Elgato Screen Link lets you wirelessly capture footage from iPhone and iPad

Hot on the heels of releasing its new compact studio light this week, Elgato is serving up a new solution for capturing footage from mobile games. Called Screen Link, the new app allows you to wirelessly capture video from the screen on your iPhone and iPad on your PC or Mac.

Screen link works by wirelessly sending your footage over your local network, requiring only the app on your phone and a plugin on your PC to get started. The PC plugin is compatible with some of the most popular capture software such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, and Game Capture.

Once set up, you can capture anything displayed on your phone or tablet's screen. That includes your typical mobile games, of course, but you can also use Screen Link to vlog with your phone's camera or broadcast augmented reality gameplay overlaid on the surfaces around you.

Screen Link is available in both free and "Pro" flavors. If you're sticking with Screen Link free, you'll be limited to 15 minutes of capture duration and 16 Mbps bitrate. Upgrading to Pro costs $9.99, but removes the limit on capture duration and ups the bitrate to 32 Mbps.

For more, check out Screen Link at Elgato.

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