Even more Windows 10 for phones screenshots leak

After screenshots of an unreleased build with version number 10038.12518 leaked last week, a new set of leaked screenshots of Windows 10 for phones have surfaced, this time in English. The build number is also different, with the version cited as 8.15.12521.

The screenshots reveal functionality that will allow users to set customizable LED notification colors for app alerts. Redesigned settings section with toggle settings, the new People app as well as Outlook account creation and deletion process are also highlighted.

Windows 10 for phones

OneDrive backup also gets showcased, with the feature set to allow users to back up app data to the cloud service:

Windows 10 for phones

Windows 10 for phones

There's no word on when the next Windows 10 preview for phones will be available, but we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

Source: WindowsMania; Via: Neowin

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Looks great
  • Looks beautiful
  • All I see is white text on a black background. I guess Win 10 is going for a MUD motif?
  • A phone call is incoming. You have 20% health. What is your action?
  • Looks usual and nothing special. Still worth 8.2 naming.
  • Yep ! U are right , infact they are looking terrible. Everything so tiny and becoming plain text . I liked old WP , everything so illustrative and colorful.
  • Agreed. The fonts just look tiny. The old UI is way better imo.
  • I hope MS listen to all of the feedbacks and fix it before the final release
  • Absolutely, the fonts are really small (even on the original Insider build). I had it installed on a Lumia 920 and the sections with the new font were very 'squinty'. Hopefully they address that in the next public preview builds.
  • They are just making it worse , looking at the leaks , i dont think this will be the REVOLUTIONARY W10 that can compete with google's OS. But personally i like old WP too much :)
  • I don't think that.....i feel old fonts were really large...... These are right size----more info at a page and looks beautiful
  • But "people" and "dialer" app is to awful :/
  • I think the dialer looks much better and it's way easier to use with one hand
  • You must be using a phablet , that's why you are liking it :) i use a tiny L630 which is easily operateble with single hand
  • I use a 930 - 5"
  • Yaa 5" and 5+ requires both the hand to operate. I guess MS is planning to launch cell phones with bigger screen size and making OS regarding to it ! Just a guess :)
  • To be fair installing a build intended for low end phones on a high end device with a higher resolution display is probably where your text issues are coming into play.
  • U can change font size as u want but is easier to complain
  • Just change the font size at settings and everything will be fine! 
  • IMO i don't really like the old UI in the way that half of the text was ''outside'' of my screen.   This looks way more slick, although i do agree this is somewhat changing the design rules they had untill now
  • Same here, I like the new ui, much better thn previous UI.
  • @Fade_z:
    Which design rules?
    Until right now I have seen nothing that convinces me Microsoft has codified a summary of congruent rules into a style guide (like Google did for 'material design' for example).
    So far it looks like a giant mess.
  • How big is font supposed to be on a cell phone??? You guys should also rember that there's a setting to increase font size in windows phone under, "Ease of Access"
  • Bang on..... But haters gonna hate..
    Just shake it off.....
    I love the new design...
    These are advance version of Windows phone....
    I don't feel its androidish anywhere....just a bit customisation with pivot and ellipses needed...
  • I was gonna say the same thing.
    It's common tech sense.
  • I wouldn't pass the judgment just yet. At the moment all MS is doing is to make sure that all controls works across all OS. Final UI changes will come later on. But if you have w10 installed, keep letting them know via feedback - what you like and what not.
  • I think that small text is an issue that WP will never get over. This issue has never been addressed by the team.
  • You can change the font size in the settings menu. I think the option was in the ease of access centre
  • Yes that's true, but it doesn't alter the font size in many areas of the OS. I use "double tap" to magnify the screen so often it can get annoying. when updating that little red bar and the word installing are pathetically small.
  • @TheAccelorator have you out do you currently work for Microsoft Windows phone division?
  • Because for the last three years I had to put up with pathetically small text on both WP7 and WP8. Maybe W10 will address this... Lets see.!
  • Daniel Rubino/ Central team...i sincerely request you to write an article highlighting how win 10 is a work in progress...and beautification and polish will come after nearly everything is done...! These guys just don't get it..! It is still months away and they are like- this look pretty, that looks ugly like a bunch of KG kids!
    If they are no made aware of how it works, whining is all we are ever gonna see on this site...ever!
  • Yeah, it's like the artists and designers are taking a vacation until the programmers finish, right?
  • Buuuuuurn :P
  • Well thats how 'finish' and 'polish' works kiddo. A painting in progress never looks beautiful right from the get go. Read how windows 8 design panned out in the end, it was pretty crude even in the middle of preview...remember how pathetic wp 8.1s initially leaked notification center looked like..the UI will change for the better...
    Man, its like you know how MS works better on these things than they themselves do. Why dont you leave it to them to figure the design out? They have always worked it out and they aren't going to mess up this time either.They aren't idiots to leave the UI looking butt ugly...so just get that and move on already Mr. Armchair designer..
  • I'd like to think like you do, but their current direction is certainly a sign of things to come. It's not like they're showing me a wooden carriage now and will show me a spaceship half a year later. There has already been a lot of negative feedback on the new designs on Windows 10 PC and Phone, yet Microsoft are stubborn and continue using them on subsequent apps. The whole insiders thing would have been great, but they aren't really investing in transparency, which was the whole point. Maybe they actually like the new UI, who's to say? They won't tell us.
  • By the way, proud owner of a Lumia 930 - and not so proud of a Lumia 820.
    P.S.: Grays look horrible on the 820's display.
  • Hmm...i get what you're saying...recently saw Tom Warren's article on the design of the icons on the PC like Recycle Bin etc...to be honest, they were hideous. He drew a crude drawing of the bin in less than a minute on Paint. Point being, both sucked.. :P
    But keep in mind that there is at least 4-5 months to go before the official release...lot of time to tweak things significantly here and there...I have faith that with the help of feedback and with time, they will get it right...its happened before..it will happen again... P.S: Proud owner of a 930 myself...green! :)
  • Yeah, I'm still hoping. PPS: Mine's green, too! :)
  • This^ couldn't agree more...
  • Agree! Also this grey colored bars look horrible. 
  • The Coloured bars are actually in your highlight / accent colour (so, if you're was red, they would be red also).
  • No, sir. The gray bar is not accent based. It is gray only.
  • Awesome
  • I dont like it. Looks like Android with those buttons and the blue color looks like sh**
  • I'm sure the blue colour will be dependant on your accent colour.
  • I < 3 Windows 10
  • Not really. I cannot see why they changed the on/off switch from the current square one to the rounded.
  • I second that.
  • Microsoft has changed its love from squares to circles, maybe? The old Windows Phone is "tiles", may the new one be "bubbles"?
  • MS should make w10 worth waiting for! There's lot of work need to be done on the OS. Video sharing from video app. profile font too small. Ability to select app that should be off line. Email : Sharing PDF file with a link sucks big time. We need real attachment.
  • To give apple ios look
  • +1
  • @Hiswona:
    This is the only change of design I like so far.
    Why did they get rid of the panoramic style/experiences?
    This was always THE major design/layout stronghold that made Windows Phone stand apart.
    And it's far more convenient, either with one- or two-hand use, to just make a swipe to see more content/options, than try to reach for that stupid hamburger button on top (which is a layout nightmare, especially for one-handed use).
  • Yeah, right now they look out of place in the overall look and feel. Maybe when its complete, it will make more sense, but I'm not feeling it right now.
  • Settings -> inking??
  • Good eyes!
  • Lumia 735 has a LED :) will be activated
  • Does 730 has to?
  • Yes :) http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/16/8223189/windows-10-for-phones-led-noti...
  • LED Notifications WOW❗ Thanks for the link, was going to ask which phones but I have a 930 and that's mentioned, awesome❗
  • I wanted to ask the same question, 735 has it, that means 730 should have it, only difference between 730 and 735 Is that 735 Is 4g supported and 730 is dual sim 3g, and rest I think everything is same.
  • Looks boring and ugly.. This is example how "Simple" doesn't work always.. Needs a lot of work.. :)
  • Eh..., Looks nice, but sorry, the only W10 feature I want to hear about is: "All phones will be released simultaneously on all US Carriers."
  • Am I the only one that doesnt like the new "bars" at all? The current ones are great. But this is too androish. Dont take me wrong, I like the new startscreen and stuff but this bars are just awful to me.
  • Don't like the gray bar is hideous and brakes the whole page design.
  • Hmm I think you misunderstood me. I didnt mean the thing when the text is written. By bar I mean the "switch" to turn on/off. I think the current one is much better.
  • I agree. The change from square to round corners for on/off is alien to the Metro design and therefore looks out of place.
  • I think the new one is way better
  • Honestly, it does! This looks really nice and smooth.
  • Nice
  • It seems a hoax. See there are double network and SIM logos and time in the first one.
  • It must be a screenshot?
  • Yes, it's a screenshot
  • A Screenshot from the future (if you look at the clock time in the screenshot compared to the system clock time) :)
  • Something seems fishy...
  • The windows central guys are just displaying the screenshot on there phone.
  • Indeed. It is starting to grow on me.
  • Looks great. Would love to be running it.
  • There is something is not beautiful in People Hub. I hope it is not gonna be ugly..
  • Androidization begins...
  • If anything its becoming more like windows...
  • Looks really consistent with Windows 10, I really like the direction MS is taking. It feels more mature
  • Looks droid really.
  • It looks much better that 8.1
  • Where the hell it looks like Android UI?
  • Everything looks like Android to ya'll..
  • +1520 Anant bro
  • Looks like Android to me too
  • Other than the switch with rounded corners, doesn't look like Android at all.
  • http://cdn.androidbeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/new_kitkat.png Nope. Not one bit.
  • Wow, Android looks hideous, especially the giant icons for Launcher,  Home Sample, Nova Launcher, etc. Android has gotten even worse since I left it two years ago, apparently. Gross.
  • Android looking so, so dated, have to agree it is hideous.
  • Wow, I see it now! Both have bright text on dark background. Them could be twins!
  • circle user profile picture? ANDROID!!!!
  • Outlook? It has rounded pic.
  • yes, i know :(
  • Oh yeah? I guess you haven't seen iOS before in your life then.
  • Its doesn't look anything like Android, not sure what Android phone you've seen but it must look a lot different to the ones I have, about the only simlarity is that its blue!
  • Yeah. I don't like this new design. I want windows phone to be unique. I know some of you will disagree but I don't like it. I am trying to get over it but I cannot.
  • I love it!!!
  • Hurry please... Lumia 925
  • Hate those toggle buttons. Design team is smoking something very lethal.
  • And why do you assume that based on your opinion they are smoking something ? I like the new buttons, they are also consistent with the pc build 
  • I agree that opinions are subjective, but the new design looks out of place. I've hated it since I saw on Cortana for the desktop. It doesn't fit with the aesthetic of the OS.
  • There is a saying in our country ”Taste and colors aren't debatable” , so i think it's always gonna please an amount of people and piss another amount, it's a vicious circle.
  • That is why they're fight to the death
  • Yeah. I agree and this makes me sad.
  • Yes even I hate too
  • You'll get used to them. They will look better when polished.
  • Agreed, the old ones looks better and the circled avatar...hate it. It takes the same specs than the square but are showing less information.
  • Even I don't like it. :(
  • I agree :/ i like the current version more..
    I wish there was a way to get all the w10 features without changing the UI.
  • Will the Lumia 925 get it?
  • What kind of question is that lol, of course it will. Unless if you have a carrier locked device, you have two options flash a compatible rom or pray and hope your carrier doesn't intervene.
  • I just hope they release the preview for more devices.
  • Love those on off buttons!
  • They look fancy, but depending on your accent colour it can seem like the switch is in the 'off' position, when it is actually 'on'.
  • They shud release the next build Asap
  • yearghh, so we can read more whining about bugs, ASAP.
  • Does that mean it will backup ALL app data? That would be a godsend! And the end of having to reconfigure EVERYTHING or losing app data! Woohoo!!!
  • Absolutely, the lack of back up for game saves (most devs don't hook onto OneDrive for cloud saves) has stopped me from playing and investing in many games.
  • Agreed. This will really help gaming. I don't play Hill Climb Racing and other games that are all about advancing to other levels since I don't want to start over again if something happens to my phone...
  • "Investing" in games. Lol...
  • This is huge, I've been waiting for this ever since I moved from Android 1,5 year ago.
  • my 720 is ready
  • i just exchanged my 720 for 735 ! And I didnt pay a single penny more ..
  • How mate?
  • well contacts at the right places in Nokia ..lol   Lumia 735 isnt available in India yet. It should come at about Rs 19000 when it does coz it has LTE. Apart from LTE, its the same as Lumia 730
  • sir yahan to india ka "jugad" aka corruption ka dhindhora mat pito yaar...
  • No 'jugaad' and certainly no corruption. I used to work for them many many years ago, so minor insider privileges !!
  • Microsoft should not forgot the user with high end devices im soo frustrated of this act of theirs
  • Umm they are definitely not gonna forget about high end devices, which will have more features than lower end.
  • Yeah, they started with a small subset of phones with relatively common hardware - easier to manage an initial build. Future builds, and of course RTM builds will be available for all Windows 8 phones (Lumia at least is confirmed). There were some workarounds to get the build on a high end device and it mostly worked, although not surprisingly Microsoft closed that little loophole for our own good as you could potentially get people bricking their phone because they didn't do the workaround correctly and instantly would blame Windows 10.
  • I gotta a feeling Oohooo I gotta a feeling oohooo, I gotta a feeling that the next build of W10 for phones is coming in one week or two oohooo
  • Lol
  • I hope not coz it looks like they have still a lot of things to fix and improve
  • Early builds means bugs, that's ok, I'm concerned about what features will W10 bring, personally I'm considering jumping into Android ecosystem cause W10 seems to me like Microsoft's last chance to convince consumers worldwide that it can make great phone OS like Windows for PC, & since we're talking about bugs, there's one on iOS still not fixed even in iOS 8.2 it's related to WIFI, Android 4.4 Kitkat runs smoother then Lollipop 5.0 which is awkward, there's no such thing as a perfect OS.
  • I dont see anything about LED notifications in those screen shots...
  • It's there. Read the text on the Notifications screenshot.
  • Yup, it is plain as day...
  • 2nd row of screenshots, one on the left.
  • If you look closely in the notifications+action screen you will notice the option of LED along with the current options
  • Would be a perfect match for an old Lumia 920.
  • I want to be able to switch app pages like k can now.. By swiping to the left and right..
  • Me too, this endless scrolling is making me frustrated
  • Then get an android or iOS; desktop start screen is now also vertical scrolling, so dont expect this to change on Windows for phones
  • Desktop start menu has been horizontally scrolling since 8, but 10 on a phone is still using vertical so I'm very much doubting your rationale there
  • Im saying desktop (W10) is now also vertical scrolling, as in it used to be horizontal but now it's vertical; so dont expect Windows for phone to change to horizontal ...that was my point.
  • I love it
  • The fonts and the sizes of text are all wrong. Ask I really dont like the new toggle switches.
  • Blegh, those toggles. And I am still not sold on the wireframe icons. Or the circles... This is starting to look like an ununified mess, like early versions of android.
  • Can't say it in better way
  • Agreed!
  • Highly disappointing.
  • LED notification through OLED display or standalone notification LED outside of display?
  • Most likely a standalone LED. It would be cool though, if the start button could be used as a notification LED for devices with capacitive buttons. They already utilise it on the 925 when charging from completely dead.
  • Are you guys talking about something like Android's annoying "blinking light" fiasco where your phone is like a light house? I hated that on Android. Microsoft isn't getting ride of the Peek feature of Glance screen, right? I much prefer that for notifications.
  • I've always wanted some light notifications, but after glance came out it was so much better. I would actually put glance in my top 5 features, after calling, texting, internet, and apps. In other words, no glance is a deal breaker for me.
  • Options are nice things. When a person's phone is further away but in sight an LED notification is useful to be made aware of a possibly silent and non vibrating phone.
  • Looks great, waiting for LED notifications.
  • Starting to look really good :) 
  • The greyish background where backup is shown looks very ugly. They have to make things borderless and they are going more for border design.
  • Agreed i dont like that grey border for the heading of the menus, it makes it feel like an app/webapp. They should maintain the large typography instead and do whatevwr they want below, that would atleast maintain the feel/look of the Windows we've grown accustomed to.
  • Aww don't I get any credits? :P lol.
    Colour LED notifications??
    Interesting, didn't see anything mentioned about that on the Neowin article. Hmm must have missed it lol.
  • I don't see why everyone was pushing on uservoice suggestion for led notification when there's Glance,maybe with both Glance and LED it would be better
  • Not every phone has access to Glance. I thought I read somewhere, too, they might might be going away from Glance for phones. Otherwise, this is pretty cool stuff coming to Windows 10 for phones.
  • Glance > LED notifications, by far. I loathe LED notifications. Gives me flashbacks to my old Android phone, that blinked nonstop and made me want to smash things. I'd make Glance a requirement on all Lumias, if I were Satya.
  • I liked led notifications back in the day with my first smartphone. It's a rarely needed, but a welcome ADDITION to glance, in no way an adequate replacement
  • I think next build will be released next week(between 23-27)
  • The fast update option so far in wp10 has been pointless, lets hope fast actually becomes what it says on the tin with future releases
  • I hate this new On-Off style
  • +1
  • LED Notification Colours?
  • :/ why they are making everything so tiny ( people and settings menu )
  • It's part of a campaign to encourage people to eat more carrots.
  • ^^this made my day :P
  • Your comment would be appropriate only if i had writtern " skinny" not " tiny" :D
  • In the West, it's common for parents to tell their kids that eating carrots will improve their vision (since carrots are chocked full of Vitamin A). That would help in viewing tiny text. However, science says any actual vision gains due to eating carrots would be neglible.
  • Ohh you got me ! ;)
  • Look good
  • Too much ugly
  • Rounded switches... So inconsistent from a UI point of view!
  • I think I like the new UI. :)
  • Don't like the round photo, for contacts...prefer the square photo...
  • My man.
  • Nope... Circles fits perfect... More minimal.. Not so win95
  • Tell me about it I cant fuckin stand it, it usually cuts images in weird ways and it gives a claustrophobic feeling. Why are they changing stuff that wasnt broken and people never complained about? I dont know what the hell MS is tryng to do here but its not working.
  • ^this
  • Agree with you there. With toggles I prefer square style but it's not a dealbreaker. But the round "avatar" is downright ugly
  • It's so frustrating for the users with high end devices like 925. There is nothing special they are doing for these devices... Just focusing on latest 630, 730,830,930.. Just feeling like I wud b better if I switch to android.
  • They are working on each wp8 device.. Obviously the new handsets with latest hardware support w10 better than ur 925.. It has nothing to do with flagship phones
  • I have the lumia 925 and i think they have done everything they can with this device. Now i believe that the H/W of this phone reached its limit but MS will make sure Win10P will run as smooth as Win8 on this phone but we won't get the latest H/W features. And instead of paying for android device, use that money and get a new Lumia and support this OS and its EcoSystem dont just blame MS for H/W limitations. and remember that android devices dont always get the latest updates. Sometimes they get abandoned after a short period, so u r in a better state with WP
  • Completely agree with u
  • What are you talking about? You will get Windows 10.
  • Dude, they doing the same with 1520 I use. So I will definitely switch to android when HTC One m9 and lg g4 will be released, will check, compare and buy.
  • These are technical screenshots not real designs people!
  • Can any one please explane me that LED thing?
    Will the Windows button/logo emit? (light going out of it)
    Or new Windoes10 HardWare will have a standalone notification LED like in BlackBerry smartphones? Please guys I need explanation
  • I think that new Lumias will come with dedicated LED notification H/W and the old Lumias will use the Windows Key
    but i hope that both new and old lumias use the Windows key as it will look cooler than other options
  • Or maybe it will be the back camera LED (more Androidesh)
    If it will be in the Windows logo, it will be really really great, like my old NOKIA C7, I LOVE that Thanks for the reply habibi
  • Hopefully they wont go with the camera LED (like iOS and Android).   And you are welcome Habibi ;)
  • If they are really putting in LED notifications (which is not what I want; Glance is what I want), I'll be turning it off as my first move.
  • As long as there is an option to enable and disable it, then there should be no problem.
  • Lumia L730 has a LED on the top left...
  • Would you proof that with an image or something? Coz I'm not satisfied
  • I guess circles would be a thing now.
  • $%@f!&$%#*@ circles!!
  • They look great
  • nice changes with the settings. however, the new people app and that contact creation looks bad.
    i mean why keep a circular photo? windows made tiles popular. keep it square. it looks bad.
    the people app could get better though, with a grey coloured band behind the pivot titles. and maybe a hamburger. :P
  • Yo.. I agree.. Idk where all wp7 wp8 designers have gone..
    Circular photo I hate most :/
  • Can we stop living in the past please!
  • Did anyone notice on the notification part it says LED at the end of some of them!?? Where do we have an LED? LOL
  • Maybe the Windows Key will act as an LED
    It will blink when there are unattended notifications
  • Maybe there are new phones coming in the future? You know, just a thought...
  • I believe new Lumias wil have an led flash.. Also L730 has an LED flash which was never utilized, maybe the time is now
  • Does back up data include a game progress too?
  • Horrible... Again curved design? I thought wp made a step forward with squares... +Ridiculous font sizes!
  • +million
  • Your can't be so idiot
  • My thoughts exactly! I really don't like this development! Where's the strict consistency we've all learned to love?
  • Anyone noticed that there are no hamburger buttons in these screenshots???
    Fingers crossed....
  • Yet other ugly UI elements like round contact pics and pill shaped toggles prevail. :(
  • I agree with you, but the possible removal of hamburger button means MS is reading the Uservoice suggestions and it is willing to consider them, so if we start another thread on uservoice and tell microsoft about the other UI element, it will read it and it will consider it.
    Dont worry
  • I like pills, and boobs are round.
  • +925
  • -630
  • Microsoft, take your suppository-shaped toggles and shove them...
  • We are waiting more available insider images for the phones still waiting.
  • Gosh darn I hate that round contact picture... Give us the squares back!! And same for the toggles - the ovals can go back to where sun don't shine.
  • No.. If the UI is so much "square-style" it looks outdated!
    We need some circles.. It looks modern. Fresh. More minimal.
  • Thank you.. Finally someone who is not caught up in the stone age
  • Yo I agree... Big zero (circle) everywhere
  • Leaks while they have insider tech preview program is pretty disappointing.. If there's is compiled version it should be out
  •  lumia 1020
  • Soon?
  • SMS/Text backup is not listed on the backup screen. Could it be because there's still no solution to the 80C805E2 sync error that only resolves by turning off text message backup?
  • Still don't understand the point of keeping the 'x' in the corner of multitasking view. We all have understood the concept of swipe by now.
  • some people just find a tap more convenient. i myself use swipe more. what i would really like is being able to swipe multiple apps at the same time.
  • I would say that most people don't understand that they can swipe down to close, actually. An X in the top right corner has been a Windows staple for decades.
  • I understand that I can swipe away tasks and use it more often than the X but sometimes I find X more convenient. Its like the keyboard sometimes I swipe sometimes I tap, it's good to have options
  • I'm not very fond of the circles. I prefer the old squared look.
  • Nope
  • Exactly, circles have no edge to them.
  • Funny how the new Youtube app from Google just removed the hamburger Menue and added pivot in it :)
  • Waiting for the classic 720 with windows 10
  • +720
  • i'm assuming an LED outside the display, like droid.
    though The Verge claimed it'll benefit devices like the 730 (my phone) and 930.
    going by that it has something to do with the displays. but don't see any reason something like this would be made specifically for phones with LED screens.
  • Wonder the led on htx 8x works on this.
  • Hey did you installed wp 10 for your phone L730?
  • Like that switch mode
  • i found another leak also in my country ( indonesia ), in next update for wp 10 tp, we can change the primary account without doing a hard reset, but after we do that,some app are associated with​ the primary account will disappear. i have the screenshot for that leak but i cannot upload in wc app on my phone
  • Ok...
  • The problem of some people over here their not here for the support and and see the windows growing. U don't need to comment if u don't like something and I realize the same people Avery day who comes up with negative comment .
  • Looks androidish
  • Wow seems to be so cool :):):)
  • But when will it come to users?????????????????
  • What's with the ugly toggle buttons? :(
  • No, those are beautiful not ugly
  • I hope the build comes soon and adds lumia *20 series
  • I like it loads better that the current toggles, it make me laugh with people saying that the buttons look like Andorid, I think you'll find the current buttons are the exact same as androids buttons nearly.
  • Even title pane :(
  • Since Microsoft still has much of time to release and unknown when to release windows 10 for phone, please improve the keyboard with smarter prediction no matter in English or Chinese, please add the traditional 12 buttons keyboard in pinyin. If Microsoft has no idea about the keyboard improvement, TouchPal is a very good example for you to refer, that's all what you need, Microsoft.
  • Looks very good.
    But don't compare with other OS's.
    Buttons, colours, style, etc.. Not made for Android, IOS and others. It's individual choice. Sorry for my ENG
  • But there isn't a Lumia with LED notification light ?
  • Actually it has been proven that Lumia 730 has an inactive LED light
  • I hope they make all the tiles circular too!!! Yay for circles! /s kill me :{
  • Too corny for me sorry. They gotta come better than that...
  • Microsoft has taken long to release the next build for windows 10 phones. I deem that because of long awaiting it will fix a bunch of bugs.
  • I like the smaller fonts, but I'm not sure I like the new roundness of the switched and contracts...
    Or maybe I do... Can't decide
  • Looks like they'll finally let people record calls.. Good stuff
  • It's alpha version so no one can judge anything right now
  • Yep they will
  • Terrible on/off button and terrible bottom menu! I hope this is not the final UI
  • Looking good so far, please MS keep everything simple. Don't do what android and IOS did to their OS.
  • It's great and awesome , and worth 10 name, go on MS.
  • Yes, they are doing good job. They are making it like desktop windows .
  • BTW, did anyone notice how the phone in the first picture is displaying a screenshot. I was sitting here thinking that they have a Lumia 920 with Win10 on it then i noticed the redundant wifi, battery and time logo.
      Damn it.
  • Don't really understand the color led stuff
  • Contact menu is also lame.... looks like Android with picture option....the square look was tht we use currenlty is awesome....
  • I want to see Background other than White and Black! May be some Greyish white or black, low transparent wallpaper.. something like that.
  • Everything looks good so far & good to see the hardware authorization thingy (I.e. Mic access) finally trickling down to W10P from W8.1
    I hate that Circler icon though ... Its awful ... Hope they change it
  • Looking very good. When is a L930 image available. Pfff
  • Nice. Now if they could just stop the leaks and release it. Lol. There have been enough leaks lately to drop the titanic.
  • Aaaaaah, thooose ugly switches :(
  • More like android lolipop .. In fact title pane is also similar to android .. These guys r borrowing from android :'(
  • What's the big blow with 10?
  • For the amount of leaks. I think we will have a release this week. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • Amazing
  • Looks awful!!
  • Will take time to digest it :|
  • If only the onedrive app backup feature actually backed up all of your app settings and game saves, that would be revolutionary.
  • Seems more... Premium and sexy! I want windows 10 :D
  • I can't bear those rounded switches buttons, seriously... Where is the WP spirit and design language that made me fond of the platform? Yeah I know this is a preview, but it does not HAVE to look that ugly. Previews can be beautiful. They should.
  • No, it don't like android. Its like desktop windows
  • Did come to know from a trusted source that notification will be coming to capacitive buttons!
  • Dear windows developer..... Plz add background download(like in android) feature in windows 10 for phones....its the main drawback in windows phone.... And plz make the OS attractive like in Android... The UI is so poor... Atleast this time make the OS as user friendly....
  • The preview build is not coming for 20 series?
  • Did you know that some phones such as Lumia 730 have an inactive LED might just waiting for the update to be alive? I wonder what else is lying idle in our phones waiting for activation.
  • Heard the 930 can deliver cappuccinos if coded for, I wish lol But, the LED Notifications are almost worth W10 alone❕
  • strontium nitro 32 gb sd card not support for Lumia 730 ,please help
  • I likeee
  • I like it
  • Ready for PFD build. Have they released TP to any other phones yet?
  • Windows 10 for phones looks like nothing compared to 8.1, windows phone users wants that kind of UI with small fonts and sliding sideways options on every where in photos, at dialler, in Bing search in settings like in xbox music, try to develop OS that way. We don't want hamburger options and we don't want to select every option by clicking on top as we can slide sideways in every where in 8.1, anyone want to talk about Bing search, it looks like shit, we have to select by clicking on options like images and videos where as in 8.1 we can slide sideways
  • Pivots, panoramas and ... are preferred against hamburger menus, which are place at the top so hard to reach and are not as unique and beautiful either.
  • battery icon has shrunk
  • Uses less power so the battery will last much longer :/s
  • on contact profiles i hope MS would make those type or name of phones (e.g. Mobile 1, Mobile 2, work, home e.t.c) numbers editable, so that we can put our own headings there! 
  • The Cortana in the current phone preview looks and works like crap. White background with blue framed box to type. Looks like a broken wrapper for a site!
  • For me I prefer icons than text. The text makes it look like old UI
  • Maybe these are options..hopefully
  • I don't like the rounded pictures for contacts. MS, your logo is square. So keep it that way!
  • The main thing I will like to see is led notification. It does help alot..
  • Agree, one of my biggest wants and looks like it's happening with W10, oh joy❗
  • What is it with the LED Notifications? Can any body please tell?
  • LED Notifications are one thing I have really wanted. Should I not be near my phone and a text or call is missed I have no way of knowing without activating the phone. With a flashing LED I would know immediately if a call text is missed.
  • Old UI used to be great. Old ON/OFF button was easy to identify in which condition it is. Let the fonts be like in Windows phone 8, don't mess that!
  • Personally, I'm glad to see the oversized title text go.
  • so many leaks are out now .. bt when will the next W10 TP update coming to more devieces. 
  • I'm hoping this is pushed out soon...I did update my 1520 originally for a day or two but then flashed back. This is looking a little more complete and would love to get back on it (the actionable texts alone were worth it), it was just too incomplete...man they're slow at times
  • Do you guys 920 has Inactive LED for alerts?
  • Looks awesome. Looking forward to the app permissions
  • I like the privacy settings, so many apps gave so many none sense requirements.
  • Looking awesome.. But please release it for L520 ..
  • Battery icon, just seems to small in width... Not entirely convinced with the icons
  • Great
  • A welcomed change..i liked pivot menu..but they also taking up a lot of space...this looks more convenient.
  • I hope the Settings app theme syncs with your theme as well, and that the cobalt blue over black background isn't a permanent colour scheme...
    I also don't understand the purpose of the grey title bar... Maybe they'll have it extend into the header so it doesn't look as jarring?
    The new appbar is pretty strange as well, might I add. It serves the same purpose as the current one, why not just improve on what's already there rather than have two separate ones now?
    I'm sure it's a bit pointless to rant in the comments section but what are your opinions on these?
  • Do agree the grey bar is jarring, it breaks up the design for no reason. Hoping its just a beta thing that's removed.
  • Automatic map updates. Nice.
  • Yes, I travel quite a lot so very good inclusion.
  • I'm one of those loyalists who are displeased with this new UI direction that MS is taking. What's with header bars and funky symbols, curvy toggles and circular profile thumbnails? On functionality front, I see new features like notification LEDs and inking option. These were some of the requested features which are as always welcome. What I don't understand is why are getting this new ugly visual overhaul?
  • I'm with you bro.
  • Currently W10 seems a mixed bag for most. Some like and sine dislike changes. I do prefer pivots, ... and panoramas so seeing round corners and hamburger menus is not Metro. But, this is not a final build so lets see what they do. I have voted on the forums for changes/non changes so doing my bit. With you on LED Notifications, this will be in my top 3 wants.
  • Ui sucks :(
  • The UI will need a serious change 'till the RTM! Everything looks too "Plain" somehow and poorly designed. Settings pages are way too raw, just text links on a page. I don't want butterflies, but it's just way too boring and simple; like a drawing made by a 5 year old kid. At least they seemed to have fixed the tap+hold menu. Also the icons for battery,wifi,cell..are horrible, like drawed with a .5mm pen.
  • It could easily be a year before we see w10 final release. Calm down. And voice your concerns on Microsoft's website.
  • Much more consistent than before.
  • I want back-up and restore for more than 1 start screen layout. I should be able to manage backups, and restore to my hearts content. There are so many ways to organize a start screen, I'd like to be able to save and restore multiple
  • May be possible...if you can name each screen, that would work, right? May be you have to change the stored screens file name and then save the next one, repeat, etc. Not sure why you want or need this, but maybe this way will do it, or once W10 is released, they may have a better way.
  • Now if we could get the Preview for other models, like my Nokia ICON....
  • Finally!Notification lights will be coming to new WP10 devices.
  • That's cool. It will release on day and e will ask see it
  • I don't like the PEOPLE section.. that round shape is disgusting...
  • Not a fan of the circles either
  • I like the changes, cause the changes and updates are always for better.
  • Does windows 10 for phone will support background downloading and multitasking like Android
  • I really like this new UI.. Looks amazing :)
  • The best feature I would like to see is Cortana unlocking my phone through voice recognition. Than using password. This will be cool. She can recognize only you voice
  • As in Hey Cortana, currently have this on my 930 and works really well. Make calls, send texts etc etc without ever touching the phone, brilliant idea and hope you receive it soon.
  • I do have hey Cortana too and she word amazingly. What am saying is using hey Cortana to unlock your phone instead of entering password everytime
  • Ah, I see. I don't have a password on my phone so Hey Cortana works. I'm guessing Hey Cortana is blocked due to password protection on your phone and you don't want to remove it?
  • I just use password cause I don't want anyone getting in my phone. So I want this time if someone wants to get in my phone only me can let them in with my voice and hey Cortana will activate my phone. If u know want I mean
  • Yes, I know what you mean. Thank you for explaining. I have asked other people to say Hey Cortana to my phone but it never opens for them, only me. I would see your idea being very useful for easy access and security. Have you suggested this on the forums, I'm sure there are many others wanting this option too.
  • Am going to.
  • Ugh, I really don't like the ios inspires toggle switches or the circles.
  • iOS toggles look regal compared to this letdown.
  • That looks tight. Sharp and slick. And to think it will cross over to all your devices and all will work in unified form...sweet! Worth the wait to see...but I hate the wait!
  • Round elements in the Modern UI? Really Microsoft? Why don't you just put Android on your phones? Blegh.
  • This is not Windows for Phone 10 it's a Windows Phone Theme for android 4
    It's Super Ugly
  • I want this for 1520
  • When it will be available for 820 ?
  • We need real multitasking that is multi window operations
  • In windows 10 call recording options is available r not...
  • Leeeeeeeed :D
  • Rounded controls!  Great improvement.  Please put that in more of that OS so that apps don't like like Minecraft Mock-ups, please.
  • Am glad w8.1 demine... Sharing ability has serious improvements... Well done. Now fix sharing on the video app. PDF file shared with a link.. That sucks big time. We need real attachments
  • I don't really find the gray bar on top very appealling. I came from the land of Android and that makes Windows look more like it. I hope they just keep the settings like WinPhone 8.1 or create something new, not resembling Android/iOS... As for the text size, there's a setting for that - increase or decrease to your heart's content!
  • Haha land of android xD loved that.
  • My 1520 approves. Looks really nice.
  • In the fifth picture, it shows "Store On LED." Does this mean that the new WP devices are going to get LED lights?
  • LED Notifications. About time! It's only been sitting at #2 on their Uservoice site since 2011.  Now, we just need Handsets with a multi-colour Cortana 'Halo' LED for custom Contact/Cortana/App alerts. Pink for the contacts whos fave colours is that....Purple for Viber, Blue for Facebook etc etc   Not digging them making the Toggle buttons and various elements smaller. Seems the wrong way to go for a Phone.
  • The switches makes me wanna cry everytime i see them... I like rectangles more... I like the new style, but i will definitely miss the old one. I'm confused...
  • Design is kind of ugly, but I do appreciate the features! Hopefully they can tighten up that UI soon.
  • You know it's bad when the old stuff looks better than the new. I've seen better WP style launchers on the Play Store. It's really disheartening to see MS go from the slick and stylish look in 8.0 and 8.1 to this clunky uninspired garbage. I know it's a work in progress but this is clearly the direction MS wants to go and that is just sad. The OkCupid style contact circles are out of place. The tiny rounded toggles are a joke. They even moved them from the right side to the left which makes them harder to hit one handed for the majority of right handed users. You would think MS would follow their own UI research. I think everyone can appreciate the new features but not at the expense of the distinct design language which set WP apart from the other OSes.
  • Windows phone 7 design was the best
  • AbaEx
  • What's with the orange square button in the bottom right of the screen?!