Even more subtle UI changes found in newer WP7 build

Looks like Microsoft is still tweaking their UI quite a bit with the latest changes continuing to be seen at TechEd 2010.

Now these aren't huge changes, but it does show Microsoft is paying attention to detail, which is something that will be important if the masses are to adopt this phone.

Long Zheng noticed how the old icons in the common application bar had no text to identify them, making it a bit harder for the user to adapt to them since they could be changed by developer willy-nilly. Now, however, when you expand the bar by swiping up, it reveals more details including the icon names.

Once again, nothing huge, just nice to know Microsoft is looking out for perfection this time around.

[via iStartedSomething]

Daniel Rubino

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  • It is really appreciable, i think Microsoft is really giving best to it's users always. This new icons really looks great. I am sure people will like this. Yeah, Microsoft is looking out for perfection this time around.
  • I would not say "always". I've used Microsoft products since Windows 3.0 and it's always been a frustration every day. But I was extremely impressed with the WP7 preview. So impressed, I was worried they wouldn't be able to actually deliver the product to market and promote it properly. I'm still crossing my fingers, waiting for October. :-)
  • This has been one of my biggest complaints with apps like Opera and IE on WM 6.5; you can't tell what the buttons do until you press them. This is a really nice compromise between clean design and ease of use. Good job MS.
  • Good thinking here, I like it.
  • get fit san diego I'd rather ave someone answer who has the device. Should I be upset that the HD2 won't get the WP7 upgrade, is HTC Sense ok? If you have had the device for a long period of time, do you still "love" it or do you hate it, do you still love to show it off? lol Also have they fixed the lag and touchscreen problems? THANKS IN ADVANCE =]
  • I love almost everything about the Zune/Xbox experience and I'm SOOO tempted to hold out on upgrading to a WP7 device. But the uncertainties (market update and developer support in particular) are scary. And I'm particularly worried that by the time WP7 devices start hitting the streets that 'unlimited' data plans will already be dead. If VZW and/or Sprint start to pull the trigger on killing off unlimited plans I'm going to have to jump early. I regularly use over 2GB (without tethering.) Android's improved a lot, but still hasn't quite bowled me over.
  • Try not to fret too much over data limits. If can keep your unlimited plan on ATT if you want, which I will.
  • Great update to have. I personally was not a fan of having those icons with no description to them.