Everspace blasts out of the Game Preview program with Xbox Play Anywhere support

After a fairly lengthy period of public testing as part of the Xbox Preview Program, Everspace has officially launched (opens in new tab) in full. Available on Xbox One and Windows 10, the space shooter carries Xbox Play Anywhere support, letting you carry your progress between both platforms with ease.

Everspace puts players in the cockpit to take part in galactic dogfights and engage in exploration. Procedurally-generated levels manage to mix the experience up, and the game's rogue-like elements ensure plenty of challenge. Here's a look at some of what you can expect with Everspace:

  • FIGHT! Dash into intense dogfights and experience furious space combat using a wide range of weaponry and devices.
  • CRAFT! Collect and mine valuable resources to either repair your ship's systems or to craft new equipment and modifications for a much-needed advantage. Your choice.
  • LOOT! Find blueprints for crafting, and hunt for exotic weaponry and equipment. You never know what will drop next.
  • EXPLORE! Travel through vast, procedurally-generated levels with untold numbers of hidden dangers and treasures. A game of risk and reward awaits.
  • SURVIVE! With the tools provided, it is up to you to make the best of your situation. Utilize every advantage and be creative to turn the odds in your favor. Every mistake could be your last.

Plenty of content has been added over the game's testing period, so there should be lots to check out if you've been holding off for a full launch. Everspace is up for grabs now for $30, and you grab it on the Windows Store for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

See at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Ps part of Microsoft Rewards punchcard for the next 13 days
  • Saw that and didn't realize they released it as full. Still not sure if I want it or not.
  • Nice!
  • Do we have any long-time Elite Dangerous commanders who have tried Everspace out and be willing to share the comparison?
  • Take 2 minutes out of your life and watch a video of the gameplay. Oh yeah, you don't understand why those people do what they do when they stream/make videos. You also don't research products before buying them. Go figure, maybe you could learn something.
  • Watching a video is not even close to the same thing.
  • Never said it was. You can, however, in just a few minutes, determine that the two games are vastly different.
  • The only part of Elite Dangerous that could be compared to Everspace is the CQC arena in ED and that is multiplayer and Everspace is not . They are different games with combat in Everspace faster and more like a standard shooter game . Steam gives Everspace 9 /10 and ED 6/10 so the mass of gamers seem more approving of Everspace .  I backed Everspace on kickstarter and paid $20 and after 1 year released a polished game with no bugs or crashes I have experienced . If ED can improve CQC by having NPCs or a solo mode then the comparison can be made and if it is like the NPCs in the main game then Everspace is more fun and exciting but a solo experience which was the downfall of No Man`s Sky . 
  • Had some trouble today with using an Xbox controller with a PC on the full version. Didn't seem to have a way to get the game to recognize a controller was connected. Worked fine in the previews. I like this game a lot, but get a little annoyed at how difficult it can be to sustain survivability as the number of enemies and difficulties increase with each level, giving you less and less time to gather resources to restore health.
  • Is this open world? Or more like Starfox but more realistic?