Evil Slayer - a Windows Phone game where you wipe out Zombies one tap at a time

Evil Slayer is a Windows Phone game that hit Store shelves late last year and plays out a lot like a tower defense game. You just don't have any towers and your finger is the first line of defense.

The game has you tasked with protecting the local farm from an invasion of Zombies, demons and other monsters who are intent on stealing your pumpkins. You defend your crops by tapping on the monsters or setting traps to ruin their day. Evil Slayer is an entertaining gaming title with nice graphics, challenging game play and a pace that will give your fingers a workout. Available for low-memory Windows Phones, if you are in search of a fun game to pass the time with Evil Slayer is worth trying.

The story line behind Evil Slayer has a scarecrow named Scary who is overwhelmed in protecting the farm and unable to fight the forces of darkness. This is where you step in and tap your way to victory by wiping out wave upon wave of the un-dead and other monstrous creatures.

Evil Slayer Menu

The main menu for Evil Slayer is rather simple with options to view the About screen and mute the sound in the upper corners of the screen. Your gold and gem count is displayed in the top center and your option to begin game play sits at the bottom center of the screen.

Game Modes

There are two gaming modes available for Evil Slayer. You have a multi-level arcade styled game and a survival mode where you see how long you can protect the farm from an endless wave of creatures. From the game mode menu, you will also find options to access the game's store and view your gaming achievements.

Evil Slayer Store

The game store has an assortment of power-ups that you can buy with the coins and gems you earn during game play.

The arcade mode has over forty levels of play where you battle the monsters and take on a variety of missions, all the while protecting your pumpkin patch. Missions include taking out all the monsters, destroying their crypts and battling bosses. Monsters vary in strength and speed with some requiring multiple taps to take down. They will come from crypts, dark holes in the ground and from the woods.

Evil Slayer Tutorial

The survival mode has a pile of pumpkins center screen with monsters streaming in from all sides of the woods to snatch them up. Your job is simple, protect the pumpkins and take out the monsters.

The layout of the game screen has your vital statistics running across the top of the screen and any power-ups available displayed along the bottom of the screen. Power-up options will remain hidden in order to open up more of the game screen. To reveal your options, just tap the scarecrow icon.

The mechanics of taking out the monsters and saving the farm is rather simple. Just tap the screen on the monster to wipe them out. Some may take a couple of taps to destroy and you can also swipe at the screen to attack multiple monsters. Gold is earned with each monster slain and the power-ups can be used as traps and defenses.

Evil Slayer

Game play will get rather hectic at times with dozens of monsters appearing at once. If they reach your pumpkin patch and begin to carry a pumpkin off, you can still destroy the monster and save your crops. However, if the monster makes it off the screen with a pumpkin it is a goner.

Overall Impression

Evil Slayer isn't your typical tower defense game. While you can set traps to aid in the defense of the farm, you are the primary source of defense against monster attacks. The pace of the game will keep you on your toes, with the monsters only needing the slightest waiver of your attention to overwhelm the screen.

The only real downside to the game is the tiny graphics. The game looks good but I would have like to have seen slightly larger graphics to give some detail of the monsters. Maybe the option to zoom into game play would help. It would narrow your field of view but the increase in detail might be worth the trade off.

All in all, I liked Evil Slayer. The pace may give you finger cramps from all the tapping though. The game, at last check, is pulling down a 4.5 star rating in the Windows Phone Store. It only has nine reviews but we think the 4.5 stars isn't too far from the mark for Evil Slayer.

If you try Evil Slayer, let us know in the comments below what you think of the Windows Phone game.

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