It has been what seems like an eternity since the Endomondo (www.endomondo.com) team updated the official app for Windows Phone – the last update was back in April 2013. The company has published a new entry on its official blog to ensure consumers don't feel left out, teasing an upcoming release to hit the Windows Phone Store this coming April. The best part is you will be able to shape what's included in this release and future updates. Pass the break to learn more.

Not familiar with the app? Endomondo utilises Windows Phone location services to track fitness activities, including running, cycling, walking and other distance based exercises. Enjoy working out and keeping fit? You'll definitely want to check out this tracker app for your Windows Phone.

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Regarding the updates, the development team would like to hear from you, their consumer base. The plan is to bring the Windows Phone app up to speed with the iOS and Android counterparts. But since they can't bundle everything in a single update in April, this is where you guys come in. To help them prioritise features and functionality that have been requested numerous times by the community would ensure important updates are released promptly, minimising your wait to enjoy that missing feature you so desperately require.

Opinions are desired as to what should be included in the first phase of updates for Endomondo. Head on over to the blog post to comment (don't post the requests here on Windows Phone Central, unless you've also published your idea over on the Endomondo blog) exactly what you want to see in the upcoming update – the team has asked to keep it at just one feature (or functionality) only. As always, they're welcoming feedback to the windows.support@endomondo.com email address too.

You can also download Endomondo from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Source: Endomondo; thanks, zerocash, for the heads up!

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