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EA kills updates for The Sims FreePlay on Windows Phone

If you're still harboring an addiction to The Sims FreePlay on Windows Phone, you'll have to do without new content going forward. EA has announced that the Windows Phone version of the game won't be receiving any more updates going forward, leaving players in a tough spot.

Players are being greeted with the in-game message seen above, and Firemonkeys, the development studio behind The Sims FreePlay, has confirmed on its website that it is ceasing content updates for the game. From Firemonkeys:

The Day care update from April 2017 will be the final new content for the Windows Phone platform. We'll still be able to provide technical support for current issues.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like the game will be pulled from the store, or that it will cease functioning. You'll still be able to play along with all of the content that has been released so far, but you won't get to check out any new content that may make its way to other platforms.

Unfortunately, that means that if you want to stay current with content, your only option is to turn to an iOS or Android device.

Thanks to @squaare for the tip!

Download The Sims FreePlay from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • The moment Microsoft will make its development platforms for its own apps free for the developers, it can see apps coming through . Else UWP or anything as such is never going to give windows phone any chance of market share or apps store. For those who say, we don't need apps, they are for amateur. Your phone is dumb, if you do not have apps. You rather use a 10$ phone with no store than a $300 phone with limited and obselete apps. Cortana or anything has helped nothing for Microsoft or windows platforms. That Cortana is lying like a junk somewhere with no proper updates to it where as Google now is far from what it was when Cortana came Windows phone is done. Whether so called windowsfanboys call it productive or not, it's not gonna change it state, you may buy balloons to it in the graveyard doesn't make it the best one
  • Microsoft is now using the same APIs and libraries that 3rd-party developers can use as of Windows 10. Also, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition is a free version of VS2015 Pro just for open source developers and schools. Putting two-and-two together, it appears as though Microsoft has already done what you're talking about almost two years ago, but there are still not that many apps.
  • Always got errors with this game to begin with.
  • The Sims is still a thing?
  • The sims 4 is a Fan infuriating mess, but they just announced an "stuff pack"and a "game pack" this weak... everybody is waiting like crazy for Seasons and Pets tho.
  • Once some one asked me " The windows phone is still a thing? "   Irony !!
  • It is, actually! Bought one a few weeks ago and am much happier, that with others.
    Also, have 0 games on Lumia 950 XL.
  • Had no idea this game was still updated on Android/IOS, it's older than most.
  • My sister plays this (i love the sims too, but i haven't play "freeplay"), thankfully she ditched Windows phone and upgraded to iPhone
  • *downgraded
  • Nah, it's upgraded. Windows Phone is quite bad. Thats been proven over and over again. Just look at all the countless devs who have removed their apps from the Windows Phone Store. Its literally a dead platform.
  • It was never UWP. I understand Mobile has a low market share, but this game would have been popular on W10 PC/tablet. The Sims makes most of their money from PC gamers.
  • So I guess this is the standard excuse now, "it was never UWP"? Obviously the declining mobile userbase, marketshare and available hardware has absolutely nothing to do with it...... /s
  • That's not what I was saying. I understand that there aren't many WM users. If this game was UWP, it would be available for PC, which doesn't have the problems of W10M.
  • Also, unlike Windows Phone, every OEM in existence makes a Windows tablet. Unlimited variety, unlimited potential.
  • But Windows is sinking thanks to nadella politics, the store is becoming empty, Windows will not survive :(
  • ZOMG a developer is stopping work on a several year old free to play game. It must be the end of WIndows on phones!
  • The Sims games are available on Origin i believe from The Sims 2 to The Sims 4 so they wont bother with UWP
  • Windows entire platform is sinking thanks to nadella retrenching :(
  • On tablets, maybe. On PC there's the REAL Sims available. Not only it would be a waste of resources, it would be a very crappy version compared with the real one.
  • Can we safely say now that Windows Phone/Mobile is dead?
  • What are you talking about? We had a ceremony about 6 months ago. Well, as Phoebe Buffay once said: Either that or burying it alive wa a big mistake...
  • Not this old chestnut again. Does it matter? Microsoft is about to release a massive OS upgrade (Creators Edition). A few days ago - Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade was released for Windows 10 Mobile (and PC). Some of the older Windows 8 is being discontinued. People are still enjoying their Windows 10 Phones and getting major OS updates. The HP Elite x3 (and in the US, the Idol 4S) are now the only Windows 10 phones on the market (and you can still get Lumia's from places like Amazon). I would say dormant rather than dead.
  • Massive OS upgrade? Might want to check that change log again!
  • There's nothing "massive" about the CU for mobile.
  • Not something new :( But for the specific game I think that is obvious. If the game doesn't go well, you start and cut the areas you want to save money. With less than 1% why they should make update since there is no support of the OS? I hope that they are in something new (probably something like desktop (arm) and mobile together..... lets see on the next months
  • Say whatever you want about The Sims 4 but that's not gonna stop it form actually doing well. Also the salty people that complain about it are just salty cause it doesn't have certain features that The Sims 3 had. Some need to just get over it. Down vote all you want but the truth hurts. Getting tired with people complaining about The Sims 4 where no complaints are needed.
  • Wow at least they leave it on store...
  • Ans the snowball gains momentum.
  • I'm beginning to think someone isn't telling us something. The week isn't over so there could be more apps going to maintenance mode lol
  • Who wants to play games, is already on iPhones... I don't care.