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Want to see new features in Endomondo? Voice your requests to shape future updates

It has been what seems like an eternity since the Endomondo ( team updated the official app for Windows Phone – the last update was back in April 2013. The company has published a new entry on its official blog to ensure consumers don't feel left out, teasing an upcoming release to hit the Windows Phone Store this coming April. The best part is you will be able to shape what's included in this release and future updates. Pass the break to learn more.

Not familiar with the app? Endomondo utilises Windows Phone location services to track fitness activities, including running, cycling, walking and other distance based exercises. Enjoy working out and keeping fit? You'll definitely want to check out this tracker app for your Windows Phone.

Endomondo Tile

Regarding the updates, the development team would like to hear from you, their consumer base. The plan is to bring the Windows Phone app up to speed with the iOS and Android counterparts. But since they can't bundle everything in a single update in April, this is where you guys come in. To help them prioritise features and functionality that have been requested numerous times by the community would ensure important updates are released promptly, minimising your wait to enjoy that missing feature you so desperately require.

Opinions are desired as to what should be included in the first phase of updates for Endomondo. Head on over to the blog post to comment (don't post the requests here on Windows Phone Central, unless you've also published your idea over on the Endomondo blog) exactly what you want to see in the upcoming update – the team has asked to keep it at just one feature (or functionality) only. As always, they're welcoming feedback to the email address too.

You can also download Endomondo from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Source: Endomondo; thanks, zerocash, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • "literally years" and April 13 shouldn't really be in the same paragraph ;)
  • Oh boo! Fixed :-P
  • Link to strava.
  • Smartwatch support is a must for any fitness app.
  • I tipped this the first day they announced this. And also posted in the forums :/
    Thanks guys :/
  • So, what do you want, a cookie?
  • I wouldn't mind.
  • Type this in browser javascript:document.cookie="first=true";
  • It would be nice to be able to look back at a route completed and see how you performed at different points, this is available on the android version.
  • agreed. the number of workout types also needs to increase. i always used the 'beat your best time' workout (or whatever it's called) when running with my android.
  • Can't you see all that on the website? I guess I've always seen the app as just an effective way to record my activity, and analyse it later on my pc. But it would be good in the app too...
  • I used an Android phone just to connect my pulse-reader. Nothing is more relevant than being able to hook that up. I actually used for xcountry yesterday and its a huge letdown that you can't connect anything. When you can do this I'll support my Danish friends and stop exploring on sports tracker and Adidas...
  • By the way... It's great for Android, so kudos
  • I used Endomondo on my android phone and on my first WP. For some reason, last year I switched to Runtastic and for the life of me, can't remember why. Maybe I need to give them a try again. Were they not one of the first multiplatform excercise tracking apps to adopt WP?
  • This is one area that Android still exist for me. I've had edmondo lose my tracking to many times for me to use on Window. I keep my One X specific for RunKeeper that never failed. Even with no data service.
  • The original release on WP7 did have those issues, but it was fixed perhaps 6-12 months later. It's been great ever since for me
  • Problem was WP sucks running in the background for apps like this. Even when I used runtastic I ran into issue of inaccurate tracking. I just gave up and kept my One X to track and media player. Even with no data service or sum the GPS worked flawless and would still update to maps correct when connected. I'm hoping 8.1 addresses these types of issues and maybe its just me, but I have gave up long ago trying to use it.
  • It might be improved in WP8 (haven't tried it), but what you describe was still a problem on WP7. It would run fine under the lockscreen, but if you switched out of the app it would stop collecting data in the background. It would resume okay but be missing precise data for the time it was in the background. The later version of it would interpolate the missing data and keep recording... so you would still end up with fairly reasonable times and distances depending on how long it was in the background for. Sometimes you might have a section that jumps in a straight line, such as can happen when the GPS drops out, but the actual path should've been slightly longer.
  • Finally, I been emailing them since early summer of 2013
  • Me too... Hopefully they'll listen now:)
  • Me too. Got a reply that said nothing would be done regarding updating features so it matched iOS and Android. Nice they changed their minds.
  • I never had it on my Android device when I used Android. I do have it on my Windows Phone however. That being said I plan on using it again once I get a armband for my 1520. As I'm not familiar with what's missing in the first place,I hope all of you who are and are commenting here,also do as they are suggesting and emailing them to let them know. I think it's awesome that they are doing it this way and asking users. Kudos!
  • I'd just be happy if it didn't stop tracking my runs whenever I take a Viber message. Not good.