European Lumia 900 available for pre-order at Unlocked Mobile for £445.98

Now that we know the European Lumia 900 is on its way to Europe (and beyond), will you be getting your paws on one? Unlocked Mobiles, a UK retailer specialising in unlocked mobile phones, has published a Lumia 900 product page with the price tag of £445.98. They expect to stock the SIM-free handset and have it available for delivery by May 21st.

The Lumia 900 sports a 4.3" AMOLED display (with ClearBlack technology), 512MB RAM, 1.4Ghz chip, 8MP camera (with FF), and 16GB storage. The handset will -of course- support the usual GSM Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 3G & HSDPA.

Source: Unlocked Mobiles

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sucks that it won't work on T Mobile's 3G. Unbelievable!!!!! Doesn't support the 1700mhz band. :-(
  • Agreed. An also, I can't stress this enough.... Where are the 32GB versions already? You want me to use this as my phone, picture viewer, music carrier, video player, app launcher, etc... Well for a lot of us that takes up some memory!
  • 1700mhz is not a standard GSM band...
  • Looks like that's the device for me. Now if i could just win one from Nokia :)
  • I'm guessing Nokia and Microsoft will release 32 and 64 gig phones when Windows Phone 8 is released. At least I hope so! Damn T Mobile, get some high end Windows Phones!!!!!
  • Hey Futurix, is the 1700mhz band a U.S band only then?
  • Weak
  • I thought tmobile owned a 1900mhz band?
  • Only 50 quid more than the current price of the 800 on Payg from 3? Sounds like a bargain to me.
  • 16GB is inadequate for people on tiered data plans that listen to a lot of music. I would gladly sacrifice read and write speeds of today's onboard chips for a run of the mill soldered-on microSD cards if I could go beyond 16GB storage
  • They do I believe. However, there 3g in the U.S is on the 1700mhz band. Sucks!!!!
  • Oh okay thanks williamc I didn't know that. Well this sucks tmobile left us high and dry again
  • Just like they did with the Lumia 800. Wouldn't work on T Mobile's 3g because it lacked the 1700mhz band.
  • yeah that sucks i wish tmobile would get its head out of the crack i mean look at how well low end windows phones are doing for them. I use the term low end because i call mid range something with similar specs to the hd7. The Nokia 710 and the radar are two of the top selling phones at tmo and any other windows phone would also do well i just wish they would commit.
  • similar to the hd7 in terms of storage of course :D
  • I think what we will see looking what is going on that in the US if you want a really good high end windows phone look at Nokia But you have to buy so said devices from AT&T....All other carriers need not apply.T-MO look what is selling really well right now for you. Ever wonder what would happen and how sales would be with a good high end Windows phone?...Maybe when wp8 comes out but I'm not holding my breath for it.
  • Lol..... You are so right, Jabtano! I have the Lumia 710, but the 800 or 900 is what everyone really want. Hopefully T Mobile will wakeup and smell the coffee!
  • all i know is i have a full upgrade in a few months and i dont know what i want yet heres hoping for the 900 just wishful thinking :(
  • I just pray we will all be able to upgrade to apollo when it comes out....
  • will wait till it get s around $600