Extension support for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 may be delayed to 2016

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10-exclusive browser Microsoft Edge would support Chrome-like third-party extensions. However, the company added that it would not be included in the browser when Windows 10 officially launched in July 2015. Now it appears that extension support has been pushed back until sometime in mid-2016, and will be included in Windows 10's major "Redstone" update.

Windows Central reported those delay rumors, via our sources, as part of another story earlier this month. Now WinBeta says it has heard the same thing via its own internal sources at Microsoft. When asked about those delay rumors, a Microsoft spokesperson sent the site this vague response:

"We are bringing support for extensions to Microsoft Edge in a future update. Developers who build extensions for other modern browsers using common Web technologies like JavaScript and HTML, will work with Microsoft Edge with little or no code changes."

It's important to note that even if extension support for Edge has been delayed for Windows 10's Redstone update, members of the Windows Insider program will likely get to test out that feature well before Redstone is released to all Windows 10 users in mid-2016.

Source: WinBeta

John Callaham
  • My use of Edge is delayed until 2016.
  • Word.
  • Agreed. Very disappointing.
  • Microsoft's mantra is not mobile first cloud first, it is mobile soon™ cloud soon™ and windows to the end of the time.
  • Mobile first, Cloud first just means iOS,Android, then maybe Windows.
  • Or even more if the UI still sucks on touch devices.
  • Boom! Agreed! I got a bad feeling that Redstone wil be just slightly better update than TH2, basically not so major changes or improvements from TH2 in a way that it will mostly composed of delayed features just to make it "big" update.
  • Exactly like WP8.1, then Update 1, then Update 2... All over and over and over again...
  • The cycle just continues...oh well.
  • f'sho
  • agreed, I still use it every once in a bit, but for the most part I am back to Chrome. Edge is wicked fast... but with the memory leaks on some sites, lack of extensions, and minimal sync capabilities it just isn't ready for power users yet. Still think it will get there, and it is a rather 'young' browser... but it needs more work.
  • At this point I only use it for two things. Bing points since you get extra points for using Edge, and when I want to open a browser without messing up anything I have going on in my IE. For example I've closed IE and plan on reopening my prior session, and need a quick page.
  • Syncing favorites, passwords, and extensions are not power user features. They're basic things every other desktop OS offers outbid the box with their default browser.  I'm switching to Chrome. 
  • Yeah, the battery on my SP3 lasts WAY too long. I should probably switch to Chrome to solve that problem, too.
  • I WANT METRO IE BACK! THE ULTIMATE for laying in Bed Browsing Pornhub. MICROSOFT U SUCK.
  • +1520
  • Same here. Can't function without lastpass and 1password.
  • Use Enpass. It is actually a really nice cross platform syncing app..
  • Edge ITSELF should have been delayed to 2016. Most lackluster browser launch ever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Count me in!
  • Too late...
  • Cue the dissapointment
  • Well this is no bueno. But edge needs to be better improved anyway. I have already gone back To internet explorer as my main browser with Firefox as the secondary one. Edge just isn't that good and extension support is the least important thing imo at the moment .
  • Yeah its not top priority when half the web is using the legacy code while the other half is using the newer extension support can take a backseat.
  • Beta OS.
  • Beta browser
  • Beta Carotene.
  • Beta late than never...
  • You win.
  • You won internet for today....soon.
  • Boo-urns.
  • yup bring on support. love the changes that have came and are comming. I have considered dropping the insider prieview and just haveing a pc that works correctly. tell me does the official build still have quite a few bugs??
  • I think it's much better than it was at launch.
  • Yup. Occasionally Start and Cortana won't available upon logging in, and since last cumulative update, I can't search anything from Start, not apps nor files, nothing.
  • I had that problem and did a system refresh. Fixed the problem and my computer became blazing fast. Worth a shot
  • It really depends on the system, some work great, while others have issues. But I have had generally good luck with full installs instead of upgrades, and it is certainly less buggy than the preview (though current preview build is rather good).
  • I'm find with it. As long as it works right when it debuts.
  • and I'm gonna tell you that everything will be find.
  • Not including minimal Extensions in the beginning is a huge problem. All W10 users running other browsers with extension support will likely continue to use the browser they are comfortable with. Once extensions are added I can see new W10 install users maybe give it a try, but other than MS fans not many people are interested in blocking ads with any means besides extensions.
  • You hit the nail in the head, Microsoft sure do love taking a couple of steps back after taking one forward
  • There was one browser called Chrome that hasn't supported even Flash at the moment of launch. But with a steady support of the big company it took the lead in the market over the years. If you fail to remember, Chrome was clueless at launch and nearly got no user in its first year of existence. So what?
  • I've never used Chrome, so I don't fail to remember.
  • I personally don't get what people need in a browser, I want to be on websites and simply have them load quickly and without incident, that's all. Throw in a bunch of other crap and it gets messy. Also, the placement of the Caps lock is really inconvenient because the letter 'a' is in a lot of words and I don't like to be unexpectedly shouting for no reason aT INCONVENIENT TIMES. oops... =s
  • I simply can't have a good web experience without an adblock. Yes, you can use the hosts file, but it's not user friendly and I don't like to mess with system files.
    They could integrate an ie-like adblock, but they didn't.
    Edge also has very bad bookmarks support (for example you have to delete them 1by 1).
    I don't get how people can think this version of edge is ok.
  • Does it finally supports copy-paste from pdf? Or doesn't crash on pasting URL into address bar?
  • Don't get me started on bookmarks...
    I have to wait a Lot between pressing the star and clicking save because the tittlewnt load. Then, not always the star gets colored.
  • A short list of things that were better in IE for win8 vs Edge: 1) good and consistant sync support across PCs and WPs so you could look up your browser history 2) basic ad-block support.  and I certainly don't need (or even want) everything blocked... but at least cut down on the drivvel, potentially inapropriate adds when the kiddos are around, and remove full-page ads entirely. 3) support for corporate websites.  At work, so many sites require IE's ActiveX support still, or full Java support that will only work in IE and will not work in Edge (granted, these sites need to die a horrible death... but they still need to be used until a replacement is found). 4) support for things like comment sections!  Even as I type this, every time I hit 'enter' it makes a new line and sends the curser back to the beginning of the box.  Several disqus based sites have big memory leak issues with Edge... it just sucks. 5) general sability.  Every once in a while Edge just disapears... no reason.  I can't remember the last time IE, FF, or Cr did that to me! ​Sure, Edge is fast... but that is about it.  And when compared to other 'fully featured' browsers like Chrome that has multi-user support (which I use all the time now!), it is really hard to use Edge on a regular basis just to shave a few ms off page load times.
  • 6) save as function for hyperlinks
    7) pull tabs to taskbar
    But still, Edge is a v1 product, and a pretty good one, IMO.
  • For me its LastPass. I have so many accounts and logins that its not safe to use the same password. Lastpass is an incredible tool - just until they get hacked.
  • What about the update of Nov-Dec? Isn't it the Redstone? Or is it another?
  • That's Threshold 2
  • Thanks for the info :D
  • Redstone 1 is expected in 'the spring' (I have been hearing May-June timeframe), and Redstone 2 is expected in the fall (October-November ish).  Not expecting too many ground-breaking features in these updates, but it should clean up background stuff and offer more consistant expierence/performance across devices.  Granted, with so many 'OS features' spun out into apps, MS can add lots of functionality without ever needing an OS update to push it through, so we may see plenty of functionality come without Redstone (like SMS to PC).
  • Well I guess Edge will stay as my tertiary one until 2016. Firefox as my main browser and Chrome as my secondary. I'd like to use Edge for at least 1 week but I can't, not without my 4 main add-ons/extensions.
  • I'm not sure why marketing doesn't just say "we're not allowed to say" instead of just copy pasting a marketing line in that had nothing to do with the question. We're not allowed to say is a perfectly acceptable answer Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Finding more and more people that were using IE before Windows 10, trying Edge and - fearing IEs demise - are switching to Chrome instead due to limited Edge features.
  • Even though its the only on enterprise.
    But ive found since vista competing browsers have no access to 64bit printer drivers but in this day & age does that really matter
  • By that time many would have given up on edge
  • I've never seen a company be so successful at sabotaging themselves like MS. Brilliant products, horrible operations.
  • Edge is not exactly brilliant. It hangs and crashes more often than I would like to. Other browsers, including IE, just crashe one tab and offer you the option to reload it. Edge on the other hand crashes the whole app. Probably because of the crappy universal app platform.
  • Damn it. Not having LastPass plugin is keeping me from using Edge full-time. Oh well, it's Coming Soon®
  • True that. One big reason why I still use Firefox.
  • Edge shouldn't have launched as a full product, it should be in BETA.
  • Give me a break. This should never have been released. Users are talkin smack about this browser; make a bad first impression, there's rarely a chance for redemption.
  • Agreed, this is starting to dampen the name of Edge already. They were bragging about how great Edge was and how it was killing IE but putting out this half-baked product is going to push it into the same mindshare that IE was in for people.
  • I couldn't care less for extensions ... in fact, my browser choice depends largely on the fact which browser supports all my needs out of the box. Extensions are just a source for issues, performance woes and all other kind of problems. My browser is here to surf the web, it should get out of the way. But Microsoft really needs to speed up Edge development and releases ... it must stop tying major Edge updates to major Windows updates as it was with IE. I love Edge for it's stripped-down browsing experience that works well and fast, but there are also some key features missing, for example you still can't drag & drop files into OneDrive or other simple but useful settings that IE had (redirecting popups into a tab). It's far behind the competition in this regard and having update cycles like IE while the other vendors nearly have monthly releases will only widen that gap. Why having a new browser when repeating all the mistakes they made with IE? It's an app, update it regularely, and add new features as soon as possible instead of collecting them endlessly to release them in some major updates.
  • I just draged and dropped a file into onedrive in build 10565. This is one of the new features introduced in Edge with this build.
  • Thank you for the good news. I use Edge as my primary browser and having to browse explorer to find the file I want to upload isn't nearly as nice as just being able to drag and drop it on the browser.
  • You're welcome. Like you, I use Edge primarily and this was a nice addition.
  • That's good news, thanks for confirming this. Still, it's sad they tie those Edge updates to Windows updates, currently.
  • The only thing stopping me from using Edge is some kind of ad blocker.  I don't need full-on ad blocking but I do need some sort of blocker to stop those annoying full-screen ads and ones that pop open new screens/tabs.  Until then I will continue using Firefox.
  • At the very least LastPass & Ad blocker are needed.
  • This is unfortuante news, Edge is indeed currently suffering from slow development. Based on current trend, it will take bit long time before it even catches up to IE in terms of essential features, let alone from competitors. Honestly though I won't mind not having extensions for now but Edge really needs features first, especially essential and standard ones, which other web browsers and even IE have. At the moment Edge is considerably just a basic web browser which only Web Notes and Cortana (not fully realized because of region restriction and lack of availability everywhere) is the only unique feature it has. They still have to implement: - Full Syncing (especially tab and session syncing) - Tab Muting - Reopen Closed Tabs & Session - Full drag-and-drop functionality (currently it dragging things from Edge still doesn't work) - Favorites & History Management - Touch Gestures - Full-Screen & Metro IE-like Immersive Mode - Saving Web Note as PNG or PDF - Responsive Design Mode for Developer Tools - Search Engine option on Addressbar - Offline Reading List - Chrome-like direct search similar by pressing TAB key to search inside of the website without actually accessing it. For now I have stick to Firefox and IE for a while until Edge catches up. I only use Edge mainly for web design testing and checking "new" features every new build arrives.
  • I think about half of those are already implemented in the Insider build.  So you'll have them in a month or so.
  • oh, idiots in MS...(
  • Very disappointing!
  • The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of people in the world don't use extension on any browser. Not having extensions won't really hurt Edge's marketshare in the long run.   Here's a reminder that people that read tech sites aren't the general populace.
  • This is sad news. I'm worried it will mean other features for Redstone wil most likely be pushed back as well beyond 29-7-2016. I also feel less urge now to upgrade to the new hardware release (sad face). ​
  • And they wonder why people are switching to other browsers. Still using IE11 and Firefox
  • COMING SOON (tm)
  • Man Microsoft needs to get on schedule, like soon, not soon ™
  • Bad news. Microsoft wants people to use their products but something as popular extensions not being supported for so long is going to hurt the adoption of edge.
  • Edge = Flop
  • Yeah they can't expect people to not use Edge if they don't support extensions.  Some of us only need 1.  I am a die hard and try to use Edge as much as possible, but without a LastPass extension I can't use it full time.
  • If that is the case why can't they allow choosing between edge and internet explorer on windows 10 mobile. When edge is fully ready, they can remove that option. I used to monitor my security cameras using internet explorer on windows 8.1 without any issues since it supports extensions. Now I am helpless after moving to windows 10 mobile. The announcement that this will not be available until mid of 2016 does not help at all. You are withdrawing a perfectly capable browser and replacing with a downgraded one??
  • Put it in the grave already.
  • I'll continue using Chrome Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Extension support - 2016
    Extensions - 2017
  • Lol
  • This is probably true. It looks like devs have to submit extension to the Windows store. Well, we'll see if they even bother to. 
  • I'd always used IE until Edge was included, thus I've never used any extensions. I don't have a problem with ads as long as they're not intrusive. So while I'm excited to try it out such a delay doesn't really bother me. I would suspect most of you guys saying Edge is DOA without extensions are in the minority of the general population.
  • Adblocker works with IE
  • Oh. Well, in any case I've never used it and never felt the web was unusable without it :)
  • Oh dear. While this isn't a dealbreaker for me, I know it is for many people. I only used 1 browser extension (LastPass) and their IE version was so crappy that I ditched it. But, Edge should have had extensions from day one, no question about it. And frankly, the improvements (or lack thereof) in TH2 are far from impressive... The rendering engine has improved quite a lot, but not the browser itself.
  • Too bad. The reason I'm not using Edge is because I can't plug-in adblock :c
  • I think I'm in the minority on this, but I still fail to understand why milestones like "Redstone" are even a thing. Kind of flies smack in the face of the supposedly "continuous update" model being pushed by Microsoft, doesn't it?
  • Thanks Microsoft.  I used IE, after the upgrade to 10 I switched to Chrome with the intention of moving to Edge as soon as extentions are enabled.  Guess your delay (if true) means your allowing your competitors to entrnch potential customers.  I just dont understand why you made a car without an engine, which is how I see Edge.  Its completely useless to me, oh well, one less icon to see on the taskbar, wheres the delete button!
  • I see Google Chrome nesting its ways in to our work computers, this is not the time for a delay. Its already late.
  • BOOO!!! I was hoping to get to use this browser! Now I won't even be able to take advantage of that I have to use Edge on my phone as well. Very disappointed. I really really want to use it, but I can't, without extensions.
  • This is just horrible news.
  • Or release a limited extension support for just Adblocker & Lastpass in a 2015 update, while full support can come at a later date.
  • The waiting game continues... But I still use Edge as my secondary browser, Opera being the primary with AdBlock extension and its Turbo feature to aid my metered connection. And Edge is more usable than the IE on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Microsoft release updates frequently. But most of them dont have major improvents. Just the things that we cant directly recognised or some useless decorations. Windows 10 should have release as previous windows edition without issues to update later on.
  • Even adding TPL would help with ads which is what makes it a pain to use.
  • Great work MS edge developers. You know it was your slow approach to the modern web that is costing Microsoft the adoption in modern apps ecosystem.
  • That's unfortunate. Not sure how they will get any traction. I can't even check my email without lastpass, so I haven't been able to give edge a chance. And my non windows friends still scoff at it thinking its "just ie with a different name"
  • Honestly?  It doesn't actually matter.   Microsoft blew their shot already by releasing an unfinished browser with Windows 10.  The single opportunity Microsoft has is right when the release the new OS and relaunch their browser.  People gave it a try then... and then immediately switched back to Chrome and Firefox because Edge was released half-baked.  Whether extensions come out by the end of this year or by the end of 2020 now doesn't matter because nobody will try it again.  (In other words, the opportunity to change people's minds is when they're first trying it.  Once someone tries it and changes away from it, it's far more difficult to bring them back - that's the whole reason for the "Edge" rebrand in the first place.)
  • Completely agree with this.
  • Name something that microsoft didn' t tell you to delay. Hmmm... You are out of answer.
  • I'm happy about this. What it means to ne is that when extensions are implemented, they won't be half baked like windows 10 desktop was when it was released
  • This makes them lose again in browsers. They had to comeback with edge which they may fail now to get users now.
  • Man, they really messed this one up.  'New brand, new Browser!' and they go with what is basically the old IE logo, and offer people an unfinished Beta product.  Those people they were trying to capture with this thing are gone for good now. #FirstImpressionFail
  • So three women are talking about their sex lives. "My husband is a firefighter, and when he brings out his hose, my fires get quenched!" said the first. "My husband is a cop, and when he brings out his night stick, things get handled right!" said the second. The third said "Well my husband is a Microsoft marketing director, and he always tells me how incredible the sex will be when we eventually have it!" Microsoft: long on promises, short on delivery. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will stay with Chrome then. Who needs another unfinished, beta app from MSFT anyway.
  • Dashlane please!! And for W10 mobile app as well.
  • I'd like better download management and the Save As option for downloaded files. I have both IE and Edge on Taskbar and to be honest IE's icon looks nicer. Edge's icon is flat and dull. Heck, I've waited my whole life for mega-giga-pixel resolutions and zillions of colors on a huge monitor and I get WHAT? Flat icons on squares in primary colors?
  • Edge is dead baby, Edge is dead.
  • as far what i care. if i cant use my own protect system on edge like MyWOT or other website rating. than i dont need to support edge. if microft want my support. add addon to edge.