Early Xbox One X buyers getting free 4K movie from Microsoft

Microsoft is giving out a free gift to early adopters who were among the first to pick up the new Xbox One X. As first reported by a Reddit user going by the name of ste1ing, Microsoft is messaging Xbox One X owners with a free download code for The Lego Batman Movie (opens in new tab) in 4K. Says Microsoft:

Congratulations! As one of the first Xbox One X customers you were selected to receive a free download of The Lego Batman Movie to enjoy in 4k UHD, courtesy of Microsoft Movies & TV.

A number of commenters have also reported receiving the message, but there are quite a few who haven't as well. It's likely that codes are rolling out in waves, but, other than being "one of the first Xbox One X customers," it's unclear what the exact criteria are for receiving a code. What is clear is that it doesn't seem to matter where you bought your console.

Still, a free movie is a nice little bonus for anyone willing to pony up for the Xbox One X early. And as a 4K title with HDR, The Lego Batman Movie is a solid way to show off what are two of the console's highlight features.

Have you received the free movie offer from Microsoft yet?

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • They better give all of us cuz we all will eventually buy some in the coming months/years
  • How 'bout getting that connection setup with MoviesAnywhere.com
  • Nothing in my Xbox inbox and I've  had it since day 2 (thanks amazon for not shipping on time for release) 
  • Same, day 2, because I was on the fence. I wasn't going to buy due to no VR and not having a 4K display. Well, on that Thursday I ended up with an Xbox and a 4k display. Not sure how I got the wife to agree to that in 1 work day. :)
  • Got mine on day 2 as well. Microsoft cancelled my preorder for no reason and had to buy a leftover copy at the local GameStop. I got my movie code yesterday however.
  • Well I haven't gotten the message/free movie either and I pre-ordered the Project Scorpio edition in August.
  • Wish they would have explained what the criteria was should have been those who have the project Scorpio edition
  • Nope. My SE console is sitting messageless.
  • Cool, just checked and got my code. I bought the Scorpio edition from the Microsoft Store.
  • I did too and I don't believe I've been sent a code.
  • Bought x1x day one, get it dhl delivery November 14, no code yet.
  • I have the Scorpio edition. I don't have a code. I have only used it twice. Waiting for Christmas as a family gift.
  • Would be nicer if we could choose the movie. Oh well.
  • It's free...
  • Gestures like this goes a long way.
  • I'm wondering if you received a code by registering your Xbox One X with Microsoft through the warranty program. That could be what they are using to tell.
  • Ready to bet you it'll be US only, as usual...
  • I wonder if they're only sending to users that have the One X connected to a UHD display? I get my TCL 55P605 today!
  • I still haven't received a code or a message and I've had my X since day one. 
  • Never got mine, pretty disappointed as Microsoft should have addressed this or given all who purchased early these codes.  I have HDR TV and preordered my scorpion edition within the first 10 minutes it was available.   I just feel this alone should justify a code ( that and being pretty loyal to Microsoft since old windows 3.1 and my plenty of kernl386 errors that used to drive me insane) but hey! Did anyone ever figure out the requirements to have gotten this code?
  • I contacted Xbox Support last night. Since I pre ordered from Amazon, I would have to contact them for a code. Seems odd, and I'm pretty sure they are just trying to pass it off on Amazon. The agent I spoke with was at first not aware of this deal and had to ask around to his coworkers. During the conversation, he did ask me to go to the Movies & TV app and go to the movie to see if the UHD option showed up as Free. Anyway, hope this helps!