Update: The 8-pack sold out, but the 4-pack is now down to $35 if you missed out.

Single units sell for around $18 each, but in this 8-pack they drop down to just $5.45 apiece. This is the absolute lowest we've ever seen this pack sell for at $43.58 for the whole pack, and it usually sells for around double this. Sure, you may not need 8 of these for yourself, but your friends and family could probably benefit from having one, and with a deal like this you can afford to give a few away.

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These are great for adding to your keychain, luggage, and more so that you can easily locate them if you happen to misplace it. If you can't find your phone but have your Tile Mate you can double press the button on it to have your phone make noise. The battery lasts for one year.

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