edjing Scratch arrives on Windows 10 PC and Mobile to let you DJ anywhere

A new app has been added to the popular edjing suite of music apps, with this one devoted to vinyl scratching. Made specifically for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, edjing Scratch works with the Mixfader wireless fader to help you create a next-generation DJ setup.

This is what you'll get with edjing Scratch:


  • get more scratching control thanks to the specially designed single vinyl interface, and retrieve all the key features of dj turntables
  • possibility to switch between deck A and deck B in a click
  • one wide audio spectrum to browse through your songs in a simple touch
  • one central spectrum that offers a real-time graphic representation of the sound to help you realize your combos and adjust your scratching


  • automated audio FX sync on the BPM (loops and seek)
  • possibility to add up to 8 hot cues on each deck
  • 5 sound FX available: Phaser, Flanger, Echo, Reverb, Steel
  • option of adjusting the crossfader curve: scratch cut, slow cut, dipped...
  • possibility to adjust the cut-in point of Mixfader
  • possibility to adjust the vinyl inertia, and the starting speed of the vinyl
  • hamster switch to scratch in reverse mode
  • real time sound analysis
  • automatic detection of your songs BPM
  • manual Pitch adjustment - possibility to assign a specific role to each one of your Mixfader: crossfader, volume, pitch...

You can grab edjing Scratch from the Windows Store now, and you can grab the Mixfader now for $129.

Download edjing Scratch from the Windows Store

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Joseph Keller