Dynamite Fishing World Games, a Windows Phone game for the Redneck in all of us

Dynamite Fishing World Games is not your typical fishing game. You leave your rod and reel at the house and will not need to worry about fishing lures and bait Instead, your tackle box is filled with dynamite, nuclear devices and other explosives.

You navigate your boat across various fishing courses, blasting fish out of the water. The goal, catch more fish than your opponent catches and advance up the tournament leaderboard. There are plenty of upgrades to unlock for your boat, as well as customizations for your fisherman.

Graphics are well drawn up, the game has its fair share of challenges and if you are in the mood for a lighthearted arcade game, Dynamite Fishing World Games is worth a try. The game is not available for low-memory Windows Phones but is available from Windows 10 Store and plays out nicely from a tablet.

Dynamite FIshing World Games

Dynamite Fishing World Games' layout has a main menu that offers up options to jump into game play, view a help screen, access the game's settings and options to follow the game on several social media outlets. Settings offer options to adjust the game's sound and music, as well as the option to edit your gamer tag.

Dynamite Fishing will walk you through a brief tutorial fishing tournament to get you acclimated to the gaming controls. You will create your gamer tag and challenge the Grim Reaper in the tutorial tournament. Once you complete the tutorial, you will dive into tournament action.

Dynamite Fishing World Games

The tournament menu will have a few options where you can choose which cup you would like to compete for, options to view the game leaderboard and your achievements and see your rankings and bonus missions. The game includes five characters, each unlockable and customizable as you advance through the game. You will also have a wide variety of fishing boats ranging from a yacht to a ghost ship to a Viking ship. You begin game play as Redneck Joe and fish from a floating bathtub.

Dynamite Fishing World Games

Standard fishing equipment is a stick of dynamite, but you can always use your game cash to upgrade to other items such as a refrigerator that freezes the fish and high voltage toaster that electrocutes the fish.

Controls are laid out in simple fashion with a joystick to control your boat's movement in the lower left corner and your dynamite casting button and a jump button in the lower right corner. You can only toss your dynamite a set distance, which will require you to maneuver your boat for accuracy. Coins are scattered around the fishing grounds and you can jump your boat to collect the ones suspended in air.

Dynamite Fishing World Games

Game play has you navigating the waters, traveling from fishing spot to fishing spot and blasting as many fish out of the water as possible. Tournaments are timed and the angler with the largest catch wins. There are bonus treasure chests scattered around the fishing areas that can be blasted. These chests contain bonus items such as cash, extra dynamite, nuclear warheads, etc. Fish range from your typical river trout to gangster fish who shoot at your boat. Also, watch out for the piranha that swim in the Amazon. They will jump into your boat and start chomping on your fisherman. The only way to shake them loose is to jump your boat.

Dynamite Fishing World Games

As you travel the tournament waters, dangers will appear in the form of floating barrels of TNT, falling boulders, dangerous toads and other obstacles that will damage your boat. You can blow most of these items up with your dynamite and they will create a secondary explosion that will catch you a few fish.

Overall Impression

Dynamite Fishing World Games is a fun, lighthearted game that has a bit of an addictive pull to it and an entertaining way to pass the time. Graphics are well drawn up to bring out the personalities of all the fish and fishermen. Some of the fishing tools are rather creative and help give the game a little more character. I have to admit the Crazy Cat is fun to deploy against the fish.

My only nit with Dynamite Fishing World Games is that every so often the directional joystick was a little sluggish. It is not a deal breaker but can be a little frustrating. I also would not mind having the ability to adjust your dynamite toss.

Overall, if you are in the market for a fishing game that is very unconventional but a blast to play, check out Dynamite Fishing World Games. It is a free, ad-supported game that is available from both the Windows Phone and Windows Store. You can get rid of the ads through a $2.99 in-app purchase.

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