Every Oculus Quest game announced at Connect 5

With the announcement of the Oculus Quest from Facebook at Connect 5, we got a chance to see some of the games that will be available for it and the other Oculus platforms over the coming months. This will be a growing collection as we hear of more new releases.

Most of these games are already available for the Oculus Rift which shows how simple it will be to port games over to the Quest though there are some games launching at the same time as the Quest.

Vader Immortal: Episode 1

Vader Immortal is the first episode of an ongoing story driven game by ILMxLab, the branch of Disney focused on VR and AR experiences. This game takes you to Mustaffa and tells the tale of Darth Vader between the movies The Revenge of the Sith and a New Hope.

Just the small teaser trailer is enough to have me salivating.


Moss by Polyarc is one of my favorite games to play in Windows Mixed Reality and Rift so I am excited to see it coming to the Oculus Quest.

Leading Quil, the mouse protagonist, around the beautiful world will be a complete joy with the freedom from cables that the Quest promises.


Covert is perhaps the first game I've seen to use cooperative play across VR and your mobile device. Players will be able to work together to be a thief in the VR game while your friend on their phone or tablet can hack into systems to help you along.

Color me intrigued.


Stormland looks amazing. Made by Insomniac games, Stormland looks like it will push the Oculus Quest to the limit. It's huge open world style and frantic gameplay suggests this will be one of the top games to own this Spring.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR is one of the games I compare all VR games against. The unique visual style and gameplay make it the perfect VR game and I cannot wait to use it in the Oculus Quest, free from tethers.

It's also the first VR game I fell over in, so we expect more of that.

Dead and Buried VR

Billed as a VR paintball game, Dead and Buried have a big showing at Connect 5 this year. With a 4,000 square foot arena for guests to try out the game on Oculus Quest, this looks to be one of the most exciting launch day titles.

The Climb

The Climb is already a fan favorite with Rift users so it will be interesting to see how it translates over to the Oculus Quest. Having the freedom to move around more should make the game more enjoyable and scarier if, like me, you are afraid of heights.

Face your Fears

Also known to me as the NOPE game, Face your Fears by Turtle Rock Games is literally the stuff of nightmares. the game is designed to show you common phobias that people have and ramp up that experience to insane levels.

If you are an adrenaline junky, this one is for you.

Space Junkies

Space Junkies by Ubisoft is a neon-filled shooter with insane graphics and fast-paced gameplay. It's one of those games that would leave me reacting to everything instead of leading the pack.

It's going to be frantic to play untethered on the Quest.

Project Tennis Scramble

While Project Tennis Scramble was mentioned several times on the live feed at Oculus Connect 5 and it was mentioned that there were physical tennis courts for you to play the game on the Quest, no trailer, or even screenshots have been released.

This game is a bit of a mystery until we get more information but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's about tennis.

Vox Machinae

Vox Machinae by Space Bullet is the giant robot fighting game you always knew you wanted. Wandering around the landscape fighting bots or other players in a massive mech sounds immensely satisfying.

The Unspoken

The Unspoken from Insomniac games has been on the Rift for a while now and the magical, mystical fighting game is a great choice to port over to the Quest.

Because the Quest is using the same 6DoF touch controllers as the rift, The Unspoken should have the exact same gameplay as it does now.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall from Epic Games is a bullet storm game with some unique gameplay design. Using it on the Oculus Quest will bring a lot of needed freedom to the game allowing you to spin 360 degrees to destroy killer robots en masse.

Are there more?

So there they are — every game we saw at Oculus Connect 5 that is coming to the Oculus Quest. At least we think so. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments if you saw more games and we will add them here!

James Bricknell

James built his first PC when he was 13 and has never looked back. He can be found on Windows Central, usually in the corner where all the 3D printers are, or huddled around the Xbox playing the latest games.