Evernote for Windows 10 gets new templates feature in latest update

The Evernote app for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) has added support for templates with its latest update. Debuted earlier this week, Evernote's revamped templates (opens in new tab) feature is meant to help you get started with jotting your notes a little easier, thanks to a wide selection of designs (via OnMSFT).

Evernote explains:

With professionally designed templates available directly through the Evernote app, you can create great notes quickly, without having to start from scratch or copy-and-paste from another note. Just click the Template button when creating a new note and you can instantly choose from your personal collection of templates.

If you're looking for a new template to use, Evernote also has a templates hub (opens in new tab) that you can use to track down a new design and download it for use in the app. You can also create and save your own templates.

If you're a heavy Evernote user, you can check out templates in the Evernote for Windows 10 app now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Curious What Evernote usage market share looks like nowadays on all the 3 major platforms.
  • I presume it is still pretty large, the few people i know that uses software like this have not gone over to over software and still use Evernote. I suppose if you been using it for years, going over to another service is a pain in the neck. Just think of all the info that people have stored in Evernote. Myself, I can not find any use for this sort of thing. I done a shopping list once in Google keep and found it more of a pain then paper and pen. but there must be some people who them useful.
  • It's not a Windows 10 app really. It's a Win32 Desktop, the same app for Windows 7/8.1. Annoyingly it's not Touch friendly at all.