How to enable four columns for the Start screen on the Lumia 950

Windows 10 Mobile, like its predecessor, sits somewhere between iOS and Android regarding customization. You cannot just hack and move around everything, but you do have a lot more choice than an iPhone.

One feature that arrived with Windows 10 Mobile is the ability to have more columns on the Start screen. On phones with smaller displays, users can have one wide tile and one medium tile adjacent (or just three medium tiles). On a phone like the Lumia 1520, however, you can have two wide tiles side by side (or four medium tiles).

By default, the Lumia 950 opts for the three-column layout. Personally, I think it is a good choice as it keeps the Live Tiles at just the right size for most users. In Windows 10 Mobile users can also toggle a switch to 'Show more tiles' that adds in a fourth row. Interestingly, this does nothing on the Lumia 950 by default. The reason has to do with text size and is easy to work around.

Without further ado, here is how to enable four column support on the Lumia 950.

Enable more Live Tiles for the Lumia 950

1. Settings

Go to Settings > System > Display

2. Adjust size

Navigate down until you see Size of text, apps, and items on this display. By default, the Lumia 950 is set at 400%. This setting is due to the extremely high-resolution format (1440x2560) that is crammed into a small 5.2-inch screen. You will want to move the slider to the left until it says 350% instead. Once set, you need to tap Apply and restart the phone.

3. Show more

Now that the phone has rebooted, we are still not where we want to be so there is one more setting. Navigate to Settings > Personalization > Start and enable Show more tiles.

That's it!

Heading back to the Start screen and you should now have a fourth column. It is clear that at 400% there is just not enough room for the extra column, but by reducing text size and other UI elements we can make space. You will need to move your Tiles around to make use of the extra area, and unfortunately, toggling Show more tiles on and off does not preserve your setup.

So, is it better? The choice is up to you. Certainly with the fourth column there is much more information crammed on the Start screen, and you can have many more Tiles readily available. Some users, however, will likely find the text too small or the overall look just "too busy". Luckily, you can play with these settings and find what works for you.

For now, I have opted to keep the extra column as I like the sharpness, and you may want to consider it as well. If not, at least you now know how to change it!

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Feels like there's a point where it's too cluttered. I like the 3 tile layout more. Good to know though
  • I find that is 100% true, but only in one case: when you're not talking about your own phone, lol I can see how it looks super cluttered, but once you set up your phone and use the extra space, it's like perfect. Otherwise, it's a mess.
  • Lol. Depends on screen size and personal preference no?
  • Agreed. I couldn't wait to get 10 on my 1520 to get that extra row.
  • You're right about the personalization, Daniel! I have 4 columns on my Lumia 925 and it looks cluttered to others but it works for me as I know where all my tiles are located. Plus I have less to no scrolling as all my tiles are visible on the Start screen.
  • Thanks tor this tip. Funny thing Is I was looking for way to do this yesterday but no luck. On another note. I finally checked out the 950 in person and wow I must say, it is actually gorgeous. Pictures made it look hideous. Mainly the back... Camera bezel... In person looks great. Can't wait to see the XL
  • ^This.
  • +950! I just received my white 950 from att, and I must say.... It's a gorgeous phone, not buying a case for it. I have ordered a mozo back though, but received notification that it's delayed.... :(
  • You also have the option to scale only the text size in settings-accessibility-more-visual scaling. That's what I use on 930 to increase text size to compensate for smaller scale everything. I like 5 shortcuts per row in action center, don't use "show more tiles" on start, but don't want glasses of I can help it
  • Thanks for the positivity.
  • I reckon this will be true, that picture there looks cluttered as hell, but I just know I'll be utilising 4 columns on my XL and loving it.
  • Thanks for the tip. I had no idea you could do that. That's why i check WC everyday, for cool tips like that. I am getting my 950XL on the 25th, and will set the tiles in 4 rows, as i like it way more than 3 rows. BTW, any other cool thing you can show us, please do so Dan. Thank you again. 
  • You can also access desktop-like UIs on universal apps by reducing the shower a bit more (to about 300%). This is noticeable in landscape view mostly in things like settings. Also, I believe the xl devices come with 4 columns as standard.
  • Funny I like 4 indoors and 3 outdoors...
  • Please do something about the comment section. Just two things will suffice for me. 1) In place add comments rather than a new "ad new comment" page. If I want to quote something in an older comment or from the article, I will need two tabs in my browser. 2) Bring back "reply to the comment if you are using the app" link in the email notification. Our site, as you know, has lot many number of people and most articles will have lot many messages and threads.   This is no way related to the article. But just wanted you to know it is difficult to keep up a conversation in the comments section.
  • It felt the same when we had the 3 column option on older Lumias. At start, 3 columns was so cluttered on my 1020. And after a week, I couldn't go back.
  • Feels beautiful in my 6 inch Lumia 1320
  • I can still remember the horror of having two columns of tiles on my 1520. Never coming back
  • Ummm, didn't the 1520 always have a Start Screen 3 medium tiles wide? It shipped with WP8.0 Update 3, which is when they first enabled it specifically for large devices like the 1520. The 1520 had plenty of other poor screen real estate optimization problems when it was first launched (Such as menu items just being blown up as opposed to rescaled for the larger display), but the Start Screen was not one of them.
  • 1520 had 3
  • Ewweewwwww.. Don't remind me..
  • Has always been 3 columns.
  • Works on the 1320, 1520, 930 and I got it to work on my 925 as well. I have all of these at home and tried it personally a few weeks back when the display settings became available.
  • Also on the 640 but the tiles look a little too small. The 1520 with 4 tiles should look great. May get one to upgrade the 640 until the next flagship next year (surface phone) hopefully.
  • When 3 columns came out with W8 (or was it 8.1) I thought it was super small and used two columns for quite a long time. Then decided give it another try and now I fill tiles on my old 710 are super big :)
  • It's a matter of preference honestly. For me, I prefer more information at one glance hence show more tiles!
  • If only those 4x4 double wide tiles were still there...
  • I use the three tiles on my 1520 in a quite unusual way, that is not filling every space but leaving some black squares around. This helps to underline tiles that are more important for me. Moreover I keep on moving them just following my feeling of the day (better say, week), during boring meeting! :) as soon as I will have the fourth column available I am sure I am going to set it up and play even more with blank spaces. I'll show you an example if you like
    May I use your attention to have a quick answer? In your opinion will w10 on 1520 allow usb otg? Or it needs a dedicate hw and so only new lumias (950** and 550)? I want to use an external Dac but I love too much my 1520...
  • I don't even need that much tile space lol. Everything I regularly use on my phone already fits onto 3 columns without scrolling =)
  • I wonder when are you planning to givaway that phone? XD
  • ...but do we then do help, how-tos and highlight new features? lol
  • Hahaha
  • Oh don't be cruel! Lol
  • Consider to get a bigger brother one: 950XL :p
  • Exactly my thought. Hahhaa!! xD
  • Is this for certain only working on the 950? 
  • It works on any Windows 10 Mobile device, but lower than 5-inches and things will get super tiny.
  • Works on my Icon, you can only adjust the slider between full (300%) and the next point down (250%) and on 250 it works.  I like the tile layout, but text throughout the rest of the OS does make things way too small.  Thanks for the tip though!
  • I'm the opposite, I love have the Phablet style task switcher, smaller text and think the action centre looks more fitting. Tried 4 column layout and thought it was too cluttered. Personal preference though! ​Off topic hows battery on your Icon? Are you on 586?    
  • Yep, i am running 4-column wide on my 1020. It is a bit small though!  
  • Same here, I love having so many visible tiles even if things are small. It's only a problem when I'm trying to see the lane directions in maps when it's way over in my car dock. But it'll tide me over until I get a 950 xl.
  • small tiles thats got to be wack a midget
  • Dan, I think it's not only about tiles. E.g., the Messenger app shows a slightly different layout in landscape when you make tiles and everything else tiny. Also, the Settings layout looks like that on a computer in landscape, etc.
  • Other changes I like are that I can read most of Telegram/Viber messages completely in notification popup.
  • Indeed. Landscape messaging is akin to the computer Mail app. I like it! +929(icon)
  • Right. The three column layout looks awfully blurred on my 630 running 8.1. In W10M if I change the scaling factor, would I get sharper text and lines? I don't know how that scaling works.
  • On a 480p display, you can increase the text size and disable the extra tiles to get the 2-column layout and much more readable text. That is better for screen sizes 4.7 inches and lower with 480p displays. 720p makes higher density layouts more readable.
  • Works good on my Lumia 930(options:300%(recomended) 250% (still decent) 225% (super tiny)) i will try it out a bit on 250 as I find some stuff really small..
  • If text is super small in the OS go to Settings > Ease of Access > More Options and increase the text scaling 
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • Forgot about that, great tip ! I am also at 250% on 930 full of medium and large tiles (maybe two or three smalls one ) and it works great.. Maybe cluttered to others tho, but so does their Androids to me.
  • If small tiles are too tiny scaled down and you're a fan of live tiles this is a good way to maximize on screen medium tiles.
  • I'm at 250% on ny Icon and I'm really used to it. If I went back, it'd be like wp7 again, lawl.
  • Personally I enjoy 3 column start screen with a display scale of 300%. I felt like the default scaling on my 950 made the resolution appear low, even though the display is approaching 4k resolution.
  • Yeah, it is fun to play around with to see what looks sharper/better. I haven't tried that config, but may take a look.
  • The Lumia 640 only does 225% doesn't apply then
  • Well the Lumia 640 is only HD which could have something to do with it. Pixel density and all that.
  • i have four colums on the 640. Bring the text size down to 175%.
  • That's default
  • Shrink it to 175%
  • 3 columns seems to be the best choice for not so big screens, and 2 columns for even smaller screens, but 4 columns would work better if we could have the fourth size in phone too (like on desktop).
  • Personally I feel three tiles is the sweet spot on everything 5.2 inches and lower. Four columns is great when you get bigger than that.
  • Actually the 1440p screen on the 950 is perfect for the extra tiles. With the default 3 rows of tiles, the resolution doesn't look all that great, but dropping the magnifying of the screen gives you more real estate and you can still see everything crystal clear. Using it first hand, I would not go back to 3 rows if tiles
  • How can I get that cool start screen pic you have?
  • Here:
  • i find the stock icon layout fine..... I could see wanting to do this on an XL though
  • The XL should have four tiles default.
  • Hey Dan off topic.... Do u know if best buy would be carrying the 950XL?... If they do, itd be easier to finance the phone using their card instead of paying for it full price out of my pocket.
  • Sorry, no idea. They may.
  • Thx
  • I'd think Best Buy would only stock it if AT&T did.
  • Good point... !
  • We can all agree that its about time we have an option that is excessive rather than lack-there-of which were used to. I won't use it. But... It's good to have the option. Cheers.
  • Works on 830 but text is small, put slider all the way left.
  • Bonus, you also get five quick action toggles in one row.
  • If you increase the size all the way, and turn off "show more tiles", you can get a 2 column layout
  • We call that 'grandma setting'
  • Or Windows Phone 7 ;)
  • ahh, good times, negative space, other far out UI concepts... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol, jitterbug settings!
  • Bam!
  • Lol. For some reason at my local att they had the 950 on display with the grandma config... Being a windows phone advocate I quickly changed it to three columns and arranged the start screen and background to make it more appealing to customers. Needless to say the phone was tucked in the farthest corner of the store too...
  • Ha! I do this all the time and put all the major apps at the top of the start screen.
  • you don't need to touch the size. I've tested that on my test Nokia 830 and the only thing I had to do was turn off "show more tiles". I kept the font size on recommended. If you lower the font size though, you can not only get the extra column but also an extra quick setting button.
  • Nice wallpaper!
  • I didn't know about Step 2... I need to spend more time messing with the settings lol.
    Anyway I tried to "Show More Tiles" in my 930 ... Turned out its on by default & it reverts back to 2-Columns which is Gigantic!
  • It is on by default, but when you scale the system down it jumps on off despite showing the same number of tiles as before... Then you can turn it on to get this result but I feel things are a bit to small on 930(250%) might get used to it tho
  • Good to play though. Did try to my L830, yeah too small to have more tiles but thats not what i want it to. Instead, reduce the percentage to have five tiles on notification center, increase the text size using accessibly options. What i got is, big text size in start, and in any apps with 5 tiles on notification center.
  • So. Many. Tiles.   I went from a 2 column layout with my old 920 to a 3 column layout on a new 640 recently. I seriously don't know if I could handle 4.
  • Give it a try!  
  • Black Friday sale on that coffee mug??
  • This didn't just arrive with Windows 10. I was doing this with 8.1 on my 928.
  • In Windows Phone 8.1 SOME phones could switch between 2 and 3 columns. However, with the new scaling option and support for a 4th row, this is now possible on any Windows Phone. I can change the amount of collumns between 4, 6 and 8 on my Lumia 640 XL (and 4 looks quiet... big. :p). So this is new, but not in the way you imply.
  • Thanks for that clarification :)
  • Yeah, I enabled this on an 830 the other day. I was worried about the clutter, but I feel it makes better use of the space.  Plus, I can have a few larger tiles without suffering a big penalty.  Small tiles are for less frequently used stuff but important enough still to pin to the Start screen.  I bet this looks great on the 950.  I would love to see a large (4x4) tile enabled for phones with this enabled. Also, I like landscape mode for the Universal apps that support such a mode.  This enables that on devices with smaller screens (such as the 830).
  • My favorite part of articles like this, is seeing what the writer has pinned to his home screen.
  • It's okay. We accept your creepiness.
  • Lol
  • Surely four rows only makes sense if you run medium sized tiles and upwards only? This gives more flexibility.
  • Not necessarily. You could use small tiles too, and it would work just fine (unless you're used to jabbing at big tiles and your fingers now have the reflexes of a flacid hotdog).
  • I've enabled it on my 640 just to test it out. The small tiles aren't actually that small.
  • I like it on the 950. I can have more medium tiles now.
  • Is there an option for the one large tile like on Windows 10 PC's yet or is "wide" the largest you can get?
  • There's still only three sizes on Windows 10 Mobile. Hoping for an update at some point to change that.
  • This option is exactly why I don't get that they didn't leave the large and tall tile in Windows 10 Mobile after 9941. I miss these tile options, the big one might be quiet useful on a phablet like the 640 XL and 950 XL. Hopefully, they bring them back for Redstone.
  • Hopefully.
  • Never knew this! Also gives you 5 action toggles in the notification centre!
  • When I played with this setting and seen the 5 toggles in the action centre, I got really excited.
  • I love this!! :D Running at 175% on my 830. I like the extra space. Its like I own a 1520 now lol. But it's weird that the scaling doesn't affect all the apps. Windows Central and WhatsApp for example...
  • not all apps use the built in scaling feature, most probasbly dont, i bet all the universal apps will though
  • Can anyone tell me about the current problem regarding mx player of windows phone? Whenever I am going to see the's saying that it is not available in store
  • Can anyone tell me about the current problem of random freaks asking completely off topic questions in the comments?
  • Can anyone tell me how it's justified to call someone who's asking a simple question a freak? No? Ah, oh well.
  • He is right
  • Windows 10 Mobile really needs 2x2 tiles, now more than ever.
  • I just want that mug, bro..
  • Me too.
  • Windows 10 mobile
  • yes
  • I hope all this eventually leads to more tile shapes and sizes. Vertically taller than wide tiles anyone? I'd be happier just to have the options for 1x3, 2x1 and 3x1. Don't see that happening any time soon, though...
  • This looks really good at 300%. The 4 tiles look better than the 3 tiles, but a little too busy for me.
  • Will 1020 also get 4 columns after Windows 10 Mobile update?
  • Yes, I use 4 columns on my 1020. Things are pretty small and the dumpy PenTile screen was never very sharp so it's not as clear when things are small, but I can fit so many tiles onscreen I almost never need to even scroll. I love it.
  • I love the fourth tile and the whole screen background picture theme, to me, its one of those more positive things with W10 on phones. But its also a long time since I used a smaller screen. I'm going for the 950 XL and i will go as tiny as I can on the text.
  • Dan, did you ordered 3rd party back cover for 950 from Mozo? We want to see how it looks like? If possible please review it.
  • Hi Dan, please make a video about customizing Windows10Mobile start screen. Because it has MORE possibilities now ;-)
  • Thanks for the tip.. Yes coming from a 1520 to a 950 made me feel like a screen downgrade even though it's an upgrade. The extra tiles fits me well.. THANKS!!
  • I have it on 150% on my 830, I am used to it like that now when I set it higher, it feels just as bad as going from 1920x1080 monitor resolution to 1280x1024. Also some apps like skype messaging shows you more in that lower setting.
  • Yes, four wide is just right. It has one wonderful benefit. Since I hate the people Polka Dot live tile I can reduce it into oblivion. No, I don't use it much but...
  • And Lumia 930?
  • I have this set up on my Icon and it's great. I get an extra Quick Action button and Universal apps work more like their PC counterparts when in landscape mode. It's pretty nice.
  • Thanks for posting. I had assumed it wasn't supported on the 950. Glad to be able to fit all my tiles on 1 screen again like I had on my 1520.
  • Thank you!! So much better now. I scaled it to my liking
  • Nice! Worked on my 640 too
  • Looks awsome cant wait till my 950xl arrives
  • Tried it on my 1020. Works, but didn't like it. That said? It changed the task switching from me seeing mostly one card/app/whatever at a time to seeing 4 at a time. Rather nice!
  • Love it
  • There aren't even enough apps on the WP store to make use of four tiles XD I'm kidding I love WP
  • Has anyone set the 4 columns on Lumia 920 with w10 mobile? Would the small tile on 4-column setup look like the same size as the apps inside a folder of medium size tile on a 3-column setup? A screen shot would be nice! Thanks
  • I only read the comments which Daniel reply to... LoL
  • Got it set up on my L925. A bit small but I kinda like it.
  • I've setup the 4 columns on my 920 and just set 2 wide tiles per column.
  • 4 columns is awesome even on less than 5 inch devices. I have it on my Lumia 930 and my sister has it on her Lumia 730. We use Medium or Wide tiles. No small tiles. More information on screen with these tiles.       LOVING IT!!! Can't imagine going back to three column.        
  • Awesome! Works well on Lumia 730
  • I have do that to my Lumia 830 for months now, though the font was a little tiny, so i assume it would work much better on Lumia 950
  • Hey you have a bar to adjust brightness and in my Lumia 625 i just can choose between three options(low,med,high)
    And mine is build 10586
    Why is that?
  • Does 4 columns work on the 720? And is there any app that has a 4x4 tile?
  • My Lumia 950 is running like a well oiled machine. After the tile change as pointed out by Daniel, I received several app updates. For me 28.. After the updates my phone is blazing fast. Daniel thinks it's a bug and if so I'm glad he found it. He didn't not mention performance or speed enhancements (my assumption). It may just be me but the OS is snappy after the tile change and updates.
  • Now if only we can do this in tablet mode on windows 10. Sic
  • Yes working on 535.
  • Using 730 DS and i really like the four columns idea! :) loving it.
  • You also get 5 quick actions instead of 4 as well. Doesn't matter anymore with windows10.
  • the os should remwmbwr your old layout when enabling more tiles! ive beening suggusting this for ages. you could just have a way to save your layout and reapply it after previewing
  • Wow, I didn't read this in the article... Using a Nokia icon and I have the same option. Not only that but now I get a 5th quick action at the top that I can edit... Great tip!
  • You get that by changing the scaling without having the fourth column of tiles.
  • Yup, didn't know that :)
  • I prefer the 5th icon but the DPI is a little too small on my 735.
  • You need to be able to turn down the dpi to 100%. All the wasted pixels...
  • Which scaling % do I choose in my L535??
  • !! I tried 250% on my 930 and looks great! I already knew about that scaling setting but never thought about it on my own device! Thanks!!
  • I want this on my L535
  • It works on L535, am using it amd its great just follow the steps and restart ur phone
  • I have lumia 535 and i can,t rescaling,don,t work 125%or 175%.Minim or maxim an restart.wy?
  • Make sure u re on windows 10 ver 10581/6 it should work
  • Scaling works for me 125% is the minimum, apply, restart ur phone, go to settings, personalization, start, scroll down to the button and apply show more tiles. There u have it
  • Yes,i have this,but scalind works minimum or max,not in the midle(ex.)so,or 125% or150%that i meen.Txt.
  • This DPI changing feature of W10M is way way underrated. It deserves an individual review, showing how interface is adapting to it.
  • Indeed.
  • Microsoft said for every 5" display phone, even my 535 has four column and its great
  • I guess the 550 wont have it bcos its a 4.7" display size, too bad I wanted that phone but I also like the looks on my 535 with four columns already
  • At least the author acknowledges that the people hub live tiles is totally horrendous :)
  • You can do that for phones with smaller screens too. I done it on 735, but it's bit cluttred for me.
  • I tried the 4-column layout a month ago on my 735. Too cluttered for me, so I came back to 3-columns and haven't looked back.
  • I have used the 950XL I can say I was totally unimpressed by the design of the phone, it felt like I was holding a Lumia 640XL. I thought the Windows10 for phone platform would be a game changer like it would be our jelly bean, which was a big development for android or iOS 7 was for phone but the whole system feels the same so does the experience with a few change in visual aspects which is okay but doesn't create a lasting impression. If this would have been an Android phone then it would be considered average. I hope Microsoft will do better in future.
  • Omg...didn't know this was cool!!
  • I using this mobile.. looking beautiful.. Useful Tips you are sharing Thanks.. Mobile Application Development
  • It works on any lumia with win10. I use a lumia 640 with 4 columns and tried on a lumia 735 also. Nice option...
  • On the 930 it's definitely too small amd messy. I like my start screen clean and sharp. The transparent tiles still does not work for me and I'd rather keep the image on the tiles instead of the background.i even reverted to two columns instead of three and it's great. May be a bit of nostalgia from my old 920, who knows. But hey, to each his own.
  • Works on 930
  • This works on my lumia 830 also four columns. I love it
  • What's the difference tween the 1520 (& I'm in Canada) and the 950XL. I'm want to figure out if I should get one. Can anyone tell me?
  • Apps we need apps. Especially Starbucks app.
  • I'm completely the other way. I'm using a 5 inch screen device, and I have display size maxed, AND text scaling at 120%. Otherwise everything is too small. I do have More Tiles on though, not gone the full Grandma ;)
  • Actually I just want two columns
  • Are you kidding? It automatically came up with three columns and I immediately kicked that back down to two.
  • It's working on my Icon. It reminds me of the old days when we could enable VGA on the Dell Axim & Toshiba 740/805. I still have my Axim & 805.
  • Lol, I was curious how this would look on my Lumia 822 (extremely small compared to the others in its range) and you can't even do it. Text size options are 125% and 150% so nothing changes lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Found this option on my 930 last week. Personally, I love it, but it tests your eyes for sure.
  • Meh, tiles and text are too small, even on a Lumia 1520...
  • is there an EQ in the audio section?? I love musique and like to ajust my Bass
  • Some people already think the home screen looks cluttered with the 3 column layout, this definitely isn't going to help matters. It becomes especially dependent on the user to assemble a layout that feels clean. I'm pretty happy with my home screen now, which I didn't expect to be going from 2 to 3 columns, but this feels like too much. At the very least there should be an option to do full width tiles.
  • Wow, thanks ! I've been looking for how to do this a long time ago. However, I'll probably go back to 3 columns, as the Lumia 950 screen is probably a bit too small. This changes all the fonts sizes everywhere on the system, and though it helps showing more text where it was sometimes truncated, it did became a bit harder to read. Maybe I'll get used to it, though. I'll tel after a few days of regular use. The original 400% ratio did make the text very readable overall, while web pages are probably the hardest to read now, with quite tiny characters (fortunately, you can still zoom out). Everything else is actually OK, as far as I could notice. Apart from that text readability issue, 3 tiles in a row did look a bit bulky and I was tending to put most of them in the smallest for factor, keeping only the most used ones in "big square" size and some with active contents such as weather and new in the larger size. The 4 in a row setup is much nicer for the intermediate size, and even the smallest one still looks allright and not too tiny to be usable. However, I still made more groups, displaying both the container and the content in "big square" form, If it wasn't for the small fonts everywhere, it would be just perfect actually. I wish Microsoft would separate the Home screen font size from the rest... Maybe it's even possible from the registry, but we can't access it in Windows Phone. That's obviously what I'm missing the most from Windows Mobile. On the other hand, I can't understand why people would use only 2 a columns display, even on smaller screens. 1 inch wide tiles would look just ugly. Of course you would get 8 smaller square in a row in of a quite handy size, but this form factor disables the live feature, so it's not suitable for everything IMHO. The 3 columns display is probably just perfect for smaller screens. In fact, the 950's size appears to be in the middle : 3 colums look too big, 4 columns loo too tiny. Maybe I should have bought a 950 XL, but I didn't feel like handling a frying pan... :p Maybe I was actually wrong, but since I couldn't see any live before buying (the 950 was ordered too), I chosed the more classical sized one... ^^