Dynabook's Satellite Pro C40-J and C50-J pack Windows 11, 11th Gen Intel processors, and a November release date

Satellitepro C40
Satellitepro C40 (Image credit: Dynabook)

What you need to know

  • Dynabook, formerly Toshiba, has new laptops on the way.
  • They are the Satellite Pro C40-J and C50-J, which pack Windows 11, Intel 11th Gen processors, and SSDs into "affordable" builds ("affordable" being Dynabook's word of choice).
  • The laptops release in November 2021, meaning this is the month to get excited if you're a Toshiba/Dynabook diehard.

Dynabook, formerly known as Toshiba (we reiterate this fact because Dynabook does), has two new laptops on the way for those who need them: The Satellite Pro C40-J and C50-J. Both will be equipped with Windows 11, Intel 11th Gen processors, anti-microbial coatings, and large surface clickpads. Dynabook is especially proud of those last two items, which it notes competitors HP, Lenovo, and Dell have not put on their 250 G8, ThinkBook 15, and Vosro 3500, respectively.

The two laptops will also pack SSDs (up to 512GB), a max of 16GB of RAM, HD 720p webcams, and can go up to Intel Core i7-1165G7 on the CPU scale. In terms of graphics processing, you'll be getting either Intel UHD graphics or Intel Iris Xe graphics. The major difference between the C40-J and C50-J is screen size: The C40 scores you a 14-inch screen while the C50 gets you 15.6, though both are FHD.

Pricing for both laptops can go up to $929, though the C40 will have a $669 edition whereas the C50 will start at $769. They release in November 2021. You can also check out the best Windows laptops lineup for alternative options.

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  • My family still relies on an old Toshiba C55dt-A5222 touchscreen laptop that we've had for, gosh, 6 years.? Other than a couple of replacement batteries and a RAM and SSD upgrade, the thing is still running like a champ. My wife uses it every day.
  • Well, there ya go. Toshibas are hardy machines.
  • Meh... All brands have their bad devices. I work with someone who swears it was the worst PC he ever had. I haven't had any bad experiences, but it can happen with everything.
  • Agreed: for every brand big enough to have lots of customers, I can think of someone who loves them and swears they are the best and someone else who had a bad experience and says, "I'll never buy one of those again." For me, that leads to my buying on features, rather than on brand, figuring any given system could be a winner or a lemon. But I have noticed that if the last system I bought from a company was good, I was more likely for my next purchase to also be from that same company. Most recently, those wins for me have been MS Surface systems and HP Spectre.
  • Sadly I've yet to personally see any Toshiba's that have lasted more than 2-3 years on my end, considering most of my family members were used to getting Toshiba, now they go for acer, the simple reality of it is that, nothing is perfect.
  • My last Toshiba was a convertible (pen only, no touch) from about 2007. The fact that I could take notes on it in OneNote with a stylus was awesome at the time. Nothing against them since, just that others came along with similar tablet/pen support and other features that I cared about. I'll always respect Toshiba/Dynadock for leading that charge back then.
  • Still rocking a Satellite C50D-B-017 with Windows 8.1 that I started to use this year and its amazing :) What a quality computer this is, big screen and its fast Z:)