Ethernet supports arrives for Surface RT and Surface 2 - requires some effort to get working

There used to be the days of woe when new buyers brought home their newly purchased Surface RT device, only to discover that they would never be able to hook it up to a wired network. Then, a few days ago, word had leaked on the internet that the Surface Ethernet Adapter would finally work, but users plugged in their devices and found disappointment when it continued to not work.

Don't fret though, someone has the steps to get you up and running.

So, let’s set the record straight. Yes, you can now use the Surface Ethernet Adaptor on your Surface RT or Surface 2 device. No, Microsoft has not made it straight forward and super easy for the everyday user.

As of now, you won’t be able to pull the new feature through Windows Update or have your machine auto search the web for the driver, but there is still a way to get everything working.

Head over to the blog of DigitalManBlog, where Paul Deane details the installation process of getting your adapter to work. Spoiler Alert: It is going to take a bit of work.

Have you been waiting to get Ethernet on your Surface device?

Source: DigitalManBlog; via WinBeta

Michael Archambault