Emojigate: People are mad that Windows 11 won't have 3D emojis after all

Emoji Faces
Emoji Faces (Image credit: Microsoft)

EMOJIGATE! This is how I've decided to brand this latest Microsoft scandal, which pertains to the much-advertised emojis heading to Windows 11, Microsoft's shiny new operating system.

Windows 11 is by and large a cosmetic update, attempting to modernize the aging design language while bringing further consistency to the feel of the user experience. Apps like Photos, Paint, and Settings picked up refreshed designs, while things like the Snipping Tool were replaced altogether. For more details on what's new in Windows 11, head here.

There is, however, one expected feature that isn't making its way across. At least, not in the way people were expecting.

Microsoft's much-advertised 3D emojis do away with the Windows 10 icons and with their thick outlines and simplistic color schemes. The newer 3D emojis were designed to more closely line up with the Fluent Design system Microsoft is following as it builds out its products, complete with "fun" options like our old pal Clippy, as the paperclip emoji.

Emoji Panel New Emoji Hero

Source: Microsoft The new emojis, as seen in yesterday's Windows 11 preview build. (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

In campaigns across social media, Microsoft showcased the new 3D emojis heavily. However, as we found out from yesterday's Windows 11 preview build, the final result is missing an entire dimension. They're FLAT! The horror, the horror. And shock, some Windows 11 users are unhappy with the news.

One user on Twitter wrote, "as a Windows user for over 17 years, I've never felt so disappointed." Another lamented, "You promised us 3D emojis and this is what we get? WHY?!? Stop working with 3D artists if nothing will look as in the videos. I was hyped, but now I'm simply disappointed," followed by the disappointed emoji. Another raged, "I DO WANT THE 3D EMOJIS!!!!!!!!!! Wtf u did?" Others accosted Windows Insider staff on Twitter, accusing them of a "scam" over the squashed emojis. Thus, I coin the term emojigate, to describe this most scandalous affair.

Clearly, emojis are almost as serious as rounded borders in 2021. It also supports a general theme of Microsoft overpromising, and ultimately not delivering. Still, I do wonder just how much you all actually care about this topic. Is it really a big deal? Vote in our poll, and let us know if you've been gripped by emojigate.

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