End of the line for the Motorola Q?

Oh, Moto, say it ain't so. Word on the streets (that'd be the EverythingQ streets) is that the foundering Motorola has given up the ghost on the Q line and replacing it with ... well, that remains to be seen.

EverythingQ is confident in its sources, but this is still unofficial news, so anything's possible. But consider the following: The lackluster Q11 (lackluster as in minor cosmetic changes, no 3G but the addition of WiFi) was released in a few nations but still has yet to be seen in the U.S. The Q9 "Napolean" (pictured above) is still MIA for most people, though EQ does note that it made into a government contract.

So what, if anything, will take the place of the venerable Q? How about the Alexander? (And speaking of the Alexander, that vertical slider idea isn't looking so crazy now, is it?) Or something else entirely?

One thing we do know for certain is that the death of the workhorse Motorola Q line would leave more than a few of us a bit teary eyed. (Listen to Dieter sing its praises in the latest WME podcast as he preps for CES this week). We'll just have to see what's next, and hope for the best for Moto.

Phil Nickinson

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