Elden Ring boss guide: How to beat Mohg, Lord of Blood

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While all of Elden Ring's late game boss fights are tough, the battle with Mohg, the Lord of Blood, is arguably one of the most difficult. Mohg is a boss that is sure to frustrate many players and stop them from completing their quest to obtain every Great Rune in Elden Ring thanks to his devastating attacks and the intensity of his second phase.

With that said, taking down Mohg becomes a lot easier with the right tools, a good strategy, an understanding of his moveset, and a whole lot of patience. Here are some tips, tricks, strategies, and helpful pieces of information that will help you defeat Mohg and claim his Great Rune.

Elden Ring: Mohg general tips

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These general tips will help you prepare and plan for your battle with Mohg in Elden Ring.

  • All of Mohg's attacks build up Bleed, so use gear that boosts your Robustness. Good choices include General Radahn's armor, Lionel's armor, the Mottled Necklace talisman, and the Stalwart Horn Charm.
  • Ironically, Mohg is susceptible to Bleed and Scarlet Rot. Use weapons, items, or spells that inflict these status effects if you can. Using either one will deal a large amount of bonus damage to Mohg, helping to end the fight faster.
  • The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash Summon is great in this fight. It can tank lots of Mohg's damage and dishes out strong damage itself when upgraded, making it a very helpful companion.
  • When mixed into your Flask of Wondrous Physick, the Purifying Crystal Tear negates the blood curse Mohg performs before the start of Phase 2. This allows you to avoid having to use three healing flasks just to survive the curse. You'll find this Crystal Tear at the Second Church of Marika in the Altus Plateau after you kill the Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger NPC there.
  • The Mohg's Shackle item found in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital can be used to paralyze Mohg twice during Phase 1. Note that the item has no effect during Phase 2, so make sure you use it towards the start of the fight.

Elden Ring: Mohg Phase 1

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While less challenging than Phase 2, Phase 1 of your battle with Mohg can still be very tough, especially for melee characters. Here's how to get through the first stage of the battle.

  • Magic users should take advantage of Mohg's slow movement and long distance from the player when Phase 1 starts. You can hit Mohg with a ton of spells before he even gets close to you, which is essentially free damage. Characters with the ability to use bows, crossbows, or greatbows should also try and get some shots off.
  • Mohg's melee strikes are very telegraphed, but also delayed. Therefore, don't panic roll. Instead, carefully wait for Mohg to fully commit his attacks, then dodge out of the way.
  • The best time to damage Mohg is between his melee attacks. He takes a few seconds to recover between each melee combo, so make sure you get in several hits.
  • If Mohg, creates a bloodflame claw mark in the air, wait a second after it appears before dodging away. If you dodge immediately, the delayed explosion of the clawmark will still hit you.
  • When Mohg raises his trident into the air and a red rune appears in front of him, he's buffing his weapon to do extra damage. Make sure you avoid the follow up swing, as it will do huge damage to you and may possibly Bleed you as well.
  • If Mohg reaches into an airborne blood pool with his left hand, he will throw bloodflame at you or spread it on the ground surrounding him. He will throw it at you if he performs a throwing motion, while he'll put it on the ground if he moves his hand downwards. Avoid the former by dodging, and the latter by running away.
  • When Mohg reaches 33% of his health, he will begin performing his blood curse, which hits you with three unavoidable Bleed procs and heals him back up to around half health. Make sure you drink your Purifying Crystal Tear-infused Flask of Wondrous Physick before this. It will shield you from the curse and allow you to hit him as he's performing it, counteracting a lot of his healing.

Once Mohg's blood curse has been completed, Phase 2 of the fight will begin.

Elden Ring: Mohg Phase 2

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In addition to all of his attacks from Phase 1, Mohg gains the ability to fly, permanently buffs his trident with bloodflame, and uses a handful of new moves during Phase 2. Here's how to complete Phase 2 and finish him off.

  • When Mohg flies into the air, he will attempt to slash you, stab you, or throw bloodflame at you. If he winds up his trident horizontally, it will be a slash. If he points his trident at you, it will be a stab. If he winds up his left arm, he will throw bloodflame at you. All three of these attacks need to be dodged through.
  • If Mohg reaches his left hand into the air, he will rain down bloodflame that inflicts heavy damage. Make sure you run away from this attack.
  • When Mohg stabs his trident into the ground, move away from him. A large explosion will occur where Mohg pierced the ground shortly afterwards.
  • If Mohg strikes the ground with the hilt of his trident, he will perform a large swipe with his left hand shortly after that creates a small explosion. Either run away from Mohg or dodge the swipe to avoid getting damaged by this move.
  • While on the ground, Mohg may point his trident at you and attempt to charge into you. Dodge as Mohg gets close to impaling you to avoid this attack.
  • If Mohg raises his trident over his head, sprint left or right. He will smash it down towards you, creating a large stream of bloodflame on the ground that is best avoided by sprinting.
  • Like Phase 1, the best time to damage Mohg is between his melee combos. Be patient and avoid trying to attack Mohg while he's flying or bloodflame is raining down from above him.

As long as you carefully avoid each of Mohg's attacks and get in flurries of your own between each of his melee combos, you should be able to take down Mohg without much trouble.

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