Duolingo updated to support Windows 10 on desktop and mobile

In November 2014, the popular language learning app Duolingo finally added support for the Windows Phone platform for the first time. It seems as if Duolingo is happy with the response as it has recently updated its app to support Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile as well.

In addition to the new Windows 10 universal app, Duolingo also has added in support for English-speaking folks to learn Esperanto and Norwegian from the app as well. Of course, the app still allows users to learn languages such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish and more.

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John Callaham
  • Yeah!
  • I just hope they add a way to learn Japanese. I've been using Tango Master, it's good, but it just doesn't show you much, this is the word, how it's written and now just memorize it. Duolingo has better exercises.
  • Japanese is what I'm wanting too.
  • Human Japanese is a great app for learning. I would love to see the good ol Nihongo come to DuoLingo too, but I do have a hard time seeing how they'd work learning the ultra complicated writing system into the format. I suppose they could do Romaji with the appropriate Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. That would teach you to speak and listen, but it would probably still not leave you all that literate. Still, that'll get you somewhere. So hopefully they'll do it! They do need to update the Windows version though to match the website which has abandoned the heart system. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • True. Tango Master needs to update its UI. Would love Japanese in Duolingo.
  • My fave app :)
  • Great app!
  • Great to see apps supporting the plataform!!  
  • What's plataform?? Lololol
  • lol ^does not use Duolingo. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He needs to learn from Doulingo.
  • What's "doulingo"? ;-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Maybe he's from Brazil and here is "Plataforma" (but still missing the A)
  • It's nice to them supporting WP but it's still missing a lot of features. Lingots, Store etc.
  • What is a lingot?
  • Lingot= language + ingot. It's in game currency that you earn by learning a language as you go along. You can use them to put a freeze on your streaks or you can unlock levels that can teach you idioms and popular phrases.
  • I donno, lingots are fairly useless if you're a regular. I have 500+ lingots and I don't know what to do with them, save for the occasional streak freeze.
  • Is there an ultimate list somewhere of (big name) apps that have been updated to W10 support?
  • Sadly no. Wish there was.
  • Hopefully Memrise comes next.
  • 6tag also has a W10 interface, but that's a third-party Instagram app
  • Woo hhooo
  • Does this sync with the iOS and Android versions? I use Windows 10, but my phone is an Android and my tablet is an iPad. Would be terrific to have all sync.
  • Yeah your account can be used from basically anywhere, including the web.
  • Yep. It syncs. I have previously completed the German course, got about halfway through Spanish, a quarter, to a third of the way through Dutch, and past the first module in all the other available languages. My point is that it all transitioned over to the Windows app just fine. Now they just need to upgrade to get rid of the outdated hearts system, and add the store and stuff. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I like the heart system actually, let's you finish a lesson in ~20 steps. The new negative marking scheme is brutal sometimes. Just yesterday, I took 34 steps to complete a lesson
  • The new system comes with its hassles, sure. But it protects you from failing and having to start all over because of simple typos - happened to me A LOT in the early days - even on my fairly massive Galaxy Note 3. :-) Also, while at first, I was opposed to going to the new system because it precluded the possibility of failure (making it too easy, and less long-term useful, I was afraid), I actually have found the new system is better for learning because while you can never "fail", it does reduce the progress on the bar every time you err so it doesn't just "let you get away with it either". And with the old heart method, it rips you out of the learning environment rather forcefully, where the new system keeps you entrenched the entire time, keeping your brain locked in "learn mode". Plus in heart mode, your mind is divided with the stress of being, say, just two questions away from finishing, but being on your last try and getting hit with a toughie. Also, while you MIGHT get through a heart system lesson a little faster (I've actually seen it go both ways), if time is your concern, and you're in a hard spot of the curriculum, constant failing and retrying will end up taking even more of your time in the grand scheme... ...so, I while I certainly get the charm of the heart system, and was initially reluctant to abandon it, I've since become an ardent supporter and a fan. :-) I suppose an ideal solution would be to give users the choice of which system they'd prefer and let them use it. Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Just wanted you to know that your comment did not go unnoticed. I read it all and agreed (Y) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank you very much! :-D Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Duolingo is awesome!!!
  • Das is Wunderbar! That is awesome! Ovo je odlicno!
  • Well, when w10m release date? Still no news?
  • Excellent news! Already Have it on my 1020 and Moto G(OG). Downloading on Surface 3 today and 635 running the latest fast ring build. That's how much I love this app. Long live the Universal apps! ¡Viva Las aplicaciones universales!
  • Yes. I'm using on 920, and now SP2 with Win10. Also use it on Android and work PC.
  • Cool
  • Yay, was waiting for the desktop app :)
  • I'm huge into DuoLingo! I took four years of Spanish in High school, and worked in a kitchen where Spanish was the primary language. But in the 17 years since I've graduated,I've only used it a little bit. About 8 months ago, I began a journey to be a polyglot (a multilingual person). It's not quite as crass as a true "woke up one morning and..." story, but I realized that as an American English speaker, the world knew what I was saying...but I didn't know what the world was saying...and I felt a strong urge to fix that. Now look, I mean, I'm a guy in my mid 30's, living in a mid-sized city / metro in the middle of the Midwest (specifically, Des Moines), with a family, so it's not like I can up and travel the world. Therefore, I know 100% fluency is not a realistic ambition....but 50% is 75% is. That's enough to read, write, and converse. So, that's where DuoLingo comes in. It stands to reason that I'd start with Spanish since I was already at rough conversation level right? Nope. I was afraid the early lessons would be too easy, and I'd get bored, and pitter out... ...so I started with German. I have since completed the German curriculum, and have received my first "golden owl". I would say I'm about 50% fluent. I can converse in writing, but will require more practice speaking before I'm really fluid, and can understand what I'm reading or listening to about half the time. I have begun corresponding with people in German online - including posting in German on the Facebook page of a German band I was into more than a decade before this language thing took off, namely, Jazzanova. And I look to join "Stammtisch", a German language club here in Des Moines. My plan is to go broad before I go deep. Get "Golden Owls" for all the major Germanic languages (German, Dutch, Norwegian, etc), then move to the Latinate (or "romance") Languages next (such as Italian, French, and yes, Spanish.) After that I'll probably break from DuoLingo to study Japanese. I have a fantastic app for it called "Human Japanese" that I got about 12 lessons into out of 80 before essentially postponing it to focus on the Germanics (I'm on Dutch now, and am about 1/5 of the way through the curriculum - next up is Norwegian). I do occasionally pop into the Spanish DuoLingo (which I tested out to about 1/2 way done) and Human Japanese just to touch up - not to progress, but just so that I don't regress. I also have a podcast each in Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch, and Norwegian that I listen to, and I watch Anime in Japanese (with subtitles, of course) ;-) I am currently watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Beyond all that, I plan to study the biblical/ecclesial languages, and major world power languages, such as Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Russian. If I'm still alive, and still interested in learning after all that, I'll just pick and choose what sounds fun, like Vietnamese, Finnish, Polish...heck, maybe even learn some constructed languages like Esperanto, or Toki Pona...or heck, Klingon! Who knows?! :-D Eventually, I'll start doubling back and doubling down on languages to get myself from that 50% fluency mark to the much tougher 75/80% mark. Anyway, I am VERY happy Duolingo is making it to Windows 10. However, since its interface is so unoptimized for desktop or tablet, and since it's missing a lot of features, and still using the old heart system for lessons, I will probably use it very sparingly til they seriously update it. For now, my DuoLingo time is split roughly 60/35/5 between the Android App and the Web Browser version, which I just keep tabs open for in Edge on Windows 10, and Safari for MacOS. C'mon DuoLingo! Catch your Windows app version up with the web, and Android/iOS, and we'll be golden! Now, DuoLingo users, if the Windows version allows you to friend and follow people, add me, and I'll add you back - I'm on there as "JaySeeDoubleYou"! I'm subscribed to every language DuoLingo offers, and have taken the first module in all of them, just to Prime the pump. For instance, I know how to say "I am a man" in Celtic: "Is fear mé", and also know it's basically pronounced "Iss fahr may". Find me on there, and We'll hook up! Tschüss!!! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You should send this as feedback to the Duolingo team.
  • I've left them similar praise before of their product and system as a whole (including being comparably long-winded, and autobiographical) ;-) But I probably should leave them some feedback gently criticizing the layout of their Windows app too, eh? :-)
  • I would like to learn Yiddish
  • I would too. I'm not Jewish, but I would still like to learn it for its properties as a sorta "pidgin German", if you will...one that just happens to use the Hebrew writing system. :-)
  • Awesome. People have been asking for this.   Hopefully Memrise is next. Support the idea here: http://feedback.memrise.com/forums/252790-website-feedback/suggestions/8...
  • Come on Russian...bring the Russian Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It gives me an error on mobile when I try to install it :/
  • I wish they had a way to support Hindi, but I'm not sure how they would do that in their model.  The app really isn't setup for learning non-Latin script languages.  Does anyone know of a quality Hindi learning app for Windows Mobile? I've tried a few, but they're not nearly as good as Duolingo is for other languages or Rosetta Stone on the desktop.
  • I did send feedback to Duolingo about Hindi just in case.  Otherwise, it's been a great way to learn more Spanish and explore other languages for fun!
  • It would be great to find a way to work different writing systems into their program. You know, here's an idea: Most of those languages have romanization systems, such as "Romaji" for Japanese, or "Pinyin" for Chinese. I suppose they could base the common parts of the lessons around the romanization with the authentic script included for you to make associations. Then after you have that groundwork laid, where the other languages would've ended, these non-roman languages would have an additional set of modules to teach you the writing system. I think that would work well, for anyone willing to wait for delayed gratification in terms of literacy. ...DuoLingo, if you're listening.... :-)
  • Fuck yeah! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android