Exclusive: Dawn of Steel coming to Windows Phone and Windows 10 in 2016

Clash of Clans-style games can be quite addictive, as evidenced by the massive success of not only Clash but similar titles like Cloud Raiders and Age of Empires: Castle Siege. Players just love building a base and then raiding other people's bases for resources. But one issue that limits the appeal of many of these games (other than Age of Empires) is that you don't get to control your own units in battle. You just summon them and watch as they attack the enemy base.

German studio Flaregames ( Royal Revolt 2 and Throne Wars) and LA-based indie developer Superweapon have created a raiding game that gives players full control of their units during battle. Dawn of Steel lets players assemble a squad of mech robots and fight for control in a sci-fi war for supremacy. And Windows Central is proud to exclusively announce that Dawn of War will be coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8 and 10 early next year!

Battle in the stars to save the Earth

Dawn of Steel takes place in a future vaguely similar to that of the terrible, I mean popular movie Avatar. Humanity has discovered a precious resource called Plasma on the distant planet Leviathan. Plasma is a new and highly efficient energy source, exactly what our world needs. But the space-faring corporations of the future can't agree on mining rights. And so these factions go to war with each other, with control of Plasma and the Earth's future in the balance.

Dawn of Steel

Like most all free to play raiding games, players will start out by building a base to stockpile resources and defend against other players. Building things takes time unless you spend premium currency to skip the wait. We've all played games like this, but the base-building isn't the most exciting part of Dawn of Steel. Combat is where it's at.

Whether you're engaged in story-based campaign battles or simply attacking other players to steal their Credits and Plasma, Dawn of Steel is a true real-time strategy experience. You control your squad of three mechs at all times, directing them either individually or as a team. You'll tell them where to move, fire, and dodge as they destroy enemy turrets, walls, and defensive units. It's a lot more like StarCraft than your average Clash clone.

Between battles, you'll even get to research and equip new weapons and armor for your mechs. You'll want to assemble a balanced team in which each unit complements one another.

Dawn of Steel

Coming soon to Windows devices near you

Dawn of Steel launched as a free-to-play game on iOS in September 2015. It will be coming to Windows Phone, Windows 10 (PC and mobile), Windows 8, and Android in early 2016. Windows Phones will need 1 GB of RAM at launch to play it, though the developers hope to optimize the game for low-end devices in the future.

All three ecosystems (Windows, Android, and iOS) will be fully cross-compatible with each other, so Windows gamers will have no shortage of opponents to battle. And for the first time in its Windows titles, Flaregames plans to implement a proper cloud save system. Players will be assigned a code that they can use to log-in on new devices. At least we'll get to hop back and forth between phone and PC, or simply recover the game after switching to a new phone.

We'll have more Dawn of Steel news closer to release in 2016.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

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  • Interesting viewpoint. You just may be right...
  • Native apps are cleaner and can be quicker. They're also more secure than a browser. A Universal banking app would be most welcome.
  • Yes, but there are advantages to delivering a website as opposed to an app.   First of all, updating a website is much easier because you don't have to recompile and prompt your users to download a new version.  Also a website is platform agnostic which means you code it once and everybody can use it regardless of the platform.
  • I don't get it either coke for example why have freestyle on tablet/desktop when their app is needed much more on a phone
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  • I love these sort of games! (and tower defence games too) xD
    Cross platform, cloud save, free, can't ask for anything more.
    Early 2016... which means January right? Right? Right?
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  • You can control your troops (their move) in Age of Empire: Castle Seige instead of watching them.
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  • Thanks; I corrected the wording to be more specific.
  • This game actually looks really cool, and I like mechs, so I'm absolutely gonna play this game.
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  • Having control on troops makes these games easy.
    That's why Clash of Clans leads the strategy game.
  • Having control allows for more strategies, efficient 'spec ops' style attacks, and makes it harder to build perfect defenses. CoC only leads for the same reason android leads smartphone market share. And similarly, I don't find the appeal over AoE. Though personally, I'd much rather spend time playing my own ever evolving mod of c&c Yuri's Revenge than any of these.
  • Moreover, these aren't exactly strategy games. These are more like Tower defense games where a set of long range and tough units are always the best option. Strategy would when you actually have to use your head to think of a team specifically for every attack. When there are more long time goals than some victories. When even winning can be a bad move. I refer you to the cold war campaign in Rise of Nations for some really strategic game play.
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