Dying Light 2's first post-launch update packs dozens of fixes and improvements

Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 (Image credit: Techland S.A.)

What you need to know

  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human developer, Techland, has addressed various launch day issues impacting the title, outlining plans for an imminent update on all platforms.
  • Upcoming fixes aim to address various bugs and overall stability, including requested improvements to online co-op and platform-specific bugs.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human developer, Techland, has outlined upcoming fixes headed to the title via an imminent update on all platforms. Its latest open-world zombie adventure launched on Feb. 4, and despite generally positive reviews, critics hounded the title for its poor launch state. Dying Light 2 players faced an exhaustive list of bugs and launch issues, including game-breaking flaws for some.

Techland has now detailed what's to come in future Dying Light 2 updates, promising a series of improvements slated for the "upcoming week." A series of posts to the Dying Light 2 Twitter account breaks down the progress on a per-platform basis, addressing some of the biggest complaints since release.

"We have implemented some hotfixes over the weekend and will be continuing to add more in the coming days," a tweet stated. "Thank you for your incredible support and patience."

The patch looks to address looming issues stemming from launch, with fixes for hard crashes, performance improvements, and remedies for poor co-op stability. Platform-specific changes also include a fix for PlayStation 5 flickering, enabling a 60 FPS+ VRR mode on Xbox Series X, and DLSS improvements on PC. The complete list of Dying Light 2 fixes, expected to arrive throughout the week of Feb. 7, follows:

Dying Light 2 Xbox Fixes

Source: Techland S.A. (Image credit: Source: Techland S.A.)

Dying Light 2 PlayStation Fixes

Source: Techland S.A. (Image credit: Source: Techland S.A.)

Dying Light 2 PC Fixes

Source: Techland S.A. (Image credit: Source: Techland S.A.)

Dying Light 2 Stay Human represents the latest in Techland's open-world zombie series, featuring a large open world built for combat and fluid parkour. With a zombie outbreak pushing humanity to extinction, players find themselves stuck in a conflict between factions and an ongoing fight for survival.

"Dying Light 2 truly shines with its high-stakes nighttime gameplay, which turns the modern and tired open-world formula on its head," stated our senior editor, Jez Corden, in our Dying Light 2 review. "While some of the writing isn't the best and next-gen console performance is a bit disappointing, Dying Light 2 offers a tight experience that builds on the original."

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