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Enpass moving to subscription model but existing Pro users won't have to pay

Enpass for Windows
Enpass for Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Enpass is switching to a subscription-based model for its password management applications.
  • Existing Pro users will not have to pay to keep their Pro features.
  • Enpass did not detail pricing for its upcoming subscription.

Enpassed announced that it will switch to a subscription-based model for its password management applications in the near future. Enpass shared the news in a recent post and explained the switch. The company also clarified that existing Pro users will not have to pay to retain Pro features.

Enpass points to two reasons for the switch, clearing up confusion and making its business model more sustainable. Enpass states that some users have a hard time understanding the current model, which requires people to purchase Enpass separately if they want to use it on several platforms. Enpass also admits that the switch is related to making the company more sustainable, "We'll not shy away from the fact that this will make our business more sustainable especially as our company scales up further. It is undeniable that the subscription model is a well-accepted global practice adopted by most businesses, including indie developers, app publishers, as well as legacy software giants like Microsoft and Adobe."

The post clarifies that Enpass will "continue to be an offline password manager" and adds that Enpass "would never store your data on our servers in any way."

Perhaps most importantly for existing Enpass users, the company promised that existing Enpass Pro users won't have to pay for a subscription to use the Pro version of Enpass. In fact, existing Pro users get a complimentary subscription which will work across all platforms. Enpass did not share pricing details for the upcoming subscription.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • Glad to see such a great service expanding and growing. You deserve all the praise I can muster.
  • Yes, while it sucks for those that are new, this is completely understandable for longevity of the service. Many have wondered how they could survive with only a 1 time purchase of 10-15 dollars with seemingly unlimited updates. Hopefilly it's only 1 or 2 dollars a month, otherwise they might be charging too much for something that doesn't provide cloud services.
  • You don't really need cloud services with Enpass. You can use your own cloud. I have mine using OneDrive to sync across all my devices.
  • Is Enpass better than Lastpass? I've had lastpass for years ands it's good, but I'd be open to switching to something was better than good!
  • Way better. Enpass stores your password in YOUR cloud service of choice, encrypted of course, while LastPass stores it in their servers. You add another weak point that way and another provider (LastPass) that you have to trust.
  • The best password manager by far. And it's in every platform.
  • Even with a subscription type service, it's still the best password manager around & heavily recommended by me
  • I love Enpass! Own it for both Windows and Android. This is good news!
  • I love Enpass. I never had any problem with it
  • The V6 update failed on me and I switched away. Not coming back.
  • I still use them but preferred their original UWP app, which you could unlock with Windows Hello AT FIRST LAUNCH. The current version makes you enter your master password first, before subsequently using Windows Hello...
  • Happy Enpass customer here, and even if I wasn't getting a continued free access I'd be happy to throw them some money every month. Great app, great developers.
  • Is syncing with Enterprise OneDrive possible yet? I still sync with my personal OneDrive...
    Great manager!
  • Got a Win10 Enpass app update today. The "What's New" section on the Store says the desktop version in now "ABSOLUTELY FREE". No mention of subscription. I've paid for their Pro version, but it now appears I and everyone else who did pay didn't have to. Confusing? Yep.