Epic Games has apparently now given away 200 PC games for free

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Since 2018 Epic Games has been giving away weekly free PC titles through its store.
  • A Redditor has compiled a list that shows the double century being hit with this week's two free games.
  • Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2 are the latest to join the giveaway action.

Much can and has been said about Epic Games, its CEO, the company's high-profile lawsuit against Apple and how it attracts games into its store on Windows. But one thing it has done that even the most negative nellies out there should find hard to argue against is give away free games every week.

Now, with the latest two titles to join the giveaway action, it appears that Epic Games has reached a bit of a milestone in having given away 200 games now for absolutely nothing. One helpful Redditor has broken the news and even compiled a full list of all those games given away.

Taking a browse through the list and my own library, there have been some truly epic (see what I did there) games given away for free. The likes of GTA V, Borderlands, and Control have been joined by some indie gems like Oxenfree, Inside, and The Long Dark. There is a lot of great gaming that's been handed out for free.

The latest titles to join the party are now available for a week, too. Gracing your Epic Games library now are Mothergunship, a wild-looking FPS, and Dovetail Games' popular Train Sim World 2. Add both to your library before 4 pm BST on August 5 to get them for keeps.

Epic has also released its next batch of free games coming as soon as the current ones expire. Next week we can look forward to A Plague Tale: Innocence and Speed Brawl.

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