EA and Pele team up to show off FIFA 16

Calling it a gameplay trailer is a little ambitious, since you don't see much of what you'd actually class as actual gameplay, but nevertheless, it looks as good as you'd probably expect it to.

EA calls it the "most balanced FIFA" yet. All new defensive mobility gives you the ability to track skilled players, and you get options for a better defensive shape to combat even the most potent attack.

Through midfield passing is sharper, more controllable, and up front the strikers are given some extra silky skills to create stunning moves and finish them off in style.

Visually FIFA 16 looks a lot like FIFA 15, which itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's not as if it's a bad looking game. And of course, for the first time ever in a FIFA game, women's football will be represented with a range of national female teams to play as.

Where FIFA can really take it up a gear is underneath, the controls, and we'll need to wait until we get our hands on it to see if all the promises are backed up by actions.

And as an added bonus, "loyal FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players" are told to check their accounts tonight for a special gift. Look for something relating to Leo Messi and Pele.

FIFA 16 is available in the Fall on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • How about a real FIFA game where you go around and schmooze with international leaders and corporate big wigs, fixing votes for World Cups, bribing officials and laying blame on everyone else. The game ends when you retire to your own private Caribbean island or get indicted and jailed by the Justice Department or the Swiss government.
  • Cool down... Rumors has told they are bringing this with FIFA 17
  • Lol.
  • Yeah and the online ranking highscore is from Sepp Blatter - but only because he payd EA for it
  • No, he made a 10 million dollars payment to Jack Warner for  “Africa diaspora” in the Caribbean. A very worthy cause <tic> Scumbags, The most hilarious thing was Jack Warner citing an article from "The Onion" suggesting the USA were going to have a World Cup football competition in 2 days time (2 days, on what planet does he come from where you can hastily arrange  a World Cup in 2 days!) Warner is a massive corrupt bell end. I suspect many others will be taken down. Including the bloke who spent 4k per month on an apartment in Trump Towers - which was mostly used for his cats! His cats! LOL
  • How does the game start? Maybe in a dark strip club in Moscow with Sepp Blatter talking to some Russian mafia Avtorityet and accepting a bribe?
  • Time for bad FIFA jokes LMAO!
  • Hey EA Sports here's an idea. Make all fouls/penalties the same. Its bullshit how much the computer can get away with!
  • Dont worry there will be an option to offer your opponent some money and if its enough you will win all penalties ;P
  • Playstation gets Messi and Xbox gets legend Pelé!
  • Eh shefet ^_^ btw libnene enta? :P
  • Actually I like playing FIFA but I'm not convinced of the graphics... Got FIFA 14&15 on EA access and I don't see any reason why someone should switch to a newer version... The gameplay feels the same for me and graphics are just a bit different compared between the two versions...
  • If you are a football fan, you are kinda forced to switch because of it would be a new football season
  • Even though ea could easily just update the rosters.
  • I skipped 15 for that exact reason, too similar to 14. I enjoyed the PES demo more :)
  • I feel PES has better game play & graphics, even game dynamics. But they have such a shit marketing team that no one takes them serious anymore
  • Sorry, but while the faces looked really good, how can you take them serious with this menu design. I know this isn't gameplay related, but please
  • Ea sports Fifa to release Fifa 11.5 this year
  • I wonder if FIFA is still a valuable brand for EA, at least for a sports game.
  • Of course, everything is the same as always. Nothing changed.
  • Looks just the same as last years edition.
  • Is it free-to Pelé?
  • Heh. F2P with Marco transactions.
  • Bring back fight night we need a boxing game!!!!
  • That would be awesome.
  • While I'm always excited for a new FIFA I can't help but wonder if or when they'll fix issues that have existed for ages like the unbalanced momentum that is basically a coin toss each game in terms of who gets momentum the entire game. I can play 5 games in a row with my friends, all rematches.. and half the games I can't get past mid field without my players struggling to hold onto the ball. While the other team dominates me as if I've never played before. Then the other 2 games I'll dominate and I can make and do any play I want with ease. My friends and I have always felt as if the outcome was pre-determined before kickoff which takes a lot of the fun out of it. I've especially hated seeing any shots taken in the 45th and 90th min have a 75% chance of going in. Just ranting I guess.. But "new balanced gameplay" makes me curious. Wonder if they'll ever give us the ability to play more than 1v1 online WITHOUT having to do Ultimate Team Mode. Hate that mode.
  • 1v1 Online? Play seasons, it's not ultimate team and you can play with any team  you like.
  • Lol I said "more" than 1v1. There was a time when I could play 2v1 or 2v2 online with real teams. Now for the last few yrs I'm forced to create my own player on a crap team and stick to one position. That's fun for ppl that want to do that. I want to play with the teams I want online.
  • Good seeing Pele.
  • Why don't they change the graphics a bit. I know gameplay is important but it will be refreshing to see different visuals. Game has looked the same for years now.