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Epic Windows Phone 7 comparison chart

ElektricForest has created an insightful chart (click the image to enlarge) that outlines the more frequently observed features of any mobile for Windows Phone 7. Thinking on switching to the Microsoft platform but are having difficulty with deciding which product would best suit your needs? Take a quick (or in-depth) look at the detail of this chart. Also, you may wish to admire the pretty colours used in presenting the data in an aesthetically pleasing style.

There have been a slight increase in the amount of discussions on our forums that are created about switching to Windows Phone 7, but not knowing which product is the best solution for that particular user. Hopefully this chart can shed some light on any poor soul who simply can't make his (or her) mind up.

I see it as this – why read a financial marketing book, when you have a children’s book about money with huge pictures right next-door on the shelf?

Source: ElektricForest; via Windows Phone Secrets

Update: I have added the updated image with corrected Dell data.

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  • wasn't it shown that the dell venue pro only had 256mb of ram? this chart seems to show 512mb. Yep, Source:
  • The chart was created back in November and data stating it has 512MB of RAM must have been used before the correct number was published through finding out the exact (since I believe Dell didn't state whether it had 256MB or 512MB). I shall let the creator aware of this and will keep an eye out for a possible update.
  • You will also notice the absence of the LG Quantum from this list. Why? Who knows. It's not like they didn't know it was coming out. Even the specs for the phone were readily available. Yet the Dell phone made the list, even though it JUST started shipping.
  • While this chart is very informative, I would like to see the chart updated to include the amount of "non-removable storage" each device comes with. (I'm not referring to the ROM/RAM which is already documented, but that which comes on the non-removable microSD card.) After all of the discussion in various forums, seems that this is a key parameter of interest.