Dropbox becomes a universal Windows app as Phone version grabs many new features

Microsoft's Windows 10 is only a few months out, but a few companies are already preparing for the realignment of the Microsoft ecosystem. One of those is Dropbox, the popular cloud storage service that many individuals and businesses – rely on day to day. If Microsoft wants to be competitive, it needs to be everywhere, and that includes its cloud rivalry.

Today, Dropbox is excited to announce that their Windows Phone and Windows offerings are now aligned as universal Windows apps. Not only do the apps share the same code, but it means the Windows Phone version finally brings parity by adding a beautiful bundle of new, highly requested features.

The update for phone should be live over the next few hours. Here is the full low-down of what is new and why you may want to take a look at using Dropbox.

Dropbox 2.0 for Windows Phone

  • Universal app
  • The app adapts properly to your screen size
  • Upload files other than photos
  • Select multiple files to upload
  • Download files directly to your device or SD card
  • Save or open files to and from Dropbox within other apps
  • Ability to select phone contacts when inviting people to a shared folder
  • Improved download speeds
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Dropbox 2.0 for Windows 8.1

  • Create and manage Shared folders within the app
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to select all items (Ctrl+A) and to search (Ctrl+F)
  • Improved download speeds
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The ability to multi-select files, upload files other than photos, and view/open files within other apps are some massive additions. Indeed, the complaints about Dropbox for Windows Phone often whirled around the feature incompleteness. Today that all ends. We have had some time with an internal beta of the new Dropbox and very much like the design and its abilities.

The Dropbox apps, which are developed by prolific developer Rudy Huyn, has clearly filled the last remaining gaps to make their app a solid choice for those who need cloud storage. Combined with their recent integration into Office, Dropbox's continued partnership with Microsoft benefits consumers all around the world.

While individuals often have a choice of their cloud storage provider, if you work for a company, those choices are made for you. This problem means if Windows Phone is going to compete against Android and iOS, its apps have to be as good, if not better. Luckily, Dropbox and their universal Windows apps have taken a significant step in the right direction, and we are glad to see them on board.

As of 12:30pm ET, Dropbox 2.0 for Windows Phone has become available to upgrade/download

Download Dropbox 2.0 for Windows Phone (Free)

Download Dropbox 2.0 for Windows 8.1 (Free)

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