Dropbox to end support for Windows XP PC users on August 29

Dropbox has announced that its Windows XP application for its cloud storage service will no longer be available to download on June 29. Windows XP PC users will no longer be able to access Dropbox at all on August 29.

Microsoft itself ended its official support for Windows XP over two years ago, but the OS is still being used on about 10% of all PCs worldwide. In a support post, Dropbox stated the reason for this decision:

We regularly release new versions of the Dropbox app with additional features, better performance, and enhanced security, and these versions are not always compatible with older operating systems. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April, 2014. We are ending our support of the Dropbox app for Windows XP to keep our product offerings in-line.

Windows XP users can still access their Dropbox accounts on the company's official website, but since Microsoft has already ended support for the OS, it's a better choice to just upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 10 at this point.

John Callaham