "but it doesn't let me upload 2gb+, so DropBox is better" like if every file in the world was 2gb+ file.
  • LOL and most videos past 2gb are going to be movies you could buy through Xbox video etc and have available to stream whenever you want.
  • rudy the great just released a dropbox app. also i just logged into my dropbox account and it seems faster.
  • +925
  • I think drop box is as good as one drive. This could work for me
  • doesnt mater, onedrive FTW with space and office for 5 users baby!
  • Just give us the official app already
  • As soon as I figure out how to use YNAB without Dropbox for cloud sync I'm closing my account permanently. I think OneDrive is all I really need.
  • Thanks Dropbox. You reminded me to upgrade my OneDrive sub. 1.02 TB + Office 360 for up to five members of my family, support for all platforms, deep integrated functionality with my Windows Phone and surface for only $10/month.
  • Is Dropbox going to make a WP app or what? I mean the Windows Phones are such a good business phone it would be a nice app to have.
  • Use Rudy,s sixcloud app. Works fine
  • I have a WP device (18 GB for private use) and an Office 365 Small Businesses subscription (1 TB for business use). So no paid cloud storage from Dropbox or some other company for me ;)
  • They need to increase the free space, and we use this, google drive, and I use onedrive
  • My dropbox and gdrive syncfolders are placed into my skydrive folder ;) just to Be sure j have backups (dropbox amd gdrive for work)
  • That's not a problem, its a benefit.
  • With my SP3 and the Onedrive app for BlackBerry 10, I really don't use my Box and Dropbox accounts. And any personal files or large videos, they are all stored on my external drive which is connected to my home wifi router. Posted via the WPC App for Android on BlackBerry Z30
  • Wow! Dropbox got cheaper! Oh wait... they don't have a WP8 app! Of course OneDrive all the way!
  •   You gotta love competition. It lowers prices and increases quality.
  • Well $9 is cheap but still can’t beat ”free”! 
    I just entered free 1 Tb Dropbox Pro lottery. Here it is: http://dropbox18gb.com/1tb-dropbox.html
  • I've always liked cubby.... you can sync any folder on your machine so everything doesn't have to be stuck in one giant folder, it's supports peer to peer sharing so you can sync without using up quota especially useful for large collections of files like family photos etc., it's encrypted and has very deep versioning on a lot of file types and a sort of everlasting recycle bin... But sadly no Windows Phone app yet Key for my is synchronizing any folder - I sync Documents, Favorites, Music and several other folder across 3-4 devices via the cloud for remote or mobile access etc all in place - Cubby doesn't care where they are, then I sync family photos, family music, family video across the 3 man in machine sin the mouse via the peer service so it doesn't eat my cloud storage quota. Each machine can have the folder being synched in a different location regardless of OS or origin folder. I'm not stuck with one folder that everything has to be in which really sucks on small devices and doesn't play nice with core OS folders. You get a 5 GB free and then it's about $4/m for 100GB.