WMExperts Podcast 41

A little news but a lot (a lot!) of listener emails.  Happy New Year, everybody!


How To and Software

  • Turn aGPS off


Thanks to Sunshine, LP, Simon, Javier, Eric, and Stinky's Daddy for writing in. Also: quick note for Doug: we're going to switch to local recording from now on -- audio quality will greatly improve when we do!


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  • I can't wait to listen to this podcast. You guys are sure hardworking!
  • Do you have a link to that watch you were talking about?
  • @erenken: ps will follow up with a full story later today/tomorrow
  • Thanks for the compliment and the response to my email. After years without anyone even bothering to add a keyboard, Windows Mobile Standard finally got it's day in the sun. I think it's only a matter of time before it comes into fashion again. Afterall, devices don't have to have touch screens to be popular. Just look at the Bold. By the way, the Round Robin is really great. I can't wait til next year. I think things are going to keep getting more and more interesting.
  • I just wanted to add one thing to the discussion of the value of Dieter made the comment that if you add up the cost over the course of the year, it adds up to what you would pay for a phone if you upgraded every year as I do. That's the rationale I used for signing up for the service. I look at it as making payments. But if you switch out that phone after 6 months, then the value of it has doubled because if just bought a phone, you wouldn't have been able to do that, so you essentially gotten 2 phones for the annual price of one. Or three or four phones if you get bored with phones that quick. This is a perfect solution for me because I had been debating whether to get the Touch Pro or wait and see what comes out on Sprint for Android. Well now I can do both. I can get my Touch Pro now, without having to wait until I have $400 to lay out on the phone up front, and I don't have to agonize over with option is the best plan. I really hope this takes off because this is the best thing to happen to me in a long time hehe. Cell phones are my life.
  • Great podcast. You guys even got a shout-out in the Podcast round-up over at Keep up the good work!
  • I just listened to the podcast and the discussion on Rentobile. I am under contract to Sprint right now, and I still have a year left on the Mogul that I HATE. I miss the Treo form factor and still occasionally ESN Swap to a 700P. I am interested in the 800w, and after getting stuck with the Mogul after letting my 30 day trial run out (and the 800 STILL not available when I bought it) I'd really like to try before I buy, Since I am still under contract, that means paying the high non-contract price or FleaBay. Of course, on eBay, once you buy it, if it isn't what you want, you are stuck with it, or you have to try to resell it. I like the idea of being able to take it out and actually USE it for a month or two, rather than play with the shackled demo in the store for 15 or 20 minutes. Of course, I could wait until they get one and try a Treo Pro or see if I like a Touch Pro better, too. Or maybe a Sprint Android or Nova device.... We'll see. I'm with Stinky's Daddy in saying that I think this is a good idea, and I hope it works out for them.