EasySMX Wireless Headset is an affordable semi-wireless headset for Xbox One

This headset delivers semi-wireless comfort, and it won't break the bank.

Where headsets are concerned, a bulky wire can make a big difference in comfort. The EasySMX Wireless Headset is an affordable gaming headset (about $60) that can be used wirelessly for game audio with Xbox One and completely wirelessly with PlayStation 4.

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EasySMX Wireless Headset at a glance

EasySMX Wireless Headset

The EasySMX Wireless Headset is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and 4.

Package contents:

  • EasySMX 2.4 GHz Wireless Headset.
  • Wireless receiver.
  • Detachable microphone.
  • Optical audio cable.
  • Micro-USB cable, two-feet long.
  • Micro-USB cable, three-feet long.
  • 3.5mm audio cable for Xbox One.
  • Audio cable for Xbox 360.
  • Instruction manual.

EasySMX Wireless Headset build quality

EasySMX Wireless Headset Xbox One

EasySMX is an Asian manufacturer of low-cost gaming and PC accessories. As such, it's not the most beautiful headset you'll ever see. The look is certainly cheap, especially with the chrome and glossy plastic sections. But it features a sturdy headband and comfortable padding that has been designed for breathing.

EasySMX Wireless Headset

All of the controls, ports, and microphone are found on the right side of the headset. The actual microphone is detachable and flexible. As for the controls and ports, you get a power button, and mute and pairing button, game and voice-chat volume knobs, micro-USB charging port, and 3.5mm audio jack along the right earcup.

The EasySMX also includes a wireless receiver measuring approximately 3.5 inches by 3 inches.

Using it with Xbox One

EasySMX Wireless Headset Xbox One

Whichever platform you'll be using this headset with, you need to connect the wireless receiver to a micro-USB power source and connect the receiver to the console via an optical audio cable. The optical cable included with the unit is cheaply made and a bit tough to push into the jack, but you can always replace it (opens in new tab) if needed.

EasySMX Wireless Headset receiver

Having connected the receiver to your Xbox One, a status LED will blink red and blue until the headset is detected, at which point the LED turns blue. Powering on the headset, you should immediately receive all audio through it. The included manual lists optimal Xbox One settings, but I found all but one to be the default settings.

You can play and enjoy games and movies through your Xbox One while using the headset completely wirelessly. But to use voice chat, you'll need to connect the headset to an Xbox One controller via the included 3.5mm cable. Again, this cable is very cheap, and I had to remove it and plug opposite ends of the cable in before the headset would pick up microphone audio. Based on Amazon reviews, this seems to be a common occurrence – EasySMX really needs to improve the cables it includes. But, hey, you can get a better cable (opens in new tab) for cheap.

EasySMX Wireless Headset Xbox One

Once you get both game and chat-audio working, the headset is a joy to use. Audio quality is good for the price, the earcups are comfy, and I had no issues with battery life. That said, the headset can't be used while charging. If it runs dry during use, you'll just have to take it off and charge it before putting it back on.

Note that when using the EasySMX Wireless Headset with PlayStation 3 and 4, no cable is necessary for voice chat. Those platforms allow fully-wireless headsets without a license, whereas fully wireless Xbox One headsets must be licensed by Microsoft.

Overall impressions of the EasySMX Wireless Headset

EasySMX Wireless Headset Xbox One

Even though the EasySMX Wireless Headset requires a cable to be connected to the controller for Xbox One voice chat, it's still a fine headset for the price.

When you're playing solo or enjoying movies and music, you can use the headset completely wirelessly. Pop in the cable for online games, and you have a good, versatile headset for less than $60. And if you have a PlayStation, too, the fully wireless support on that platform makes this an even more compelling purchase. EasySMX just needs to improve the included cables so we can recommend this headset without reservation.


  • A very affordable wireless headset.
  • Enjoy Xbox game audio without the need for wires.
  • Fully wireless when used with PlayStation 3 and 4.


  • Included cables are too cheap and can cause performance issues.
  • Still requires a wire for Xbox One voice chat.

The EasySMX Wireless Headset sells for $56.99 on Amazon.

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  • still waiting on a wireless chat headset for Xbox one
  • With all the little things wrong with this headset that can add up the cost, why not just buy a slightly more expensive and better headset?
  • Great cheap wireless headset for players who wants to play game in silent, it's abit inconvenient with the cable for voice chat.
  • I like the look of it and having game/chat as separate sliders
  • Looks alright for the price and for someone who never really uses voice chat the cable isn't much of a problem at least.
  • Seems a decent alternative to higher priced headsets. Especially considering the price. Having the sliders separate is a good choice too.
  • Amazon states that the headphones get up to 12 hours battery life with full charge, which is pretty great. But the required wire for xbox voice chat will be problematic. #WirelessShouldHaveNoWires. lol